A Few of My Favorite Things – Spring 2024 Edition

Awwwww – spring!  This is such a fun season!  The sun starts to rise earlier, and sets a little later in the evening, which means longer days.  The climate begins to warm up, and the frost starts to melt.  Spring flowers like lilacs and tulips and lilies are everywhere!  It’s really a magical season to see everything transform. Spring also includes Easter, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day – which is quite a bit of celebration in one season!
Here are some of my favorite suggestions for gift-giving and celebrating spring!

This page is updated weekly, so be sure to come back for more! 

  • KeaBabies: These amazing silicone bibs have an adjustable neckline, are BPA-free, and stay straight on baby’s chest even when they squirm around! They feature a super wide food catch, wipe off clean, and come in amazing color options!
  • NAT PAT: These natural patches (stickers) are infused with essential oils for quick, easy & natural solutions: ZenPatch for relaxation, FocusPatch for concentration, MagicPatch to relieve itchiness & StuffyPatch to help with the sniffles + more!
  • GLOPLAY: THESE ARE INCREDIBLE! Glow-in-the-dark, removable, re-attachable, creativity boosting sets of durable stickers that inspire creativity, calmness & learning. My preschool classroom is now COVERED in these & the kids absolutely love them!
  • Otamatone: This adorable, quirky little electronic musical toy is shaped like an eighth note, has a moving mouth, and unique sound! It’s made for all ages, and is REALLY fun to play! It reminds me of a hand-held synthesizer, but cooler!
  • Easter Books from Sourcebooks: I’m LOVING these hardcover books for the kiddos:

The Easter Egg Hunt In My Town by Laura Baker, illustrated by Jo Parry
The Great Easter Raceby Sesame Workshop
Somebunny Loves Youby Rose Rossner, illustrated by Jessica Gibson
How to Catch the Easter Bunnyby Adam Wallace, illustrated by Andy Elkerton
The Littlest Bunny by Lily Jacobs, illustrated by Robert Dunn

  • Aqua Pals: These are so cute! Designed for kids to take them ANYWHERE, they are snuggly, they float in pools & bathtubs, and are even machine washable! I love the vibrant colors & they are fade-resistant, too! TONS of character options!
  • L.O.L. Surprise! Finders Keepers: These cute boxes contain a yummy milk chocolate candy egg that has a fun surprise collectible hidden toy inside! They are tiny, adorable, yummy AND perfect for Easter Basket fillers this season!
  • House Monsters: These are so CLEVER! Soft plushie friends with unique textures & features – each comes in its own habitat box designed for play! Munchy lives in the fridge, Fluffy lives in the closet… see all of them & get ready to fall in love!
  • St. Patrick’s Day books for the kiddos:

  How to Catch a Leprechaun  by Adam Wallace, illustrated by Andy Elkerton
You Shamrock My World  by Rose Rossner, illustrated by Ela Smietanka

  • Flat2Fast Card Racers: This super creative little invention has me HOOKED! They transform from cards to super fast racing cars when you press a button! Great for on-the-go play, Easter baskets, and kids that love cars & fast toys!
  • Baby Magic: You know & trust the brand already – but have you tried their Creamy Whipped Butter yet!? Light, silky, super moisturizing & comes in 2 amazing scents! They are made with baby’s delicate, sensitive skin in mind, and mama-  you’ll love it too!
  • IXI KIX: Made for kids 8 & up, this family game is the ultimate trick shot! Launch the IXI pieces into the targets using 1 of 2 styles for launching. Score the most points, and you win! It’s very easy to play, but very hard to master, creating HOURS of fun!
  • Go Go Ghost!: 6+. Be the first to take a photo of the ghost & escape the manor before it finds you! Features a cute light-up, motorized, rechargeable ghost. This is unlike any other game you’ve played, and playtime is just 15 minutes!
  • Run Beaver Run!: Be the first beaver to dodge the rolling log and reach the dam to WIN! 2-4 players, 5+. Even better, no batteries are required for this rolling log game & play is super simple. It’s very creative & SUPER fun to play!
  • Baby Starters: OMG ya’ll-this Magic Years Musical Light Up Llama is SO cute! It plays “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, is super duper plushie soft, & even lights up! They also have adorable clothes, blankies, teeters & more for babies & kids. LOVING this company!
  • Jet Disc: These new, innovative toys are SO much fun! They combine the classics – frisbees and airplane gliders to create a super unique experience! Throw it like a disc and watch it glide seamlessly. Easy to throw, easy to catch – hours of outdoor fun!
  • Garfield Plush: Goliath partnered with The Garfield Movie coming out May 2024 to create this adorable, interactive, fuzzy ball of sass! It’s so fun, makes cute noises, and even “eats.” It’s made for kids 3 + up, and will definitely be a must-have for every kid!
  • Mother’s Day books from Sourcebooks: So stinking SWEET!

The I Can Say Mama Book:  Give the moms in your life the greatest gift of all: hearing their baby say “mama” for the first time!
Begin With You: A 52-Week Self-Care Organizer for Discovering Your Brightest Life
How to Catch a Mamasaurus by Alice Walstead
Why a Son Needs a Mom & Why a Daughter Needs a Mom by Greg Lang

  • Skwad Shop: This is a skincare line made JUST for teens! It’s super trendy, has fun, necessary products &  I love the scents! The ingredients are all recycled and natural, with packaging that was created to be sustainable and eco-friendly as well!

