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Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy on Amazon

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Amazon might be your go-to for school supplies, gifts, and even household staples.  But there are some hidden gems on Amazon that you are missing.  We listed some surprising things you didn’t know you could buy on Amazon, and found quite a few fun surprises! From limited edition and seasonal snacks that you can purchase year-round, to wedding dresses and even tiny homes, Amazon really does have everything you could ever possibly need or want.

Don’t forget to sign up for Amazon Prime, if you haven’t already, to really take advantage of everything they have to offer.

Lay’s Taste of America Chips – These are only sold in-store in specific regions, so this is your chance to taste America!
Girl Scout Cookies – Missed the deadline? Never fear, whatever your flavor favorite, Amazon has it!
Gingerbread Spice Tea – Because the waiting all year is just ridiculous.
Condiment Packets – No need to swipe a handful at McDonald’s, just grab them from Amazon!
Hickory Farms – No need to hit up the stand in the mall during the holidays – grab them anytime!
Sees Candies – The best candy in the world!  If you don’t have a Sees near you, it’s worth the marked up prices!
Omaha Steaks – Craving meat? Amazon has the hook up for you!
Wisconsin’s Best and Cheese Company Gift Baskets – These popular gift baskets are great for every occasion!
Harry & David – If you’re already filling your Amazon cart, why make a separate payment at the Harry & David store?
The Cheesecake Factory – Yes, Harry & David’s spot on Amazon carries Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes!
Cereal Marshmallows – When you only want the “Charms” but not the “Lucky”
Cadbury Creme Eggs – You don’t have to wait until Easter to enjoy these!
Peeps – Another Easter treat you can always grab any time of the year on Amazon.
International Food – Snacks, crackers, candies, wines – from all over the world.
Candy Corn – Because every day is a candy corn day on Amazon.
Candy Canes – Feeling festive? Why not buy some candy canes in July?
Necco Conversation Hearts – Grab them while they are still around, since Necco went out of business!
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts – Don’t have a Krispy Kreme in your area? Amazon does!
Bob Ross Positive Energy Drink – Because everyone needs a little positivity!

Live Ladybugs – To make your garden sparkle!
Wedding Dress – When you’re on a budget, this is definitely the way to go!
Live Hermit Crabs – They even include extra shells.
Communion Cups – Did you miss Mass?  Don’t worry – Amazon has you covered with grape juice cups and unleavened wafers!
Flavored Mouthguard – Tired of the plain old mouthguard taste? Get this blue raspberry flavored mouthguard!
Human Skull – Where do they get these??
Mushroom Growing Kit – Organic, edible mushrooms that you grow in your home!
DNA/Genetic Testing Kits – From Geno20 to AncestryDNA and 23andME to MyHeritage, they have all of them!
Collectible Stamps – To enhance that collection! Don’t forget about the collectible coins, too!
Apple eMac – The one and only, classic eMac is on Amazon, believe it or not!
Nothing – Literally, nothing in a package.
Tiny Homes – Yes, you can actually buy a HOME on Amazon.

Backup Generators – You never would have thought to buy them on Amazon, until now!
Hot Tubs – It’s not just blow-up hot tubs, these babies are the real thing.
Furniture – Skip Ikea, because Amazon has some truly amazing furniture in their collections! Plus, they also have mattresses.
Pianos – Where else could you purchase a grand piano? Plus, there are guitars, tubas and more!
Live Plants – Shrubs, succulents, herbs…even trees!  Plus, check out this cool Venus Fly Trap!
Handmade Items – It’s like Etsy, but it’s Amazon! Artisans worldwide offer their amazing homemade items!
Fitness Equipment – Treadmills, ellipticals, balls, weights – they have it all!
Home Services – From cleaning services to computer help and outdoor pickup, they offer it all!
Restaurant Delivery – If it’s in a participating area, you can have your favorite restaurant food delivered!
Kids’ Playground Equipment – Outfit your backyard to look like a real playground, thanks to Amazon!
Fresh Flower Delivery – Yep, you can have a bouquet of lovely flowers, sent to your lovey flower!
Tampons – Buying in bulk saves a TON of money on these necessities.
Riding Lawn Mowers – …and tractors, too!
Large Appliances – Washers, dryers, ovens, refrigerators, dish washers….. the list goes on!
Automotive Parts – Need spark plugs, tires or a battery? Amazon’s Your Garage has car parts galore!
National Geographic Magazine – Score a 1 year subscription on Amazon!
Yankee Candle–  Watch for awesome sale prices on Yankee Candle products at Amazon – sometimes better than in-store!
Bath & Body Works – You’ll pay a bit more, but can usually get products no longer sold in store!
Starbucks – No time to get your bags of Starbucks at the store?  Grab them on Amazon!
Build-A-Bear – Grab a new furry friend, without being overloaded with cuteness in the store!
Claire’s – Easter basket fillers, stocking stuffers and birthday presents galore for your tween!
Abercrombie & Fitch – From cologne to t-shirts, it’s like shopping in-store, from home!
Crocs – If you know your size, you’re able to skip the fitting and buy quicker!
Coach – Oh, yes, ladies.  Coach is on Amazon, and  you’ll even find GREAT deals from time to time!
The North Face – Can’t find a store?  Don’t worry – score everything from the store on Amazon!
David’s Bridal – Shoes, keepsakes, accessories and yes, even dresses!
Nordstrom – You won’t get that classic piano player on the first floor, but you can shop in your jammies!
Amazon has so much more than meets the eye! The next time you need or want something, check Amazon first because you might just find it!


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  2. Lots of weird stuff on amazon too, definitely things that you have never seen

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  4. Olivia Welch Reply

    I never knew they carried all those yummy foods! Girl Scout cookies!!

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  6. I knew that Amazon sell a lot of items some that are unique and hard to find as well as some food. But I never knew that that sell of that you mentioned!

  7. jessica marzuolo Reply

    I could really use the help of this gift card for xmas!

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  11. I forgot about all the things you can buy from Amazon. This is a cool post!

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