Unique Gifts For Every Personality

Unique Gifts for the Humorists

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We all have that one person in our family or group of friends who love a practical joke, or maybe this person has everything and needs a few laughs! Here is a collection of unique gifts that will be a hoot for all!

1- For the friend who loves to “take shots”. Pun intended. A unique set of shot glasses! Set of 2 for $6.99

2- How about for that friend who insists on taking you with them when they have to do their business? Now they will have someone to talk to with the Talking Toilet Paper Spindle! $12.95

3- Hungry for something different? Lots of protein packed in this snack! I dare you to bring these Edible Armor Scorpion Tails to your next potluck! $14.99

4- Here’s a great gift for the avid hiker, or camper!  Just make sure to give their Dehydrated Water to them before they go out on their excursion! $19.95

5- This gift you definitely do not want to give to a child, especially if they love unicorns. You wouldn’t want to traumatize them.  I guess it could be equally traumatizing for an adult who loves them too! $11.48

6- We all have ridden with that one friend who never remembers to switch on the blinkers when turning. Give them this unique gift, they will either think you are crazy or they themselves will question whether or not they are. $7.95

7- This Burrito Blanket is one of my favorites! For the burrito lovers!!  $39.95

8- Ok you may want to just keep these for yourself. If someone gets an owie, pull out one of these Bacon Bandages! Everyone will want one! $12.03

9- Speaking of Bacon.. Here is the perfect treat! When someone asks your a breath mint, grab one of these Bacon Gumballs! $5.21

10- How about fooling your friends at a party with a prank gift box that would make everyone scratch their heads?? When they open the box, your real gift will actually be inside. $7.89

Remember to keep laughing, it keeps you young!



  1. Mary Gardner Reply

    These are great. I love the Burrito Blanket and the Bacon Bandaids!

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