Way Basics: Modular Furniture Review

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The Binder Ladies was sent the mentioned products for review.

Way Basics Modular Furniture Review

Way Basics has a simple concept: treat everyone as a friend, and protect our environment as if it were our home. With their amazing product line of eco-friendly, no VOC furniture, they’re certainly achieving what they set out to do. Everything they sell is made of their patented panels, called zBoards, which are made of 99% post-consumer paper. This design keeps the products ultra-lightweight, yet they’re incredibly strong and look amazing! They boast a wide range of colors, from a variety of wood grains to stunning hues such as pink, green, red and blue. With the option to arrange each piece to fit your taste and space, there isn’t a place in the home that Way Basics wouldn’t score a home run. A new movement in modern furniture and storage is here!

Way Basics Paper Bag Holder
I, Sarina, was given two products to review from Way Basics: a Paper Bag Holder and a 6 Modular Cube Plus. They graciously let me choose the color, and I went with Espresso, as it would most closely match my existing furniture. I was really excited to try out these products for a couple of reasons: I’m always looking for environmentally safe products, and you can never have enough storage!
Way Basics 6 Modular Cube Plus Review
Initially, I thought my husband, Jon, and I were going to vie for who would get to use the 6 Modular Cube Plus – I wanted it for my shoes, and he wanted is as a cool nightstand. As soon as we opened the boxes, I knew I’d already lost the battle…these cubes were too beautiful to put in my closet! Setup went quick and easy; the assembly is cardboard pegs and super strong 3m adhesive, and I must mention very easy to follow instructions. We tried every possible layout we could think of, and settled on the stacked “stair” look. Changing the way the Cubes are stacked is a breeze because they’re so lightweight! Big bonus for us that the Cubes do not attach together permanently, as Jon likes to move our furniture around…a lot. I’ve come home to four or five different living room arrangements in the last year, and the reasoning is always the same: “I simply felt like a change.” I’m confident that the sturdiness and design behind our Way Basic 6 Modular Cube Plus will be able to hold up to getting shuffled around to suit his mood for years to come!
Way Basics 6 Storage Cube Review
At least I have the Paper Bag Holder to myself, so I can store my old newspapers, magazines and circulars in a nice neat bin before they get recycled (YAY!) I had this put together in about 30 seconds; the zBoards on this product interlock, and slip right into place. It has already taken up residency in my kitchen, next to my garbage can and recycle bin, which I can now devote to cans and plastic. (The more you get to know me, the more you’ll probably realize my nickname should be Miss Recycle, because I’m always looking for way to make sure we waste as little as possible!) I’m really happy someone thought up a perfectly sized Paper Bag Holder – now I don’t have to look at a slumped over paper bag on the floor anymore!
Way Basics Modular Furniture Review
If you’re not sold yet on buying a bunch of new furniture (which seriously, you should be!) here’s another heartwarming fact about Way Basics: some of the company’s profits go to charitable ventures, such as helping victims of natural disasters and helping children escape domestic violence. Investing in eco-friendly furniture has it’s benefits – we can work to protect our precious resources, and give to a neighbor in need at the same time.
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Way Basics: Modular Furniture Review


  1. These are totally adorable! Gonna look into getting them for my new apartment 🙂

    • The Binder Ladies Reply

      Aren’t they!? I love that they are so versatile, and can be arranged to fit in an apartment of any size or a large house. No matter where you move, you’ll be able to take this furniture with you!!

    • The Binder Ladies Reply

      Very handy, indeed! Let us know if you have further questions about them!

  2. interesting designs. i know a couple of ladies who might be getting some new furniture for xmas.

    • The Binder Ladies Reply

      I don’t know many ladies that wouldn’t appreciate furniture! 🙂

  3. Stephanie Keeping Reply

    I need about five of these to organize my office!! They could come in handy for several different things.

    • The Binder Ladies Reply

      Great idea! These would make any office look pretty amazing – and be so efficient and beautiful!

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