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Gift Some Class & Comfort with Vero Linens Luxury Italian Bed Sheets

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If you could create your ultimate wishlist – what would you include in it?  A trip to Italy?  How about something luxurious and extravagant? Why not throw a great night’s sleep in there, too?  It is a wishlist, after all!  Vero Linens can fulfill that wishlist for you! You may not get to Italy, but they’ll make you feel like you’re there. Vero  sheets are 100% luxury and extravagance. And as for that great night’s sleep? Well, that’s the gift that keeps on giving – because every time you sleep on Vero Linens sheets, you’ll wake happy and refreshed!

That wishlist sounds pretty awesome – but gifting bedsheets…is that really something people would want and love receiving? Watch the video, because they lay out the reasons absolutely perfectly.  I was actually surprised at just how ideal a set of luxury linens really is as a gift!  And after getting my own set of Vero sheets, I’m 100% on board! Here’s their rundown:

  1. Everyone uses bed sheets.
  2. They are used every night. What other present have you purchased someone that is used every night?
  3. Sizing is easy – most adults sleep on king or queen size beds  Sure, there are a few variations – Cal-king, full and twin.
  4. Color is easy – in our estimate, 90% of what is purchased is white or ivory. Consider every hotel room you have slept in uses white sheets. If you’re on the fence – select white, it works with any decorating theme.
  5. Who among us doesn’t care for a great set of bed sheets?
  6. The finest bed sheets in the world are made in Italy – period.
  7. A great set of sheets will provide a restful, enjoyable sleep experience for years and years.
  8. White bed sheets never go out of style.
  9. If the benefactor of these sheets is someone that you share the bed with, you get to enjoy them a well.
  10. When sleeping on a great set of sheets, you can skip the use of jammies. Nothing feels better to your skin that a great set of bed sheets. Consider this somewhat of a cost-saving.

It probably wouldn’t surprise you to know that you get what you pay for when it comes to sheets. If you want the best, you’ll be shelling out some extra cash for that.  But that’s just one of the reasons Vero Linens is so unique!  They were the first direct to consumer provider of luxury linens in North America.  That means they don’t have a middle man, so they don’t have to charge you more! You’re actually paying 60% less than you would from other companies that sell luxury linens.

In addition to selling direct to consumer, it’s the incredible quality that also compensates for the price. Imagine owning the same set of sheets for your bed – for over 10 years.  Now imagine that those sheets just got better, softer, and more comfortable with time. That’s exactly what Vero Linens promises and delivers. I’m already in love with the sheets, and knowing they will get better with time only makes me more excited to own a set!

Ok, so how in the world can a set of sheets get better over time?  Easy! Vero Linens knows luxury sheets. Their workroom in Italy has a lineage of linen manufacturing for over 150 years. And Vero Linens has been in the business for a quarter of a century.  I’d say that gives them serious clout. Plus, they use the finest grades of long and extra-long Staple Cotton. If that wasn’t enough, their linens are woven and sewn in Italy – where you’ll also find the best suits, handbags, shoes, and handcrafted goods. So, yes, they know sheets!

Intrigued?  You’ll definitely want to check out Vero Linens’ collections!

  • Olivia: A 300 thread count solid white long staple cotton percale sheet finished with a single line of embroidery.
  • Righetta: This classic tuxedo stripe, woven in a tone-on-tone sateen stripe complements any bedroom design.
  • Diamante: Their finest cotton textile with a 600 thread count solid sateen.
  • Ava: Cool, crisp, and velvety soft, this 250 thread count is finished with a charcoal appliqué, providing a contemporary flair to your bed.

Score an incredible set of Vero Italian bed sheets for your loved ones this holiday season! Better yet, gift a set to your parter, so you can take advantage of the luxurious sheets, too.  Grab a set for between $300-$600.  This might seem like a high price, but remember – they get better with time, and can last 10 or more years! That’s only $30-$60 per year for Italian quality, gorgeous sheets.  And you can’t go wrong there!

Stop adding to your dream wishlist this year, and start making it a reality!  Vero Linens is here to grant your wishes, and help you find some extraordinary gifts for the ones you love this year. Remember – everyone uses bed sheets! But not everyone gets to be spoiled every single night with a set of luxury Italian sheets!

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  1. Ohhhhh these look amazing! I have always said that you get a better night sleep when you have good bed sheets! 🙂

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      You are so right, Mandee! That’s definitely true, and a SOLID, QUALITY set of sheets really does help!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      You bet, Olivia! I have a set and I MELT in my bed every evening! I love that they are such a great investment!

  2. We need new bed sheets sooooooooooo badly!! I will check these out for sure -thank you!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      You bet! I can’t say enough how AMAZING these are, and how reassuring it is to know that they get better over time!

  3. Marisela Zuniga Reply

    these look like amazing sheets! They look so nice, I’ll check them out

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      They have some GORGEOUS options – I personally love all of them, but the Ava stands out to me!

  4. I have bamboo sheets that I love. I can see where sheets do make good presents.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Bamboo sheets are GREAT – but Italian luxury sheets are AMAZING!!! It’s the difference between a great night’s sleep… and an AMAZING night’s sleep. Plus, bamboo sheets have to be replaced MUCH more often!

  5. These sheets look so comfortable! I’m all about that when it comes to bedding for our family.

  6. I actually need new bedsheets. It might actually be added to my Christmas list because I have been told I am very hard to shop for. If these are as comfortable as they say I will love them.

  7. These look like some amazing sheets. I need to get some. We’ve been needing some new sheets and these sound awesome.

  8. These sheets look super comfy. I only have one set that I love on my bed and should invest in another set as a backup. I don’t care for white sheets but I don’t mind a grey, blue, teal.

  9. Bed sheets can be a luxury item because it makes your sleep more comfortable and sound every night. True – white bed sheets are a classic, they don’t go out of style!

  10. Good bed linens make such a big difference in your comfort at night. These sound so luxurious.

  11. I’m going to have to check these out. We were gifted some luxury sheets for our wedding, and they really are SO superior to the cheap sheets. They are starting to get some wear and tear, and I really need to replace them. Thanks!

  12. Gervin Khan Reply

    You give me a perfect gift idea to give on this Christmas day.
    These bed linens are so amazing, it’s beautiful and look so comfy.

  13. These look amazing and I really need to upgrade my sheets so this is perfect timing. I am going to get some of these right away.

  14. There is nothing like a fine set of sheets. Especially if they get better over time. My grandmother’s cotton sheets were always the best sheets ever.

  15. These bed sheets look like the ultimate dream! We actually are in the market for new ones so I’ll have to show my husband.

  16. Danielle Fox Reply

    WE try to have a few sets of sheets for each bed in my house I need more King size now and I may try one of these

  17. Yes I too like the idea of gifting useful stuffs rather non usable one. This vero linens looks really nice.

  18. I have been looking for new bedsheets and I think this is what I need, they are elegant and great quality

  19. Mary Gardner Reply

    I really love nice linens and these look great. I will check into them.

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