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Ultimate Gifts for the Gardener

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Springtime is upon us and that means it’s time to get your hands dirty and start planting your garden! Do you have a green thumb or know someone who is? These items are great gifts to give yourself or anyone who likes to spend their time tending to nature!

1- Out with the old rusty tools that have been gathering dust over the winter, and spring into a new set of garden tools. This handy all in one set comes with everything you need to get started. The carrying case also doubles as a seat for you. Save those knees!  From $15.47

2- If squatting is not your idea of fun gardening, and you like a little more convenient gardening style, then you will love the Garden Scoot. It minimizes the strain on your back and knees It’s a mini tractor!  Comes with a basket to collect weeds or transport plants. $99.95

3- New to gardening? Need a little help getting started? This herb garden seed kit can guide you! Includes seeds, peat pots, pellets, markers, and instructions. $9.99

4- Need Bees? Attract the vital non-stinging Mason bees to pollinate your garden with this Bamboo Mason Beehive House! All you need to do is hang it up! Made from natural bamboo. $14.99

5- Not into bees? How about butterflies? This complete wildflower set has over 87,000 organic seeds for attracting butterflies birds and more! Includes 8 bonus gardening E-books! Guaranteed beauty from Spring until fall! $17.49

6- Gardening gloves are an absolute must if you don’t like getting your hands dirty, but what about gloves that double as tools?  Claw tipped and waterproof, you can! dig your own seed holes, pull weeds, prune your roses and maybe scare the neighbor’s kids while you are at it! These are a definite must-have in my garden! $6.55

7- If you don’t want to invest in golf shoes to aerate your lawn check out these heavy duty spiked sandals made from 100 percent recycled soles with steel tines. They adjust to any size foot and fits straps over your shoes. Just be careful not to step on the dog. $17.99

8- Not a lot of space for a large garden? Here is something that’s both decorative and useful for your small area, patio or porch. The Amish Wagon can also be used indoors for your herb garden! $19.99

9- If you have a large garden and need to transport plants and soil, or collect your crop, this heavy duty wagon can carry up to 400 pounds! Whether or not you can pull 400 pounds on your own remains to be seen. But it is a great addition to your outdoor planting and picking season. $66.99

10- Finally, if you don’t want those cute little creatures from nature to gobble up your crops, you will need something for protection. So instead of the standard Scarecrow, which let’s face it, doesn’t really scare anyone, this little tidbit might just be the best deterrent I have ever seen. for creatures and human alike! Just remember, if you live in snake territory, make sure you know which one is the fake! $7.84

Happy Gardening!

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