Smarter-Seal: Drink & Food Covers to Keep Germs Away!

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’tis the season of coughs, sniffles, fevers, colds, and GERMS! But this holiday season, you won’t have to worry as much, because there’s super smart little product out there to help keep germs at bay. Smarter-Seal is the spill-proof, carbonation-saving, easy-to-use, bacteria-bouncing, germ-shielding, BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and kid-friendly drink & food cover coming to the rescue! Yep, this simple little plastic cover will change your attitude about aluminum cans – that’s for sure!

William Battaglia watched a stranger wiping off the top of his beverage can with his t-shirt before drinking it. This stoked an innovative idea in William. He created an inexpensive, simple solution to every day problems that come from drinking from a can. These are lids that cover the entire cover of the can to keep them safe, bug-free, clean, and even preserve carbonation.

Just pop a Smarter-Seal over the top of any beverage can. That’s it!  You can even use it with a straw, which is great for kids. In fact, with the Smarter-Seal, spills are a thing of the past. The lids are FDA-approved plastic and have no BPAs. Plus, they are reusable and recyclable. At Smarter-Seal, they know that drinking from aluminum cans is better for the planet (check out their site for more on that!). Aluminum cans are infinitely recyclable – I learned that from Smarter-Seal. Cool, right?

Canned beverages are always more inexpensive than bottles. This is another reason that I fell in love with Smarter-Seal – you can pop the lid on, then toss the can in a backpack or purse.  It won’t spill, which means your can is now mobile just like with the more expensive bottles!  Plus, they are super lightweight, so I can keep a couple in my purse all the time. I praise these so highly because I use them so often and they really do WORK! Currently, I have 6 in my utensil drawer in my kitchen.


Because the Smarter-Seal covers the entire lid tightly, you’ll be able to preserve the carbonation in your sodas and sparkling waters, too!  I didn’t believe that this little plastic contraption could honestly keep my drinks bubbly…. but like magic, they honestly do! My Diet Cokes will sit in the fridge for a few days sometimes. I’m always still amazed, after years of using these products, that my soda is still fizzy.

I can’t say enough about Smarter-Seal. Plus, now, they have food can covers and pet food can covers! Absolutely genius. Grab some for gift baskets, and then a few for yourself. You’ll fall in love with this product, I promise.  It’s a simple concept that William really evolved into a brilliant product that just about every household can use. It will maintain hygiene, prevent spills and save you money in the long run. Pretty genius, right?

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  1. Molli Lillian Taylor Reply

    oh wow! this looks like the answer i have been looking for with 5 kids and snacks and drinks everywhere

  2. We so need a bunch of these great for the kids and also for picnics.

  3. Maryann D. Reply

    Smarter-Seal covers are a great idea. I would not have to use foil to cover my can lids anymore.

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