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Wild in Africa Jewelry – Gorgeous, Natural Bracelets That Help Save Wildlife!

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I believe in magic. I believe that magic comes from our hearts, and is shared via the love we give.  It’s pretty common to find this giving spirit in people, but it’s something truly magical when you find it in a company.  Wild in Africa is one of those rare companies.  They donate 50% of their gorgeous charity bracelet sales to a select group of wildlife conservation organizations. That donation is used to protect endangered wildlife and their habitats through projects like land acquisition and restoration, wildlife rehabilitation, anti-poaching, and more.

Just a few of Shannon’s incredible wildlife photographs!

Shannon Wild is a woman of all trades.  She’s not just the founder of Wild in Africa, she’s also the bracelet designer, a filmmaker and photographer for National Geographic, and an animal activist for endangered wildlife. Oh, and she’s super sweet, totally beautiful, ridiculously talented and really cool, too. Yep. Woman of all trades!

Each of the Wild in Africa bracelets are handmade and designed by Shannon. She uses nature to beautifully embellish her pieces. From different types of wood, to gorgeous metals and semi-precious stones, every piece is unique. They are absolutely stunning.  Whether you prefer a simple, single strand, or a stack of bracelets, Shannon has the perfect piece for you.  Plus, 50% is donated to wildlife charities.  You read that correctly – 50%!  That’s half of the price that is generously given to helping animals and their habitats.  See?  I told you this company was pretty incredible!

Now, for this jewelry.  I grabbed the Down to Earth 3-Stack.  It features African Turquoise, Red Jasperand African Jade. The tiny metal charms on each piece add a bit of shine and flare, while still keeping the Earthy feel of the bracelets, which I absolutely love.  They are super lightweight, and I could definitely see stacking even more of the bracelets with this set. Each is stretchy, but you get to pick your size: 7″, 8″, or 9″. I wasn’t sure which to get, and found that the 7″ is absolutely perfect when I received them. I could have even gotten the other sizes and felt just as comfortable.

There are a ton of amazing bracelets and bracelet sets on Wild in Africa. Whether you prefer bright and vibrant colors, subtle Earth tones, stark blacks and whites, or a single pop of color – there’s a bracelet for you. Plus, they are made with natural materials and are unisex, so everyone can feel great wearing them. It’s like wearing a piece of nature on your wrist, with the knowledge of what it truly means.

They all feature metal charms, and some have “SW” engraved on them. Whenever I see that, it helps remind me of the incredible good that Shannon Wild does for wildlife – and the good I do when I purchase one of her bracelets, too!  I feel great wearing the jewelry because it’s so beautiful, and because of what each piece represents.

Even cooler-  some of the bracelets are made especially and very specifically for a certain cause. Can’t decide on a bracelet?  Maybe you’ll be able to narrow down your selection with the awesome charity some are attached to! For example:

Plus, there are a lot more amazing bracelets that benefit tremendous charities!

I’ll definitely be gifting a bit of this magic this year during the holidays. These aren’t just “look good” pieces of jewelry – they are feel good actions in bracelet form. Earthy, beautiful pieces of jewelry. Helping to save wildlife around the world. Contributing to a company that truly does put their heart, soul, energy, and wisdom into everything they do. That, friends, is magic at its best.

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  1. Tami Vollenweider Reply

    These are so pretty and unique. Nice too that it is giving back money to wildlife!!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Seriously, Tami – they are GORGEOUS! I loved what I saw online, but actually seeing the beads blew my mind!

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