Thanks a Latte Giveaway Hope: $10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

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I’m a coffee fanatic.  I drink it all day. I love EVERYTHING coffee, including the title of this giveaway hop! 🙂  My friends know my obsession for coffee, and always gift me such fun items. I wanted to share a few of those from my wishlist this year, so that maybe some of you other coffee freaks will find some new items to add to your own wishlists!

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  1. I’m really hoping for a new bedspread–that’s it, really!

    • Mya Murphy Reply

      World peace and harmony..a true revival. People being loving towards one another, neighborly.

    • Sarah Oswald Reply

      My wish for this holidays is to see my brother and his family come home for a visit.

  2. Hoping for good health to family and friends everyone actually

  3. Christina Gould Reply

    I’m wishing for a stimulus check from the government for the holidays, lol. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Melissa Storms Reply

    I am really hoping to spend time with my mom for the holidays. I want a new sewing machine for Christmas, one with an embroidery function.

    • Rae Nelson Reply

      I’m wishing for health, wellness, and happiness for all my family members! Other than that a new washing machine is in much need!

  5. Penny Knowlton Reply

    I want to get together with family. If we can’t do that I would like to watch Love Actually while having hot chocolate and eating chex mix.

  6. What I’m wishing for? I hope my small family will be able to get together happily and healthily.

  7. Ann Fantom Reply

    I’m hoping to get our remote family together for the holidays

  8. wendy hutton Reply

    nto really wishing for a gift just for my sister who is fighting lung cancer to be healthy

  9. I am hoping to see my loved ones this holiday season. We have been social distancing to protect one another, especially my grandma.

  10. I wish for a vaccine and proven medication to knock out the dreaded virus.

  11. Alexandra Y Reply

    I am hoping I get to spend time with family for the holidays this year.

  12. Ashley Chassereau Parks Reply

    I’m wishing for life to go back to normal. This year has been so mentally draining for my entire family, especially my kids.

  13. Cheryl Repeta Reply

    I am wishing peace on earth for the Holidays. Enough of the Covid.

  14. Wishing for everyone’s health to be well. Hope that the rest of the year can be manageable.

  15. I am hoping for a new Keurig coffee maker
    digicats {at} sbcglobal {dot} net

  16. Rebecca Graham Reply

    I’m wishing for all the family to come down for the holidays.

  17. Rebecca Moore Reply

    I don’t know.. I usually just buy myself what I want throughout the…

  18. Klydra Pugh Reply

    I am wishing for a healthy holiday and new year.
    Thanks for the chance.

  19. athena graeme Reply

    This year I am wishing for a safe and effective Covid-19 vaccine for everyone. I want everyone to feel safe again.

  20. Debbi Wellenstein Reply

    I’m wishing for a stress-free holiday season. We’ll see!

  21. I am hoping for some film for my old camera. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. I wish for our family to be able to gather together on the holiday

  23. Susan Smith Reply

    I’m hoping our families are able to get together for the holiday.

  24. I would love a pair of bluetooth headphones that stay on my ears when I run!

  25. That there’s a safe and effective COVID 19 vaccine so we can go out and do stuff for fun.

  26. Sheryl Flickinger Reply

    I am hoping my Mom gets to spend some time with her grandchildren. She is really missing them since Covid hit.

  27. crystal mccord Reply

    Good health and waking up in the mountains would not be a bad

  28. I’m wishing for a vaccine that really works for sure for Covid 19.

  29. I’m hoping for a food saver this year. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. I’m wishing I could have Christmas will all of my friends like we’ve done the last 20 years.

  31. Susan Christy Reply

    I’m wishing for positive change in the world. If it comes earlier than Christmas, all the better.

  32. Molli Taylor Reply

    i have everything i need but i want to be able to get my tweens new laptops.

  33. Elizabeth Rogers Reply

    I am wishing my extended family is able to join us for the holidays this year.

  34. Im hoping for my family to be together for the holidays and not separate because of the virus!

  35. Heather Kaufman Reply

    I’m wishing to find a job, so I can buy gifts for my kids.

  36. Susan Christy Reply

    I’m wishing for my nephew to visit and install some new magnets on my kitchen cabinet doors that won’t stay closed.

