Peeling Eggs Just Got FUN with The Negg!

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Hard-boiled eggs go far beyond a fun Easter tradition! They go great on sandwiches and salads, taste great with a little seasoned salt, are popular when deviled,  and can completely transform rice bowls and breakfast burritos. There are tons of yummy ways to eat hard-boiled eggs.  But making them can be a serious pain, especially when it comes to peeling.  But, never fear….The Negg ® is here!

The Negg ® is a small, hand-held kitchen device that was specifically designed for one purpose – to help make peeling hard-boiled eggs a less painful process. In fact, it takes the time and frustration out of the process all together. All it takes is a little bit of water, and a little bit of shaking!

Seriously – it’ this simple:

  • add water and your boiled egg to The Negg ® 
  • snap on the cap
  • shake it up and down
  • slide off the shell

No more tapping then peeling and missing pieces.  If you ever make boiled eggs, you KNOW what a pain that is. This super easy to use, super smart little gadget will change your life in the kitchen. Where has this been all my life!?  I’m in LOVE! It comes in yellow, green, white, red or black, and is BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Hello, easy cleanup!

The Negg ® is made in the USA, woman-created and woman-owned, and absolutely genius.  Plus, they just launched four savory spice combination packets that you can buy, to help make your deviled eggs even better: Classic, Cajun, Smoky Ham and Curry flavors.  Each packet of the seasoning can flavor 24 deviled egg halves… I’m looking at that Smoky Ham and drooling!

 It’s those simple, but frustrating tasks in the kitchen, like peeling eggs, that made me stop eating them as much. I do love them, but finding shell in my food is NOT fun. The Negg ®, however, claims to actually be FUN.  “Fast, easy & fun,” to be exact.  And it honestly is.  My eggs are peeled so much quicker, without frustration (and without annoying shell everywhere!), and shaking it really is fun!

If you love eggs, you don’t want to miss Bonnie’s Blog!  She’s one of the awesome creators of The Negg ® and uses her blog to introduce us to amazing recipes.  She even has recipe videos to watch, making them super easy to follow.   I’m all about this Penny Foote’s Potato Salad, and these Avocado Deviled Eggs! Mmmm!

I’m a huge fan of egg salad and deviled eggs.  I also love hard-boiled eggs in my salads.  But i seriously hate the process of peeling them.  I always end up with tiny pieces of shell everywhere. Who knew there was this little hand-held gadget out there that could make it so much easier and cleaner!? If you love boiled eggs – you need The Negg ®!

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  1. Pam Wattenbarger Reply

    We have a lot of deviled eggs at our house. I’ve never heard of the Negg before, but it looks like it would come in handy.

  2. I have to look into getting this gadget. It looks really handy to have on hand.

  3. Anne Marie Reply

    This is a core I really don’t care for and often pass it off on my children. LOL What a great little tool!

  4. Monica Simpson Reply

    Peeling eggs is so frustrating! I need this tool in my life.

  5. shelly peterson Reply

    This is a pretty cool little gadget. This would be nice to have.

  6. Kita Bryant Reply

    I for real just ordered one. I never liked peeling, but I love egg salad!

  7. wow perfect little gadget perfect for Easter season when we make so many egg dishes and deviled eggs. I need one plus the seasonings!

  8. The Negg is definitely something I need. It never fails when I peel eggs that I end up taking part of the egg with the shell.

  9. OMG! This is awesome! I need it before Easter! It will help me a lot!

  10. Oh wow!The Negg is really awesome and fun to use! I will definitely check this one out. It’s totally enjoyable to have this.

  11. Oh my goodness, the Negg is definitely something I need in my kitchen. I avoid making boiled eggs just because of the peeling process!

  12. That looks really helpful! My kids will surely love to try that too! They love helping in the kitchen.

  13. What a neat device! This certainly would come in handy for when we make deviled eggs or egg salad.

  14. Melanie Walsh Reply

    I am pretty good at lots of culinary tasks. However, peeling eggs isn’t my favorite thing nor something I do all that well. The Negg sounds like a great tool for my kitchen!

  15. Mama Maggie's Kitchen Reply

    The Negg looks like so much fun to use when peeling eggs! My son will definitely love peeling eggs when we have this. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Maryann D. Reply

    I never heard of The Negg. This looks like a great idea and worth it to try. My husband likes hard boiled eggs.

  17. I must get this Negg. I always struggle with peeling the eggs. This will help a lot.

  18. I WANT THIS!!! Sorry for the shouting, but I need this gadget. Thanks for the info.

  19. OK, so I got crazed and ordered one. Had some Amazon GC money to pay for it. Will report back when I get it.

  20. Neat product, I heard of a plain glass egg peeling trick, but this is the concept put into a solution

  21. Wow, this is awesome. I always mess up my eggs when peeling them. This would be just the trick I need.

  22. Reporting back: Got my Negg, used it, loved it. Worked just as they said it would.

  23. Having egg salad sandwiches today to use all the hard boiled eggs I made with this. So fun and easy.

  24. I’m making and eating more hard boiled eggs than ever now that I have the Negg.

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