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Unique DIY Project Gifts

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Spring is here and Summer is right around the corner. Which means no school and free time. You can keep your kid’s creative juices flowing, and yours too, with these complete, do it yourself kits. Have a DIY party with the neighborhood children, or, if you don’t have kids and you need a weekend idea, host a DIY party with your girlfriends! Throw in a little wine and some snacks, and you are sure to create some wonderful memories!

1- With the warmer weather on its way, you need to protect those lips from the harsh sun. Why not save some money and make your own?? This starter kit is all natural, no artificial ingredients easy to use! Pucker up! $28.95

2- Who doesn’t like a good soak in a hot bath? Ok, five-year-olds and your dog don’t. But you deserve a break from the hustle and bustle of raising kids and working on your feet at the end of the day. Put the family to work for you with this DIY Bath Bomb kit, complete with essential oils to put you in relax mode. Heck, you can even have the kids run your bath for you, they will delight in seeing the bath bombs fizzle in the water. $39.95

3- Need to connect to your inner hippie? How about a tye-dye party? This tye-dye kit comes with 12 different colors and step by step instructions. Now you can add some zing to those old white t-shirts hiding in the back of your dresser drawer. Or get bold and tye-dye your white sheets! $20.53

4- For the late night ghost stories around the campfire, or in addition to that long soak in the tub, candles are essential. This beginners kit has everything you need to make 3 large candles. Including the scented oils! $45.00

5- Have teenagers? Maybe they aren’t into the lip balms, bath salts, and candles? This DIY wood burning kit may be just the perfect thing! Detailed instructions included. Electric wand teaches how to create art using cork board to start, then they can move on to real wood! This is for 14 years and up, so you might have to borrow it yourself to create a nice sign to hang on the bathroom door when you are soaking in the tub. $19.95

6- For the photography novice, how about building your own film camera? I wish I had this one when I was younger. This is perfect for those who want to understand how a camera works by putting one together from start to finish.  Uses real film! Learn the way photography began like the masters. $39.99

7- For the over 21 kids in your life, what could be better than crafting your own beer? Mr. Beer is one of the most popular at home kits, with easy step by step instructions. It’s a science experiment for adults!  Cheers! $49.99

8- Love to color? How about coloring 3D? This kit has you putting together 3D objects, so you must have patient hands. Once the puzzles are put together you and the kids, or just you can spend hours coloring in detail. Coloring is said to be a great stress reliever, so if you are like me, OCD about keeping it in the lines, you might want to keep this project for yourself. $12.77

9- This one is will make a great gift for grandma once the kids put their creative touch on it! With this decorating kit, you can decorate your own tote bags, use for grocery store trips, library, or any other shopping showing off your kids or grandkids art. Includes pens, stencils and even ‘thought bubbles!’ Sure to keep the little ones busy for a couple of hours! $14.97

10- End your crafting day eating all the delicious treat your kids will make with this easy organic chocolate making kit. Makes up to 2 pounds!  Can you really go wrong with chocolate? $29.95


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