Tomtoc Protective Laptop Sleeves Review

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.


Laptops and cellphones have a fantastic new look with Tomtoc. Their design driven cases offer protection for a variety popular phones, such as iPhones and Samsung Galaxies.  Toting laptops and tablets has never been more stylish than in a Tomtoc sleeve.


I (Jeni) received two laptop sleeves to review. As a blog owner, my laptop is my life! Nearly everywhere I go, my MacBook goes with me. It’s not only important to me that my laptop stays protected, but also that it’s easily accessible. Having a safe spot for my laptop is never an issue with my Tomtoc Laptop Briefcase and Laptop Sleeve. These cases not only look great, but they provide superior protection for my MacBook.


The Tomtoc Laptop Briefcase is a great carrier for my laptop and all its accessories. It has two pockets, one for the laptop and one for anything else I need to be carrying with me. The accessories pouch can hold multiple pens and credit cards, a flash drive, charging cable and wireless mouse. The exterior is spill resistant and will save your laptop from bumps, scratches and dents. It’s comfortable handle makes transport a breeze!


The Tomtoc Laptop Sleeve is excellent for grab-and-go use. It’s sleek, slim-line design makes it easy to safely pop my laptop in a backpack or weekend travel bag. The fleece lining and extra interior flap ensures that my MacBook won’t slide around. The shock absorbent exterior protects against bumps and scratches. This sleeve is great for carrying my laptop around without the extra bulk of an extra bag.


Tomtoc makes products that enhance the lives of busy tech users everywhere. The clean and timeless designs of their laptop and cellphone cases make a perfect gift for anyone in your life, or a perfect treat for yourself. Enter our Tomtoc giveaway  for a chance to win these sleeves, starting Friday, October 14, 2016!

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