Sparkle Time Giveaway Hop: $10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

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This giveaway hop is hosted by our AWESOME friend, MamatheFox

How about a fun recipe to bring some sparkle to your summer!?  These Watermelon Rice Krispies Treats are so simple and SO delicious – let the kids help make them!


Start by entering my giveaway below. Once you have entered this giveaway, scroll to the bottom of this post and start hopping to each of the blogs in our hop. You can enter as many of the giveaways as you would like.  That’s all it takes!

Have a great time hopping, and GOOD LUCK!

One lucky winner will score a $10 Amazon Gift Card


MamatheFox and all participating blogs are not held responsible for sponsors who fail to fulfill their prize obligations.


  1. My 3 wishes: Health for our family, successful and well rounded education for the children, and a clean house fairy!

  2. Better health for me
    Good health for my family
    Happiness for my grandchildren

  3. Thanks for the giveaway. I wish for a long healthy life for my family, to be always taken care of moneywise, and anew house.

  4. Would love to get my wife back to good health, and all my family keeping there health when you have your health that is the only wish you need.

  5. My three wishes would be good health for my partner, financial independence for my older kids, and the ability to move to a more desirable area.

  6. Darlene Owen Reply

    1, 10 million dollars.
    2. college for my 8 grandchildren
    3. heath

  7. Tandi Cortez Reply

    My 3 wishes would be:
    1) Great health for my family
    2) A new home
    3) Happiness for my family

  8. Stacey McCrary Reply

    Enough money to take care of our house and our kids
    Good health
    and PEACE throughout the world.

  9. Good health, being happy, and having my boyfriend come home from a business trip soon. Thanks for the giveaway. Natalie @ Literary Rambles

  10. Thomas Gibson Reply

    Ability to communicate back and forth with animals.
    Ability to communicate back and forth with plants.
    Ability to know every language to communicate with anyone in the world.

  11. Cindy Merrill Reply

    My first wish is to maintain my sanity; I’ve cared for others with dementia, not a good way to go.
    My second wish is to live in a home I OWN, even if it’s a shack.
    My last wish is to always have enough food for my household, including my cats.

  12. My 3 wishes would be continue good health, spending more time with our 2 grandsons and continued financial stability.

  13. My three wishes are: Loved ones alive again, good health and no financial worries.

  14. Good health, enough money that I can pay my bills and if I want to buy something extra I have it and to be happy.

  15. Amber Lee Kolb Reply

    I’d wish to be cured from Arnold-Chiari Brain Malformation. I’d wish for a new home for my recently bigger family (my nieces ages 3, 9 and 12 just came to live with us). I’d wish for always having the exact amount of money I needed in my pocket.

  16. More money than I will ever need, perfect healthy and a very long life.

  17. For my first wish, I’d love to have the ability to learn and master any skill quickly. This could help me grow personally and professionally and adapt to any challenge I might face.

    My second wish would be to have unwavering resilience. Life inevitably comes with ups and downs, and having the strength to remain hopeful and persistent during tough times would be invaluable.

    Finally, I’d wish for the ability to inspire and empower others. I believe that personal growth becomes truly meaningful when it benefits not just oneself, but also the people around us.

  18. Anna Memphis Reply

    No more debt, a better work-life balance, and a book deal — that’s it :X

  19. My health issues would disappear, $100 million , & a gorgeous good man to fall in love with me lol

  20. My three wishes would be never running out of money, good lifetime health for my family and that my brother would move into my neighborhood

  21. Tracy Robertson Reply

    Okay, you asked, LOL!

    Universal Healthcare for everyone in the United States
    Much stricter gun laws
    Excellent health for myself and everyone

  22. My three wishes would be.

    1) Good health for my family
    2) My daughter’s success in college
    3) A retirement house on the beach

  23. Donna Teller Reply

    Perfect health for me and my family, endless money, and a nice house.

  24. Thomas Gibson Reply

    I would wish to see my daughter that passed away.
    I wish that all “bad” people in the world disappear forever.
    I wish I could fly with the birds.

  25. Cindy Merrill Reply

    My three wishes –
    I’d go back in time and make certain my grandparents never met each other.
    Second, since I’d be stranded somewhere in 1921, I would wish to be a very rich woman ( heiress)
    Last but not least, I would retain all my knowledge of the future, which I would use very carefully.

  26. latisha depoortere Reply

    good health for my mom
    money for bills and meds
    health for me

  27. Ashley Parks Reply

    I wish for my kids not to be allergic to peanuts, or anything else for that matter.
    I wish for a long, healthy life for everyone in my family.
    I wish for the ability to start a successful business (so I could help my hubby pay off our house and help pay for my kids’ college tuition).

  28. Elizabeth Jones Reply

    I would wish my family to be happy, good health for me and my family and more money so I could help teachers purchase needed classroom supplies.

  29. Leslie Price Reply

    Unlimited money, perfect health, and a long life to enjoy both.

  30. Cindy Merrill Reply

    1. An RV Motor Home to live in
    2. A year’s subscription to Amazon Prime
    3. A Lap Top with solar recharger

  31. health, peace(security/protection all the same thing), and love

  32. Laura DeLaRosa Reply

    Great health for me and my family, money to pay the bills and have a comfortable living, and a car.

  33. Elizabeth Jones Reply

    I would wish for to travel more, my kids to be happy and someone to clean my house.

  34. I would wish for a large income, health for my loved ones and love

  35. 1) That all my family will return to the Catholic Church and The Sacraments
    2) For all of us to eventually make it to Heaven
    3) To be reunited with my sister and my nephew who I haven’t seen in many years (their choice)

    Thanks and God bless!

  36. Jeanna Massman Reply

    1. I would love to make sure my family is safe and healthy in the future.
    2. My grandson could cope with his anxiety issues.
    3.Money for a new house

  37. My three wishes: Financial security for myself, financial security for my loved ones and health for us all!

  38. Kaitlyn Walas Reply

    World Peace
    Global Environmental Stewardship
    Improved Quality of Life for All

  39. I would wish for good health for all my family, enough money so that I never have to worry about money again, and a lifetime pass to every Broadway show ever.

  40. Angela Heerde Reply

    Money to keep going.
    Health to stay well.
    Happiness for good days .

  41. Susan Smith Reply

    I wish for financial security, great health for my family and happiness.

  42. 3 Wishes: having our home and property finished
    financial security
    health for our family

  43. I wish for no more cancer, no more homelessness and no more poverty.

  44. Heather Kaufman Reply

    Good health for my family, enough money to pay off my mortgage & friends for my kids.

  45. A cure for cancer, to always have enough money to be comfortable and good health for my family and I.

  46. Money, enough to never have to work again, pay for me kids college and leftover for dun stuff!
    Health for my family
    Live in a town I want to live in

  47. I would wish for financial stability, health for my family and love

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