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Unique Gift Ideas for Lazy People

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Do you have a friend who is super lazy? It can be an endearing and annoying  personality trait, but we all know those people. Finding the perfect gift for a lazy person doesn’t have to be tricky.  Get them something they can use, appreciate and get a little humor out of!  Here’s a list of everyday items that lazy people will love!

#1 When stirring your own coffee or chocolate milk is just too much work, there’s this adorable Harry Potter self stirring mug. Even if Harry Potter isn’t their thing, there are lots of great self-stirring coffee mugs on the market HERE !

#2 When you need a t-shirt to express how you really feel about life there’s this Sloth spirit animal t-shirt

#3 When you need to work but you want to spend the whole day in bed, there’s this desk that comes in every color of the rainbow. It easily transforms into several different modes, so you don’t have to move too much!

#4 When lifting a gallon of milk to make cereal is just too tough, there’s this Milk Tap that will change your cereal game.  

#5 When opening packages is just too much work there’s this Zip It Opener

#6 When picking out a tie to wear is too much trouble, there’s this motorized tie rack.  

#7 When vacuuming is just too much work and such an exhausting task, there’s this robot vacuum to do it for you.

#8 When Happy Hour can’t come soon enough, and opening your wine isn’t going fast enough, use this automatic corkscrew.

#9 When summer BBQs give you the blues because the grill is too hard to clean, there’s this grill cleaning robot. 

#10 When hot dogs won’t make themselves, there’s this hot dog toaster to make both your hot dogs and buns.

Your lazy friends and family will appreciate your attempts at embracing their personality with a great gift that fits their needs.  When a product can do more for them, they’ll love it!


  1. Danelle Coston Reply

    Love this! Going be snagging up a few of these for myself and my lazy friends and family!

  2. I have a friend who would love the Harry Potter self stirring mug.

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