2019 Holiday Gift Guide

SmitCo’s NEW Gift Ideas for Little Girls & Women!

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Little girls are supposed to be made of sugar and spice and everything nice.  But in reality, little girls are fun and funky, sassy and silly, glittery and goofy, inspiring and inventive.  And of course, a little sugar and spice, too. 😉  No matter what your little princess’s personality is, it’s unique. With so many products on the market targeted towards girls, it’s tough to know where to shop. SmitCo LLC has you covered.  In fact, SmitCo doesn’t just have great gifts for little girls… they now have fun gifts for grown up girls, too! Yep, mommy can score herself a little treat from SmitCo, too!

This is the place to shop and find the perfect gift for the special little girls in your life, and yourself!  They have everything from fashion jewelry for teens to non-toxic nail polishes for the trendy girl. You’ll find diaries and journals, jewelry sets and crafty kits all at SmitCo. They truly embrace the fun, adventurous, beautiful, silly parts of being a girl and offer high quality, affordable products just for them. And now, you’ll also find some fun, relaxing bath items for mom. It’s everything girl in one place!

Check out the latest from SmitCo:

SmitCo Air Dry Clay Set

Creativity, imagination, artistic skills, hand-eye coordination… it’s all there with this new kit from SmitCo! These clays are different, because they are dry, yet stay moist for longer periods of time. That means no crumbles stuck in the carpet (or in their hair!). It’s an amazing sensory toy, too. It’s always great to find non-tech toys that can engage and entertain kids, right?
It comes with 36 colors in 20 gram bags – that’s enough for an entire class of kids to play with over and over again! Plus, they can create new colors by combining existing colors.  It’s totally safe, too, and follows all of the CPSIA requirements.  And that little carrying case is perfect for quick cleanup, easy toting, and taking on road trips or airplanes to entertain the kids!

SmitCo Musical Piano Mat

Remember that iconic dancing on the floor piano scene in the Tom Hanks movie, Big?  This is basically the same kind of piano mat-  made just for toddlers!  This fun, pliable and safe mat is made of soft fabric, foam, and non-toxic ABS and PE plastics. It’s really easy for kids to learn to play with this interactive toy, and will keep them entertained for hours!
My favorite features – kids can record their own musical creations, and play them back!  Little Mozart in the making now has a way to unleash that creativity 🙂 Plus, there is a volume control built-in. That’s a relief for everyone else in the house! It plays 10 melodies and has 8 instrumental settings.  How FUN!
And now, it’s time for mommy to get a little spoiled! Check out SmitCo’s newest products for BIG girls 😉

SmitCo Exfoliating Kit 

Pampering ourselves is something every woman loves. But busy moms don’t have time to get to the spa all the time. That’s one of the reasons I love this Smitco Exfoliating Kit. I workout, so my back could always use some pampering and extra attention. But my arms only bend so far! This amazing back washer gently massages to clean and scrub those hard to reach places! 

The gloves are also honestly amazing, because they are super textured.  That means, as you clean, you can exfoliate at the same time!  Plus, the elastic on the wrist is super strong, so they don’t slide off.  And, they are big enough for large hands, too. And, the best part-  just toss them in the washer and dryer to clean them after each use for fresh exfoliating the next day!

SmitCo Exfoliating Back Scrubber Set of 2

What’s better than 1 amazing back scrubber?  TWO amazing back scrubbers!  This SmitCo 2-pack comes with two of their massaging and exfoliating back scrubbers.  That means you can have one in the wash and one in the shower, ready to use… or one for you and one for your hubby… 

If you’re looking for great gifts, tailor made just for girls (little OR big!) – look no further than SmitCo LLC! Whether she’s funky and funny or sweet and sassy, they have the perfect gift for her. I absolutely love the addition of some adult gift ideas, too. Little girls just wanna have fun, and SmitCo LLC embraces that and offers amazing, unique and creative products so they can keep having fun!

Stay in touch with SmitCo, to keep up with new products, discount codes and more!

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  1. I am always looking for great gift ideas for my son and nieces. These are all fantastic. Thanks.

  2. I love these products. My daughter’s do too. But i want that back exfoliator

    • Chris Hoov Reply

      All these gift ideas are awesome..! Thanks for sharing.. I will re read this before Christmas..

      • These are clever and unique gifts for our girls. I click on some of the links. Their prices on Amazon are pretty reasonable. I wished I would have known of these when my granddaughters were younger. I know they would have loved them as a gift 🎁
        Pin worthy! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Some great gifts here. I love the piano mat. I know someone who would have a lot of fun with that.

  4. Love your ideas for gifts for little girls and women. Sign me up for the exfoliating kit! Yes, please! What a great find.

  5. These are such awesome ideas! Sometimes I have no idea what to get people, so this is perfect. I’m intrigued by the exfoliating kit.

  6. What some great ideas. I like the idea of the folding back scrubber that would make things so much easier! Adding it to my Christmas list!

  7. I love their products! I think the first time I ever heard about them was on your site! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Some great products here! I need some of these for my kids, maybe for Christmas!

  9. OOHh I want that back exfoliator thingy. That looks like it would feel amazing plus get your hard to reach places.

  10. Ice Cream n Sticky Fingers Reply

    My son would love the clay. He is a bit older so some of the other gift ideas are made for younger kids. I also love the clay because there are so many stem activities that you could show your child using it.

  11. Annemarie LeBlanc Reply

    I like that musical mat. It will not only get kids interested in music, it will also keep them active! These are great gift suggestions. I would like the back scrubber for myself!

    • Surekha-dreamingloud.com Reply

      The clay set looks so cute, little girls will definitely love this. Thanks for recommending..!

  12. These are great gift ideas for kiddos and comes at a great time. I think my daughter would love most of these.

  13. catherine santiago jose Reply

    These are great gifts for kids and I am sure my daughter will become happy once she have this SmitCo Air Dry Clay Set on this holiday.

  14. That SmitCo Air Dry Clay Set is such a fun toy to play. I’m sure the little girls will love this. And that SmitCo Exfoliating Kit sounds wonderful. I will definitely recommend this.

  15. I love these ideas and I think I have some plan what to get for my nieces for this coming Xmas, thanks fto this post.

  16. Wow, these look like wonderful gifts! I would love to get the first two as they could be useful for my classroom!

  17. This is what I been looking for. I really need many stuff to buy and make it a present this coming Christmas. I’m gonna buy this. Perfect gift!

  18. OMG the SmitCO dry clay kit is so much fun. Also that exfoliating mit and back scrubber are both brilliant. I love it. I might get this for my niece. I feel like my own daughter would even still enjoy this.

  19. Oh wow, these are great gift ideas. I have a bunch of new little girls on my Christmas list this year so it’s going to help to have something like this to go by.

  20. I would love to see a set of backscratchers in my stocking this year! My skin is dry and this would help me in so many ways!

  21. Agnes dela cruz Reply

    I’m glad I came across this post, life this holiday season will be so much easier! Thanks for the ideas.

  22. These items are great,I guess most little girls or women won’t think of buying this for themselves so it’s a very nice gift ideas.

  23. Smithco products are so cute. I bet girl of all ages will definitely love to receive gifts like this..

  24. Super fun! I’ve got three girls at home, and finding new ways for creative play is so helpful. They all would love to use the air dry clay. I love that they can all express their creativity!

  25. I love gift guide season. This is an adorable guide for little girls.

  26. gloria patterson Reply

    All of these items look so good. I really liked the clay I think that would be fun

  27. Mary Gardner Reply

    These are some great ideas! I would love to have the exfoliating kit.

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