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Unique Gift Ideas for the Workout Diva

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Whether you’re the type of girl that loves the atmosphere of a gym, or a prefer the treadmill at home, you’re a workout diva! Using that extra sauciness and sass only drives you more towards your goals.  Plus, you look great while you’re doing it!  You sweat glitter and love every second of the pain you endure.  So, when you need a great gift idea for yourself (because you definitely deserve it!) or your workout partner who just happens to also be a workout diva – you need something extra unique and sassy.  Here are some great ideas for the workout diva in your life!

Made specifically for women, Empower Fitness products are my absolute favorite.  In fact, you’ll have to search hard to find any of my at home workout gear that isn’t from Empower! You’ll find weights, kettlebells, weighted hoops, yoga gear, boxing gear and so much more.  The materials are softer for women’s hands, and for easy workouts at home or on the go. Check out my reviews HERE and HERE.

What’s a diva workout without a diva water bottle!?  Grab this Glitter Bomb Water Bottle and strut around the gym like the workout diva you are!  HERE is another glitter water bottle with letters to personalize it. You might also want to check out this MAMI WATA Sparkle Bottle for something a little less blingy, but with tons of style.

Shiny, metallic workout shorts just scream, “check me out!” These come in purple, pink and gold.  These remind me of boxer shorts, so I recommend walking into the gym with “Eye of the Tiger” playing on your phone (or better – on your ghettoblaster) so that everyone knows the diva is there.

Rock that sassy style everywhere with some functional and fun wrist bands!  These will keep your hands and fingers from getting sweatier, and offer a bit more support while you’re lifting weights. Win-win!

For the diva with a sense of humor – this Unicorn Exhale Tank is perfect! Workout while you sport your favorite mythical creature in a yoga pose that’s letting off a little…. steam 😉

She needs something to pack all of her amazing gear in, right?  These glitter gym bags are the perfect accessory for any girl that needs to tote along her gear. Plus, it would be hard to lose this in the gym with all that workout diva sparkle!

Boom!  You can’t very leave the gym looking like you’ve just left the gym.  That isn’t diva.  These awesomely adorable headbands are sweat-soaking, stylish and stay in place.  They’ll make you look cute AND soak up that icky sweat while you’re working out. Need something with a bit more SPARKLE?!  These Viva Diva Headbands are perfect for you!

Mermaid leggings are THE way to let the gym know you’re there and you’re shining bright!  These leggings shimmer like a mermaid tail, and come in 4 different colors. These should get your tail flappin’!

These MEHOTO women’s running shoes give you flash, flare and serious comfort. Plus, they are under $40, so even the diva on a budget can afford them.  They come in several color choices – each with more pizzazz than the other.  You might also want to check out these cute glitter workout shoes, and these high-ankle dance/Zumba boots!

The real diva knows she looks good no matter what she’s rockin’ on her body.  But, if you can pull off one of these sexy sports bras, I say go for it!  They’ll definitely command the attention you crave in the gym.

Maybe you’re the type of workout diva that prefers a hat over a sweatband or head band.  You’re in luck, because these glitter/sparkle ponyhats come in tons of super sparkly colors and are very affordable, too.

What’s a workout without showing off your true diva powers?  These Wonder Woman tanks are perfect to keep you motivated while you sweat!

It doesn’t get much sassier than a pair of pink leopard print weight lifting gloves.  These will keep your grip steady AND make your hands look great while you workout and lift those weights!

Prep your body with Dive Mode Fitness workout supplements.  Whether you go with Diva Burn (fat burner, weight loss supplement) or the Pre-workout, you’ll be rocking the true diva body in no time!

Toesox are a great solution for dancers, yoga enthusiasts and pilates pros.  They’ll keep your feet clean, and give you more stability, without having to wear heavy, bulky shoes.  Score them with cut-outs for your toes, or fully covered in tons of styles and colors.

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