  37. Just wishing/hoping I would have enough gifts for my 2 great nieces and great neohew. 🙂

  38. Minta Boggs Reply

    Just to be able to get my family Christmas gifts this year!

  39. Donna Clifford Reply

    I am wishing my daughter gets to go back to in person school.

  40. Honestly, I am hoping for good health this year. Last year my whole family was sick for all of December. No tree, husband used sick-time, sick. I would like to *not* do that again.

  41. Teresa Kunberger Reply

    I am hoping for a Keurig momma has always wanted one and cant seem to make myself buy it for me but if it was a gift from someone else id be so tickled!

  42. I am wishing for some Amazon gift cards to purchase some books by my favorite authors.

  43. Robyn Bellefleur Reply

    I am wishing everyone is happy and healthy this year.

  44. I’m hoping to get to see family and to find some cutting boards under the tree.

  45. Dorothy Boucher Reply

    I’m wishing for a cure for Covid, less violence, moms have food on the table for their family and I’ll take a hazelnut black coffee please!.

  46. I can’t think of one thing I want. I just hope I get to spend time with my family.

  47. I’m wishing for lots and lots of snow to kill all the wildfires and end the drought.

  48. Noreen Plantz Reply

    I’m hoping to win an Apple Watch, or enough Amazon gift cards to buy one for my hubby.

  49. Christina Sparks Reply

    I praying that all my family will stay safe and healhy.

  50. Sandy Klocinski Reply

    I would just like to have my family together. That’s a great holiday season. That’s what I want for Christmas.

  51. I’m wishing for lots of snow to lessen the drought we are in.

  52. Denise Blados Reply

    I’m not wishing for anything for Christmas. There’s nothing I really need or can use.

  53. Im hoping for the whole family to be together; we haven’t been able to celebrate a holiday this year :*(

  54. Jeanna Massman Reply

    I’m hoping everyone in my family is healthy for the holidays this year.

  55. I am hoping to get together with my family for the holidays.

  56. I honestly just would like my whole family together and everyone happy and healthy

  57. Corey Hutton Reply

    This year, I’m only wishing for Humanity to grow a collective brain and realized you can’t hide from a Virus.

  58. I would love a new laptop. Windows destroyed mine with their updates.

  59. Laurie Nykaza Reply

    Gift for my kids would be nice to have and that everyone stays well.

  60. wendy hutton Reply

    I am wishing for an electric fireplace to warm up the family room

  61. Dawn Keenan Reply

    I am wishing for some framed candid photos to fill up a new shelf.

  62. I’m wishing the kids get to see wildlife like bears on our cabin stay.

  63. Anne Higgins Reply

    I wish that our family could be healthy enough to all be at the same place at the same time – but, will hope to have some up-to-date photos sent to me!

  64. Im hoping for some new linens for the bathroom.. lol adult gift 😛

  65. My wish is to be able to fly out to California to visit my son, daughter-in-law and my grandkids for the holidays.

  66. Linda Walker Reply

    I really don’t need anything and not expecting anything.

  67. Tammy Pereira Reply

    Something I wish for this holiday season is for a George Foreman grill!! It’s getting too cold for me to grill outside anymore! LOL

  68. I’m wishing for the grandkids to be able to come for Christmas dinner.

  69. wendy hutton Reply

    I am wishing for 1 last Christmas with my sister, she has terminal lung cancer

  70. Im just hoping well actually be able to have Christmas this year 🙁

  71. kathy pease Reply

    I am hoping we don’t have another lockdown so we can spend holidays with family

  72. Mary Gardner Reply

    I am wishing that we could spend the holidays with family this year. It doesn’t look like that will happen but we keep wishing anyway.

  73. I wish for money this year. That my son gets everything he wishes and needs and I am not left with that gut wrenching feeling that he was wanting more.

  74. I am wishing it was safe to see more of my family for the holidays.

  75. Health for my family and to be able to get my kuds something for Christmas

  76. Philip Lawrence Reply

    I am wishing for a cure or vaccine for COVID-19 this holiday.

  77. Tabathia B Reply

    /For my daughter to have less pain and to be able to spend time with extended family

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