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Winter is my favorite season.  Unlike many of my friends and family, I prefer the cold weather.  I think it looks so crips and beautiful outside when it’s cold.  I’m always praying for snow, and would pick a weekend in a snow-covered cabin over a cruise to a beach.  Winter includes Christmas and New Year’s Eve – which are two of the best holidays of the year, too! Ahhhhh, winter! 

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This giveaway hop is all thanks to our great friend, Mama the Fox – check out her fun blog!


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  1. I like watching a good movie or football game inside in the winter.

  2. I love spending winter curled up under a fluffy blanket watching food shows and then baking.

  3. I spend my winters trying to keep warm, with occasional trips into the cold to take pretty winter photos 🙂

  4. Nicole Martin Reply

    I like to stay in where it’s warm and snuggle up with the kids on the couch.

  5. If the weather isn’t bad, I enjoy going out to look at Christmas lights.
    If it’s snowing, I prefer to stay home and sip cocoa or hot tea.

  6. I love playing outside in the snow with my dog (she loves it, and I think it’s fun), but if the weather is really bad, it’s always nice just to snuggle under a blanket with a warm drink and a good book.

  7. Ashley Chassereau Parks Reply

    We like to spend time outside when we can, enjoying the break from the heat.

  8. I spend most of it inside curled up with good books and watching movies and baking cookies etc.

  9. Kristen Joiner Reply

    I like to spend this time of year watching holiday movies and reading books. Also with the occasional baking and tons of eating. 🙂

  10. I spend my winter mostly indoors staying warm, either watching TV or reading books.

  11. susan smoaks Reply

    I live in Florida so our winters are mild. i spend the winter taking nice long walks.

  12. Darlene Owen Reply

    I like spending time walking my three dogs in the park with my husband.

  13. Sort of a combination. Most of the colder days I’m indoors keeping warm, but usually the first day theres snow I want to be out enjoying it lol

  14. I love spending my time in the winter drinking a warm cup of cocoa and watching all of my silly animated adult shows. I’m talking about American Dad, Family Guy, etc. Happy Holidays everyone!

  15. I like being curled up with a good book, a cup of tea and a cat on my lap.
    Thanks for the contest.

  16. Charity Cram Reply

    I like to spend my winters hibernating and watching movies at home.

    • Christopher Mason Reply

      Tan, rested, and alone… surrounded by enormous piles of money.

  17. Karley Moore Reply

    I love to curl up with my dog and read a book. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  18. Laurie Nykaza Reply

    I am . Curled up watching movies all day with either some coffee or hot tea.

  19. Winter down here means we can go for walks and cool off from the hot summer weather… we walk a lot.

  20. I like to curl up under a big fluffy blanket and watch hallmark movies

  21. My daughter would love to go skiing, so that’s what I’d love to try this winter.

  22. I used to spend more time outdoors when I was younger, but now I do more reading, baking and socializing (so I don’t eat all my own baking).

  23. I like spending winter inside either baking, watching Christmas movies, or talking with friends and family.

  24. I like being indoors with a book and a warm drink, but often find myself outside with the kids building forts and tobogganing instead.

  25. I like to sit on the couch with a blanket, drink hot chocolate, and watch Netflix.

  26. Robyn Bellefleur Reply

    I love to spend winter months cozy with my dogs binge watching shows.

  27. Mary Gardner Reply

    I like to spend my winter season inside by the fire or baking in the kitchen.

  28. Holly Thomas Reply

    I plan on doing as many indoor activities as possible during the winter. I hate nothing more then being cold!

  29. Jason Cullum Reply

    I like to spend the winter months planning and celebrating the holidays, watching movies and shopping.

  30. athena graeme Reply

    I plan to spend the holiday baking cookies for my family and curling up by the fire.

  31. I would love to spend it curled up reading books and watching movies

  32. Staying warm inside, never outside. Hate winter. Watching television or on the computer.

  33. I stay indoors as much as possible. I cuddle up with movies or books!

  34. Sandy Klocinski Reply

    I spend a lot of time indoors. I’m a big believer in reading for fun

  35. Marissa Buffett Reply

    I will be spending the winter mostly curled up watching movies as I hate the cold, but depending on the weather I might get to the outdoor skating rink!

  36. Susan Christy Reply

    I’d like to be outdoors but it’s usually too cold, so I cozy up on the sofa with my dog and a blanket and watch movies.

  37. Cathy Truman Reply

    I enjoy sitting in front of the fireplace with my wonderful husband and our dog Bailey.

  38. Heather Poindexter Reply

    I am an outdoor person, I tend to stay inside curled up with a book when it is cold or we have bad weather. Thankfully it’s it sporadic here in NC. lol today almost 70. Not much skiing here.

  39. Winter season I visit my family in Canada..we shop, sightsee, play board games.

  40. I don’t spend much time outside in the cold except to play ball with my dog. I focus on working out in the gym and doing inside projects.

  41. I like a little of both, being snuggle up inside and some outdoor adventure!

  42. Most of the time I like being snuggled up inside, but if it snows then I enjoy going outside sledding with the kids.

  43. I enjoy spending my winters curled up under a blanket with a good book.

  44. Yvette Newman Reply

    I love cuddling on the sofa with my love and watching a good movie

  45. elizabeth miller Reply

    I am not a cold weather person so unless I have to go out for work or one of my daughters many activities, the couch with a blanket and a fireplace and a good movie is for me.

  46. carissa joslyn Reply

    While I live in Maine, its a colder climate in the winter time. The Kids and I are usually doing something to keep up busy. We don’t really watch TV during the day, So we are always doing some time of activities.

  47. I like to go to all the neat festivals that happen this time of year.
    Christkindl market, parades, etc.

  48. I like to spend the Winter hibernating indoors. Curled up watching movies……while drinking hot chocolate……when it’s snowing outside is pure bliss to me.

  49. Jeanna Massman Reply

    I like making a nest of pillows on my bed and sitting there and reading.

  50. Relaxing on the couch with a good movie, my cup of coffee and some vanilla waffers to dunk in my coffee… that’s the life right there.

  51. Jayne Townsley Reply

    One of my favorite things to do in the winter is to go to the zoo because the animals are usually more active.

  52. Molli Taylor Reply

    my favorite thing to do is eat sugared squash and drink tea under the covers

  53. Wanda McHenry Reply

    I live in SC so, if it’s really cold, I stay indoors and watch tv or read the news online.

  54. If I could I would hibernate during the Winter. Since I can’t I spend most of my time indoors watching TV.

  55. I love to go out in the cold for short periods of time and then do fun things indoors with family and friends.

  56. Christy Leonard Reply

    During the winter season I like to be indoor nice, warm & cozy

  57. LeAnn Harbert Reply

    I don’t ski but I spend a lot of time outside working around my farm.

  58. I like winter nature walks at our state park. I like to photograph the scenery, however, we haven’t had any snow yet, which is is rare for Michigan!

  59. Kim Holsapple Reply

    Here in Maryland, I sit around and wait for snowflakes to fall. The past three years we have missed out on lots of snowstorms. To me, it’s not winter without snow. We have had rain for the past two days and it has been raining. Yuck

  60. I like to spend the wintertime curled up reading a book or watching movies.

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