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Unique Gifts for Your Bestie

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Your bestie is more than just a friend. They are THE friend.  The BEST friend. They are your right hand man, your sidekick, and the Robin to your Batman. They know every secret about you and you wouldn’t have it any other way!  Show them how much you appreciate them holding your heart with these wonderful best friend gifts.  These are unique gifts for your bestie that they’ll keep forever and always remember.

1. Here’s something to document your friendship forever!  This is made for teens, but what grown woman wouldn’t love to document their friendship with their bestie, and feel a little younger while doing it? This Bestie Keepsake Journal is also under 10 bucks 🙂 Want something a little more grown-up? This Bestie Book will be right up your alley!


2. This is the upgrade, more adult-like type of bestie jewelry! These Distance Bracelets will keep you connected and remembering your best friend even when you are far apart. Another option is this amazing Crystal Dot Necklace Set!  Of course, you could always upgrade and go with this Alex & Ani Bangle Bestie Bracelet Set, too!  If you want rings, how about some handmade “Soul Sisters” or best friend rings?

3. Instead of jewelry, you could also go another route to show your commitment to your friendship. How about PILLOWS?!  These adorable Bacon & Egg Best Friend Pillows are perfect for the besties that love breakfast. Your bestie is part of a complete breakfast, after all!

4. Print out all of those Facebook and Instagram pics you’ve been snapping with your bestie!  Grab a great friend frame, and gift it to them, so they can display your friendship for everyone to see. Snap some special selfies of the two of you, and create a neat collage, too!  There are also some other amazing options with different wording and sizing HERE.

5. As if it wasn’t obvious that you are besties, show the world with cute, matching shirts!  This “God made us best friends because he knew our moms couldn’t handle us as sisters” matching tank set, (also in t-shirts), is one of our favorites.  There are TONS of more really cute matching tanks and t-shirts HERE, so be sure to browse around!

6. If your bestie lives in another state, it can be tough to connect. At least with these personalized bestie wine glasses, you’ll feel like they are right there with you!  Pick your states, and make these really special for the both of you! Not a wine drinker? That’s ok, because we also found these adorable (and personalized) best friend coffee mugs, too!

7. If you and your bestie love sappy, romantic and fun chick flicks – grab a collection for cheap!  Plan your girl’s night in around watching these movies, or spend a weekend having a marathon and a slumber party. 

8. These amazing lamps are a little on the pricey side – but if you are looking for something reallyHERE special for your long distance bestie, these are perfect!  You’ll each have a lamp, and when you touch yours, their lamp will light up so they know you are thinking of them! Check out the Long Distance Friendship Lamps !

Friends are the best gift of all! Grab a gift that gives two-fold. Showing that you really appreciate your best friend is easy with a thoughtful, sweet gift that matches your personalities as a pair. Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, anniversary or just a day to show each other how much your friendship means, giving your bestie a sweet gift will be something they’ll treasure forever!


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  1. Sweet, unique gift ideas indeed.. I like these.. very memorable gifts.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Definitely fun gift ideas! I wouldn’t mind a lot of these from my bestie! <3

  2. I love those blue lamps and would like to get them for myself. And my bestie.

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