  • Pure Wine: These magic purifiers are amazing! They eliminate histamines & sulfites in wine while enhancing the natural taste, aroma & color! They will make every wine taste better & can help eliminate headaches!
  • Keep Going First Aid Kit: I’m obsessed! Adorable, PACKED with essentials & supplies, easy to store & tote, and great for home or on-the-go. Created by a mom of 4 for parents, this is your new go-to kit that comes in several awesome options!
  • Lugz: Shoes & boots that last decades? Sign me up! Fun styles & super comfortable? I’m game! I LOVE Lugz & own several pairs of them & can’t get enough. Most come in different color options – leaving your wardrobe limitless! Check out the Habitat & Stagger!
  • Candier: Celeb-loved sassy accessories featuring bright colors perfect for summer! The candles are so unique, hilarious & amazing… but they also have bath bars, jewelry, car air fresheners with sass, hilarious room sprays & so much more!
  • Suntegrity: Award-winning mineral sun care & beauty products? SOLD! I’m currently obsessed with the Trifecta Power Mist – a hydrating toner & after-sun mist that leaves my sun-kissed skin feeling fresh & healthy – it’s MAGIC!
  • VOLO Beauty: This smart brand uses its own Nanoweave material – and it’s CRAZY soft! Robes, hair towels, face towels, spa wraps and much more. Decrease drying time by 50% – and feel like you’re being hugged by a cloud!
  • Hayden LA: I LOVE these clothes! Not only are the fashionable, they are affordable, AND offered in sizes S-3XL. They offer a ton of amazing clothing options, but I’m obsessed with the coats right now. These make an awesome gift for the fashionista!
  • Sophie & Hailee: Made for the sassy, smart, sophisticated girl that rocks her own style with confidence, this company makes the CUTEST & coolest pieces for every wardrobe! I’m LOVING the outerwear options right now – check them out!
  • Heirloom: This beautiful company helps people send custom video-playing books to those they love! They’ve made it SUPER simple, low-tech & an amazing gift idea! It has a 5″ HD screen with a speaker, wrapped in a hardcover book. I LOVE THIS!
  • Denman:  The new D95 Wet Detangler brush is my absolute favorite – I use it in the shower to distribute conditioner evenly, and come out with NO tangles! My hair is so much softer & more manageable, I use it every day!
  • Sleepbelly: This three-piece maternity pillow improves and promotes safe, restful sleep for mothers-to-be during their pregnancy. It’s adjustable & SO comfortable, too! Not pregnant? Use it for back and hip pain like I do!
  • Heart Blaster Zodiac Collection: WOW! Heart Blaster has released a new line of beautiful t-shirts in black or white that represent each zodiac sign! These 100% cotton shirts are SO comfortable & the art on them is absolutely gorgeous!
  • Kee’ss Moi: Iconic landmarks & neighborhoods inspire these incredible lipglosses – how cool is that!? The goal is to empower you & allow self-expression… and they DO! These are non-sticky, vibrant, lasting colors, and go on so smoothly… I’m in love!
  • Bloomers Intimates:  High-waisted underwear that is sexy AND comfortable!? YEP! Bloomers rocks this tough task, for sure. They offer full thigh coverage and stay put – which prevents chafing. Plus, they are SO comfy and come in great color options!
  • Kitten D’Amour: Prepare to fall in love with classic fashions! These vintage-inspired pieces & jewelry are show stoppers! From playsuits & dresses to corsets & jackets, I can’t pick a favorite. I’m currently obsessed with their adorable cardigans, though!

  • LugzLugz have been around for decades, and that’s because they are super high quality, but affordable and stylish at the same time!  Their shoes and boots last for years, and they are always offering fun new seasonal styles – check out the Rapid Boots!
  • UnderGents: This luxury male underwear praised on Amazon as “the most comfortable underwear ever” with 2,000+ 5-star reviews features fabrics 3X softer than cotton. These are my boyfriend’s FAVORITE underwear!
  • Drinkmate: This is SO COOL! It’s the instaFizz personal carbonating bottle so you can make carbonated drinks anywhere! Add sports drinks, tea, juice, waters… whatever you want! No batteries or charging needed – even comes with extra CO2 cartridges!

  • Rule Breaker Snacks: Imagine a 100 calorie, plant-based, gluten & allergen-free snack perfect for summertime! Now imagine eating them and falling in love! Strawberry Shortcake Bites are my favs – so soft & flavorful & delicious!
  • ALZOO: These are sustainable pet care products that really stand out! They created deodorizers, stain & odor removers, calming products, training & grooming products, and they even have an equine line of products!
  • Adirondack Fragrance Farm: These are some of the richest, most beautiful, perfect-burning candles I’ve ever owned. Seriously! The fragrances are incredible – and last SO long! This family business KNOWS candles! HIGHLY recommend!
  • Zak!: Their new Harmony line may be my favorite! Tumblers (30 & 40oz) & Bottles are made with at least 73% recycled materials, are leak-proof, stainless, dishwasher safe, & come in the most beautiful colors! I LOVE mine!
  • Handzies: Naturally clean, always handy! These individual wipes are alcohol-, dye-, paraben-, perfume-, triclosan-, and BZK-free. Convenient for diaper bags, purses, gym bags, garages, glove compartments, & so much more!
  • Apostrophe Puzzles: Get ready to unplug & unwind with some family fun that doubles as art! These puzzles are 100% recycled puzzles are printed with eco-friendly, non-toxic ink. Even better, each is based on an original painting!
  • Mightylicious: HOLY MOLY… these are some of the best cookies I’ve ever had. Seriously. Gluten-free (I would never have guessed!), kosher, pure ingredients that you can actually taste. The Brown Butter Chocolate Chip will make you fall in love!