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Teach My Busy Board: Screen-Free Fun & Education!

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American children’s spend up to 7 hours a day looking at screens. Seven hours. That’s phones and laptops, TVs and tablets being watched on average 5-7 hours every day.  Shocking, right? With the Montessori educational method, kids get self-directed activity and hands-on learning & play. And that method is what Teach My used for their brand new Teach My Busy Board!

From strengthening hand-eye coordination,  and working on fine motor skills to developing problem solving ideas, this Busy Board keeps them entertained while being educated. This is a child-guided toy, so they touch, feel, and manipulate what catches their attention, on their terms. Parents and caregivers can sit back and aid or answer questions  about everything from tying shoes to setting a clock!

The Busy Board is made for kids 3 and up. It’s an awesome little sensory toy that’s made of great quality felted wool, which  means it’s super soft. That also means it has no corners and is VERY lightweight so kids can carry their Busy Board around themselves. In fact, it weighs less than a pound! That  makes it really easy to pack up and travel around with it, too!

I absolutely love the vibrant orange color – it instantly puts me in a good mood. And the items inside are all just as colorful and engaging. From a different clasps and belts to plastic cog wheels to turn, and a zipper to buttons, it’s fun sensory play that’s perfect for curious little ones, and is SCREEN FREE!

Be sure to check out all of the incredible educational SCREEN-FREE  products Teach My has, including their highly rated learning kits for littles that are just 6 months and up. These kits offer educational play for just 20 minutes a day!

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  1. My mother made something like that for her granddaughter. Was very fun and good for her.

  2. Shannon Holmes Reply

    This is an adorable and fun way for kids to learn without screens.

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