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Unique Gifts for New Parents

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Is there a baby in your life?Maybe you just had a baby, or you are a new grandparent, like me! Maybe your best friend just had a new little one? Whatever the case, you will want to gift them with something special, something unique, something to treasure forever. 

1- One thing I did when my son was born was to write him letters to read when he got older. Over the years, they were put in different boxes and folders and were hard to track down. This Letters to my Baby Notebook is a perfect gift for the parents where they can keep all the letters to their child in one place! Includes stickers! $9.99

2- If long letters are too much to handle, how about a memory jar?  Parents, friends, and family can write little notes and wishes to the baby to open later (when they can read)! A great novelty at the baby shower as well! $38.50

3- Art therapy. Who doesn’t love coloring? The Gift of Motherhood Coloring Book is a perfect way to relax while the baby is sleeping! $9.97

4- This unique gift makes it easy to have a date night at home while the baby snoozes in the other room! Reconnecting after a child is born is essential to remember that you are more than just mommy and daddy. Plus its a lot of fun! $20.00

5- When it comes to the tooth fairy, let’s face it, we all have run out of places to store the baby teeth. Maybe they are in a plastic baggy way up in the closet? Here is a great contraption for parents to tuck away the teeth and even coordinate them by which tooth goes where! I wish they had this when I had a baby! $9.99

6- Bedtimes stories are a must! What child wouldn’t be excited about listening to adventures about themselves?  Personalized storybooks make bedtime fun! $34.95

7- Another thing they didn’t have when I had a young child, The Hooter Hider, what a great name! Breastfeeding on the go never looked so easy! $11.99

8- A lot of parents like to take milestone photos of the first year of baby’s birth, and share on all their social media sites, this is a sweet little backdrop for each one of those shots! $13.99

9- Travel trips to grandma’s house wouldn’t be complete without this handy little suitcase! $31.94

10- And speaking of grandma, here’s something all for her, a keepsake book for all the precious moments she spends with baby! $24.99

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