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Ultimate Golden Girls Fan Gifts!

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I have to admit.  I might be a little obsessed with The Golden Girls.  I’ve watched episodes every day for over 20 years, have an extensive collection of Golden Girls shirts, coffee mugs, figures, and even shoes.  Simply put: I <3 Golden Girls!  If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for something new and exciting to add to your collection, or trying to find the perfect gift for the Golden Girls fan in your life.  Here are some amazing Golden Girls gifts that will have them saying, “Thank you for being a friend!”

Ultimate Golden Girls Fan Gifts!

UPDATE! Since writing this post, there have been several other amazing Golden Girls items that have been created!  Check out the Golden Girls Trivial Pursuit, Golden Girls Any Way You Slice It Game, and the new Golden Girls Deck of Cards!

#1 Golden Girls Funko Pop set 

These are absolutely adorable and the detail put into them is perfect for each character!

#2 1,000 piece Golden Girls Jigsaw Puzzle

Who doesn’t love a puzzle!?  Especially GOLDEN GIRLS puzzle you can put together and frame later!

#3 Stemless Golden Girls Wine Glass or Golden Girls Coffee Mug

Live like Rose, Dress like Blanche, Think like Dorothy and Speak like Sophia.  They definitely make the perfect woman, don’t they?

#4 Golden Girls Stay Golden T-Shirt and Golden Girls Thank You For Being A Friend T-Shirt

Sport your love for the Girls with these fun t-shirts!

#5 Golden Girls Mad Libs

Can you think of a better way to pass time on a road trip, waiting at a doctor’s office or on a long plane ride?  This Golden Girls Mad Libs book is too cute!

#6 Golden Girls Adult Coloring Book

This Golden Girls coloring book is everything beautiful in the world.  It’s a detailed book, with scenes from the show!

#7 Golden Girls Clue Board Game & Golden Girls Monopoly Game 

The day these games were launched and released was the happiest day of my life! What a way to complete a game night!

#8 Thank You For Being A Friend Bracelet

When my best friend gave me this bracelet, I knew we would be besties forever.  This adorable bracelet pays homage to your friendship AND The Golden Girls!

#9 Golden Girls Forever Book

This incredible book is loaded with facts, behind the scenes info and synopsis of each episode.  It’s truly the COMPLETE guide to The Golden Girls!

#10 The Golden Girls Complete Series on DVD

If you don’t own all seasons of The Golden Girls…. you’re wrong. Get right with this set!

#11 The Golden Girls Trivia Book

What a fun way to test your knowledge about The Golden Girls!

#12 Golden Girls Quote Mug

No kitchen is complete without your Golden Girls coffee mug!

#13 Golden Girls Door Mat

Welcome friends to your home with this awesome and cleverly styled Golden Girls Door Mat!

#14 Golden Girls Raglan Tee

Who wouldn’t want to wear a photo of Bea on their raglan shirt?

#15 Golden Girls Funko ReAction Figures

These are absolutely AMAZING and from the New York Comicon!

#16 Golden Girls Christmas Sweater

Style your holidays around The Girls.  And look amazing doing that!

#17 Funko Dorbz Golden Girls Dolls

These brand new Funko Dorbz Golden Girls Dolls couldn’t be any cuter, could they?

#18 Golden Girls Coasters

With lots of great options, you can have your guests place their glasses on Golden Girls Coasters!

#19 Golden Girls Makeup Bag

If you’re going to wear makeup, at LEAST keep it in this classic makeup bag!

#20 Golden Girls Lifetime Intimate Portraits

Ahhhh, Lifetime Intimate Portraits!  This one features The Golden Girls – how cool is that!?

#21 Golden Girls Magnet

Every time you open your fridge door for a piece of cheesecake, you can look at your new Golden Girls magnet!



  1. James Robert Reply

    Wow, I didn’t realize there were so many things out there but it was a terrific program.

  2. I think Betty White and her more recent fame has spurred many of these things. I remember my mom and sisters watching the show, but it is really only recently that you see the show referenced. Maybe it is a nostalgia thing also, considering how bizarre thing have gotten lately. People just want to remember the more simple times.

  3. My daughter is a Golden Girl fanatic too! But I don’t think she owns all the paraphernalia that you do.
    I love the show myself The cast was perfect and naturally funny! Reruns are still being shown all over the world!
    Betty White must be an angel because she is still here after a whole century!

  4. Julie Waldron Reply

    These are all great gifts! My daughter love The Golden Girls, I will definitely keep these in mind! The quote mug is my personal favorite!

  5. I had no idea that there are so many Golden Girls things! These are awesome!

  6. My sister needs the mug: Live like Rose, Dress like Blanche, Think like Dorothy and Speak like Sophia.

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