TBL’s Easter Guide: Price Points for Your Complete Easter Meal This Year!

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Easter Guide
Easter is almost here!  Do you have your menu for the day planned?  Are you prepared for your Easter meal budget?  We’re here to help!  Whether you prefer ham, lamb or salmon (there’s a poem waiting to happen!), we have a list of the prices you’ll want to aim for, when shopping.  Don’t overpay for your holiday meal this year!
Remember that a lot of stores will offer deals for ham this time of year (the other great time is the holidays).  Many will offer a free ham with minimum purchase –  but you must shop wisely!  If you aren’t planning to spend the money it requires, it may not be worth it.  That will differ for everyone.  Eggs, baking goods and fresh veggies for side dishes are also on sale right now at many grocery stores.  Here is a price guide to help you make sure you’re getting the best deals on the items you’ll need for your  holiday meals this Easter.  These are stockup prices, so you’ll want to get as close to these prices as you can, for the best bargains.

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Ham (whole)  under $1/lb
Ham (spiral)  $1.77/lb
Leg of Lamb  $5.99/lb
Rack of Lamb  $12.99/lb
Salmon (fresh)  $6.99/lb
Bacon (thick cut from deli)  $1.99/lb

Marmalade $2
Apricot Jam  $2
Mint Jelly $2.50
Bread (rolls or loaf)  $1
Eggs   under $1/dozen
Stuffing (boxed)   75¢
Box Potatoes  50¢
Cheese (medium, lb block)  $4.99
Olives (black)  FREE to 50¢
French’s Onions  $1.50
Canned Pineapple   50¢
Mustard  FREE – 30¢

Potatoes (5 lb bag)  $1
Sweet Potatoes  49¢/lb
Brussels Sprouts  $1.49/lb
Broccoli  88¢/lb
Cauliflower  88¢/lb
Celery Bunch  89¢

Asparagus  $1.99/lb
Baby Carrots  99¢/lb
Fresh Berries $1.50/lb
Green Beans (canned)  35¢
Veggies (frozen)   FREE to $1
Green Beans  (fresh)  $1

Milk – $1.99 (gallon)

Heavy Cream – $1 (1/2 pint)
Evaporated Milk – 50¢
Condensed Milk – 75¢
Sugar (5 lbs) – $1.50 (under $2)
Flour (5 lbs) – $1.50  (under $2)
Powdered/Brown Sugar (1 lb) – 89¢
Baking Powder – FREE – 50¢
Corn Starch – 50¢
Marshmallows – under $1/bag
Cool Whip – 50¢ for holiday flavors, under $1 for regular
Canned Pumpkin – $1 or under
Chocolate Chips/Morsels – $1 – $1.50
Cream Cheese – $1
Cake Mix – 75¢
Frosting – 75¢
Cinnamon Rolls – 50¢

Butter (salted/unsalted) – $1.50/lb

Pies (whole, frozen)  $2
Pie Crust (2pack) – $1
Pecans – The price of pecans has sky-rocketed!  The cheapest we’ve seen lately is $7.99/lb
Almonds – $2.99/lb
Jell-O  29¢
Dessert Mixes (boxed)  $1
See something we forgot? Let us know!

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