Home Baked Comfort & Love with Subarz Baked Treats!

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Very few things in life can bring you to a wonderful place of peace and comfort. Sitting on a beach, listening to the waves is amazing – but not always feasible. Taking a nap in the middle of the day will definitely offer relaxation – but who has that kind of time?  Home-baked treats can fill the kitchen with warm scents and the belly with delight – but baking can be complicated!  That’s why I absolutely LOVE Subarz!  Subarz home-baked bars are something everyone can enjoy to bring them peace and comfort, any day!

Daphne Subar is a former litigator – so she knows just how important it is to find little bits of calming joy everyday.  As a mom and novice baker, she was ready for a change.  Once she saw how people reacted to her  unique baked goods, she knew it was her calling.  And so, Subarz was created! Now, everyone can indulge in Daphne’s home-baked (yes, really – in her own kitchen!) treats.

What makes Subarz special?  Besides being handmade in Daphne’s kitchen , it’s the combination of crunch with sweetness. This pairing was intentional. Daphne wanted something unique for baked good lovers. She wanted to create something with the crunch of a mandelbread or biscotti, but the sweetness of a cookie.  And, after several attempts at perfection…  Subarz was created! 

These have quickly become one of my personal favorite treats.  I’ve gifted boxes to relatives multiple times, and will definitely continue to do so!  The texture is already unique, but when you check out the flavor options, you may just fall in love:

  • Traditional Chocolate Chip – makes chocolate chip cookies taste like wimps!
  • Gotcha Matcha – with white morsels and organic matcha!
  • Lemon Thyme – fresh, light and full of flavor!
  • Salted Apricot Caramel – my absolute favorite. This flavor combination is brilliant!
  • Double Chocolate Chip Almond – semisweet AND dark chocolate in this one!
  • Toffee Crunch – a touch of espresso pulls these flavors together!
  • Chocolate Peppermint – dark chocolate + peppermint = perfect combination!
  • Apple Trilogy – apples, currents, and walnuts, oh my!
  • White Chocolate Raspberry – classic combination of tart and sweet!
  • Spiced Fig – mint, tarragon and clove accent this Subarz!
  • Lucious Lavender – real lavender and citrus bring it together! AMAZING FLAVORS!
  • Peanut Butter Delight – chocolate and peanut butter candies set this one aside! 
  • Celebration Subarz – white and semisweet chips combine with sprinkles!

On a special diet, but still drooling over these?  Don’t worry – there are even gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free Subarz options. Plus, they have a great selection of Passover-friendly Subarz!  Grab them in cute 3-packs, 8-packs, 1-dozen or 2-dozen boxes.  Plus, you can score a sampler box so you can test out more of their delicious flavors.  Even better, join the Barz Club, and get a box of two dozen Subarz shipped monthly for 6 months!

Need a little happy?  Craving something uniquely different yet familiar and comforting?  Go for Subarz.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed! Once you try them, you’ll definitely be wanting to sample more of the flavors. It’s a great way to treat yourself during stressful times, and give yourself a little peace & comfort, without having to do the work. 

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  1. I have never seen this brand by me but they look amazing. It is great that she followed her passion and created a great brand of baked goods.

  2. All of those treats look so good! I haven’t heard of Subarz, but I’m glad I know bout them now. I have to order some of these!

  3. Dana Rodriguez Reply

    I have never heard of this company. Their treats look delicious!

  4. Those look so yummy and I love the presentation. Doesn’t everything look pretty with doilies?

  5. oh these look super tasty and def something id love to try and bake and take to neighbors!

  6. Amy Desrosiers Reply

    These baked goods look so good! Yum!! I have been in such a mood to eat homemade treats lately, but I have not been in the mood to bake.

  7. These all look amazing. Looks like they have a lot of great goodies to choose from too. I’d love to try them out sometime.

  8. Cathy Mini Reply

    That subarz looks delicious and really tempting! I’d love to try all of the flavors. Yum!

  9. It’s wonderful to learn about this company. Looks like they make really amazing treats. Everything looks so yummy.

  10. OMG, I think I may be drooling. These look so good! I want to try all of the flavors.

  11. I’ve never heard of Subarz, but these treats look delicious. I’ve recently become obsessed with the pairing of white chocolate and raspberry, so I’d love to try one of those bars!

  12. Deliciousness! What a yummy idea! I am sure my family will love it!

  13. I have a sweet tooth and those goodies are making me drool. I bet they are as delicious as they look I’m going to check them out.

  14. Maartje van Sandwijk Reply

    These look delicious! Do you know if they’re also available in the UK?

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      I think they are just US, but it doesn’t hurt to contact Subarz and ask!

  15. That looks like awesome collection of baked treats I would love to check it out. as lot of flavor option are there.

  16. They look like they have some pretty great baked treats there. Definitely good comfort food during this time. I would love to have the Lemon Thyme. Sounds delicious.

  17. These treats sound super tasty and I like that they are homemade, with love. She has some really interesting flavours, I’d like to try to matcha and the lemon thyme and the spiced figs ones.

  18. Oh WOW!! I former former litigator?? I LOVE IT! I love when women go after their passion and create something people that “people” love. I really want to try Subarz. It really looks YUMMY!!!

  19. Rose Ann Sales Reply

    The packaging is so cute and the goodies looks so so delicious! I hope I could buy some when the pandemic is over.

  20. I haven’t heard of this brand but everything looks incredibly delicious. I’d love to try Subarz baked treats!

  21. Billy Sandoval Reply

    Oh, my goodness! these goodies looks so good and yummy. I want to buy some of these.

  22. Maryann D. Reply

    Subarz Baked Treats look so fresh and home made. I would love to have these!

  23. I want the lavender and the lemon ones. I’d eat any of them.

  24. Some of my friends are bakers and have been making fantastic stuff while staying home. I can use an oven for casseroles and veggies, but I am not a baker. These would be good to send for.

  25. Today I’d like to try the Chocolate Peppermint ones. Good combination of flavors.

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