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Be More Present – Monitor & Limit Tech Time with TechDen!

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Life gets messy. Life gets busy and crazy and fast and chaotic and cluttered and….PHEW!  A distraction is generally welcome when its available!  Thanks to technology, that distraction is always available.  But then something happens.  We forget about that busy, crazy, fast, chaotic, cluttered stuff that actually makes our lives what they are!  When scrolling social media or browsing the web is no longer a distraction, and more of an avoidance of responsibility – then we have a bigger problem.  That’s why we LOVE TechDen in our house!

With TechDen, we’re able to better control our tech habits. It’s absolutely amazing. Distractions should be temporary, quick fixes. But with the internet and fun apps, we can lose ourselves and lose track of time.  Bryan and I spend more quality time together when we have put down our devices.  But doing that can sometimes be easier said than done!

We’re dependent on our phones and tablets, and we admit that. It’s the first thing we pick up when we wake up – even before getting out of bed! And it’s the last thing we look at before we go to sleep. With TechDen, we can set reasonable amounts of time for our device use.  In fact, we can stop that temptation, because of TechDen.  And if we need TechDen this badly, we can only imagine how much a family with children would benefit from it!

It’s not just the app that helps us manage our screen time that we love.  It is also a charging station – a neat, tidy, dedicated place to store and charge our phones and tablets!  We keep it in the dining room – which means there’s no temptation in our bedroom. Not only is it keeping them safe and stored away, it’s also charging them!  Our rule is that we don’t unlock them until we are on our second cup of coffee.  If fact, we can even set a specific time on the app to unlock them for us.  The first cup is spent chatting with each other and having one on one time together without technology.

These are our favorite features that the TechDen offers:

  • The app:  This incredible app is really  easy to use.  The Den and the app work together to manage screen time, lock the Den and unlock the Den. It’s simple for us to charge our devices all night, and not jump on them until the Den is unlocked, via a time we preset on the app!  We can also see our time usage, so we know when we need to pull the reigns back a little more, or can give ourselves a little more tech time.
  • The Den:  We always know which devices are charging, because of the cute bear lights.  They light up when a phone or tablet is in the Den and charging, and when a compartment is free. It really is a great way to store the devices, and eliminates the risk of losing or damaging them.  You can manage up to 2 devices at a time, including iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, and Android phones. So, even if we purchase a new device – the Den will accommodate it!

It’s a product made for families, and although we don’t have children, we’ve found a great way to use TechDen and the app! It’s refreshing to be unplugged more often than not.  And we’re getting to appreciate and enjoy the time on and off screen much more. TechDen has made it easier for us to distract ourselves from our crazy lives, without relying on technology. And that’s priceless.

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  1. Marisela Zuniga Reply

    I need to do this. I hadn’t heard of this but thanks for sharing

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