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Unique Retro Gifts – For the Fans of the 70s, 80s & 90s

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The 70s, 80s and 90s were definitely decades to remember.  We had crazy fashion trends, music videos on TV, toys and games that had never been seen before, and some of the best movies ever made. And yes, it’s very strange to think of the 90s as “retro.” So, what can you buy the “vintage” loving friend and family member in your life that truly embraces their childhood?  These retro gifts are a great start! 

First on the list is something every kid of the 70s and 80s can definitely enjoy – the View Master!  Nothing was more exciting than finding new reels to stick in your View Master and gaze upon. Whether you wanted to go to space or a zoo, see the adventures of Snoopy or Spongebob, View Master had a reel for you! You could venture out, one shot at a time, into another land of imagination, and the simplicity of these things was pretty genius. Score an updated version on Amazon, or vintage classic on eBay!

Kids of the 80s will remember having a massive sticker collection. You could trade a Hallmark Satin cat sticker for 2 TREND Scratch ‘n Sniff stickers, or those puffy Micheal Jackson stickers you cherish for 3 glitters and an Oilie Sticker.  Trading was serious business, just like collecting.  The love of stickers never really dies, as we saw popular brands like Mrs. Grossman, Sandylion, TREND and more absolutely explode.  Great news, sticker lovers!  Mrs.  Grossman is still going strong and even offers a Sticker Collector’s Club, where you’ll score new and vintage stickers every month! Sign up HERE (I’m a member, so if you use my link, you’ll get a discount!), and check out other vintage options on eBay!

Today’s skates have become high tech, with bells and whistles trying to gain the attention of the consumer.  Skating rinks and skating in general might not be as popular anymore, but once you love to skate, you’ll always love it. The old boot style skates are still around and even still being produced!  Grab a pair for everyone in the family, and really show your neighborhood your rad skating styles!  🙂 Check out these awesome colors and styles on Amazon, or go back a little further for that pure retro feeling!

High five to you or anyone you know that has cassette tapes still laying around. This was the method of music between vinyl and CDs, and it was a pretty big deal. Stores were dedicated to ONLY selling cassette tapes of the latest and greatest music. You could even score a single for 99¢, with a brand new song on the back – SCORE!  If you want to keep rockin’ to those tapes, this amazing cassette to MP3 Rerun Converter Boombox is just the gift to give. It even has an AM/FM radio on it. Really capture the decade by scoring some original cassette tapes!

For days on end, you could create groovy designs by using circular plates.  Ahhh, the Spirograph took coloring to an entirely new level.  It was invented in 1965 and started really picking up steam in the 70s. In the following decade, Kenner started manufacturing different versions. There are even travel-sized Spriographs! Grab the newer nods to the classic on Amazon or check out the real deal on eBay!

Long before cell phones, when you talked on the phone, you were confined to the length of a squiggly cord. Yes, kids, that was how we lived in the stone age. If you still have a landline, and still hold decades of the past close to your heart, you may appreciate a Rotary Phone. You can actually grab a vintage phone handset that connects to your iPhone to really embrace the old school feeling!

You knew we had to go here…. the record player.  Of COURSE every retro kid loves vinyl and record players!  Companies recognize that consistent fandom, and are still manufacturing new models. I couldn’t let this go without suggesting my favorite (and the player in my home) – Crosley’s Bluetooth Record Player.  It’s the one pictured above, and it comes in several different colors. Of course, you can’t play what you don’t have, right? Score some sweet vinyl on Amazon and eBay and bulk up a nice collection of tunes!

Video games are definitely a fond memory for kids of the coming tech age, in fact, many still play. From Intellivision to Atari, and Colecovision to Nintendo, the games and graphics just continued to get better and better.  Of course, now we giggle at the “incredible graphics,” but it was the best at the time. Did you know you can still score the original games and consoles?  There are even classic Gameboy and multi-platform game consoles. Nintendo recently released the Nintendo NES Mini Console that includes several popular retro games in it.  Then again, you may want to start a collection, and eBay is definitely the place to find all of the games and consoles from the past that you know and love.

If you know a girl with an affection for the 80s and 90s, she will absolutely remember the amazing beauty products that the decades had to offer. How about creating a fun gift basket for her, filled with the best of the those decades?  First, pick out a Caboodle – these are carrying cases that were hugely popular in the 80s and 90s.  Then, fill it with nostalgic products that she’ll adore:

Art really exemplified each decade.  There were different styles and techniques used, new artists emerging all over the world, and they set the tone for every new fad. Give the gift of art to your 70s, 80s or 90s loving friend, and let them display a piece of time in their history that they love so much.

Whether they want classic games, nostalgic music, or trinkets to remember their favorite decade, there are always fun retro gifts to be found! Dig deep, consider their favorite decade, and start shopping for the most memorable holiday or birthday gifts they’ll ever receive!


  1. Boy, I feel old! We still have a few of these items….like an original Atari 2600, a record player, Spirograph! LOL

  2. gloria patterson Reply

    No one to buy any of this before……………. BUT it sure brings back a lot of memories. I love seeing on facebook kids/teens trying to use rotary phones. My great niece (3) was antiquing with her aunt and picked up a rotary phone and asked what it was. She has been using her phones iphone for years.

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  4. Mary Gardner Reply

    These are great retro items for gifts. I remember enjoying the Spirograph and my children did as well. Now my granddaughters have one and play with it often. Some things are just timeless.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      OMG so fun!!! “Timeless” is a great way to describe them!

  5. The View Master has been around longer than that. I remember it.

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