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Home Office Accessories – Make Your Workspace FUN!

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home office accessories

Are you working from home?  Maybe you’ve always commuted to your home office.  Perhaps this is still a fairly new concept for you.  No matter why you work from home, you need that workspace to be efficient and FUN!  These home office accessories will make your workspace fun – that’s for sure!  Plus, they make awesome gifts 🙂

This awesome wooden pencil holder is so much more than just that.  It has a really fun, unique calendar system built-in… making it even cooler than your average desk accessory!

These Gem-Topped Pens offer a bit of dignity and grace to your workspace.  Or… perhaps is more sass and spunk! Either way, they are too cute to pass up!

If you’re anything like me, Post-It Notes rule your workspace!  This awesome Post-It Notes Full Stick Notes Holder is the perfect solution to having a ton of pads everywhere!

How clever is this Computer Monitor Stand!?  Prop up your monitor AND have the space to set your phone while it charges, in one, cool shelving unit! 

Boredom is a natural part of the workday.  But when your mind starts to wonder – let it relax and enjoy this classic Westminster Color Box Liquid fun!

You make a lot of important decisions all day at work.  Why not take a break, and let the World’s Smallest Magic 8 Ball make a few for you?  You might also like the classic Magic 8 Ball 🙂 

Add a bit of luxury to your workspace. As far as home office accessories go, this might be the fanciest AND the most fun!  Grab yourself a highly rated Faux Sheepskin Rug, that can double as a comfy chair accessory, too!d 

An LED Light-Up Unicorn on the desk will bring you whimsy and fun.  It might also distract you… so just don’t name it and go on imaginary adventures with it during the work day! 😉  Who wouldn’t love to honor themselves with a Dundie!?  The classic award from the TV show, The Office is definitely attainable for everyone. Plus, it’ll make you feel proud every time you look at it! 

Seriously – could a duster get any cuter?  No.  The correct answer is no.  This Llama Duster bends for easy office cleaning, is pink & fluffy, and always smiling. When it’s not cleaning, it can be a desk companion!

BRILLIANT.  This desk hammock is BRILLIANT!  Plus, you can adjust it for work time and relaxation time!

A classic Rubik’s Cube tissue holder belongs on every desk. The bright, primary colors and nostalgia it evokes is enough to make it a necessity!

Talk about home office accessories that make your workspace FUN!  These Mouse Mats have so many great and efficient little features built into them – your desk will stay organized ALWAYS.

Pat yourself on the back everyday with a fun reward – an adulting sticker!  These are Work Merit Stickers – and definitely give you something to look forward to at the end of the day!

It is exactly what it says.  This is the Daily Bitch – so that your mood can be directly reflected by your calendar!

This Knight Pen Holder not only works as an efficient accessory – it makes you feel special every time you reach for you!  Plus, you never have to remind him to, “Bend the knee.”

“Aruba, Jamaica, ohhh I wanna take ya to Bermuda, Bahamas…”  With this fun Mini Sandbox on your desk, you can play with the shells and sand, and dream of a more relaxing, peaceful place in your head.

Everyone needs affirmations! These fun Affirmation Cards from Knock Knock  will keep your spirits up (and the giggles, too) all day!

What a cute and clever way to hold your office accessories – plus, it’s a great space saver AND piece of art! Plus, these Elephant Desk Accessories come in a few different styles!

How cool is this Sharper Image Electronic Clock!?  VERY cool – that’s the correct answer.  Every desk needs one of these!


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  1. I like the pencil holder with calendar. I’d like that on my desk.

  2. There are so many really cute accessories here. I love the Rubik’s Cube Tissue holder and the unicorn light is very cute too.

  3. Christa Sloan Reply

    So many of these things are things I would actually use. Props for actually making a genuinely useful list!

    Thank you for the creativity and effort you took to make this list. I’ll be sure to click affiliate links if I decide to buy anything. 🙂

  4. gloria patterson Reply

    I always had some kind of toys on my desk for YEARS! Nothing better then playing with a toy while on the phone. But I really like that post it note box……………… I am always looking for mine and this would be so easy to find them.

  5. shelly peterson Reply

    So many fun ideas. I love the Gem-Topped Pens, I have one.

  6. Bea LaRocca Reply

    Awesome office accessories, I have spied several items here that I could really use.

  7. My friend uses a lot of post it notes so the Post-It Notes Full Stick Notes Holder would be good for her.

  8. Maryann D. Reply

    I really like the awesome wooden pencil holder! I could use that on my desk and it would be a perfect gift for Family members also.

  9. Working from home these days it is great to freshen the workspace

  10. I’m working on my home office, and I think that Knight Pen Holder would be a fun addition.

  11. Christina Gould Reply

    These are all so cool! I’ll take one of each. Thanks for posting!

  12. I’d get the most out of the Post-It Notes Full Stick Notes Holder.

  13. Maryann D. Reply

    I really like the awesome wooden pencil holder. This would be perfect for my son, on his desk in his room.

  14. My friend could use the Post-It Notes Full Stick Notes Holder.

  15. Maryann D. Reply

    The awesome wooden pencil holder would be a perfect gift for my nephews desk. I do like the calendar and how unique this looks!

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