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Shifu AR Toys Balance Education & Entertainment for Your Kids!

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Technology is everywhere.  Lucky for savvy parents, Shifu created brilliant toys that are as much fun as they are educational! They’ve perfected the ability to combine advanced technology with hands-on, engaging toys that help them learn.  STEM skills are crucial to a child’s development. Shifu understands this, and created two amazing products to both enlighten and educate kids!

Shifu Orboot – Travel the world with this interactive AR globe

Remember using globes when we were kids?  Now, your kids can explore the world, too – but it’s not their mom’s globe, that’s for sure! The Shifu Orboot is a high-tech globe, because it uses augmented reality. The companion app lets kids interact and visualize the world in an entirely new way – 4D! They’ll engage with fun stories, voices, poems, regional music and more.

There are over 4,000 highlights and 1,000 interesting facts about cultures, monuments, inventions, animals, maps and weather. And yep – that covers tons of countries around the world.  It definitely helps kids explore, while using their STEM kills like building knowledge, linguistics, and cognitive skills. It even includes a travel kit for a complete experience – with stamps, stickers and an adorable passport!

Screen time can become educational and fun with the Orboot! Plus, you’ll enjoy learning about different cultures right alongside your kiddos. Plus, this super unique learning experience is enhanced with visualization and AR. Kids can use their imagination with videos and books, but with the Orboot, they become part of the adventure in real life, too.  Even better, it grows with your child!  From ages 4-10, your kids can absorb everything the Shifu Orboot has to offer!

Shifu Plugo: An interactive AR gaming system to spark STEM skills

Hands-on STEM play is always a winner! Plugo is an AR-powered gaming system that includes a gamepad, interchangeable gaming kits, a companion app, and TONS of fun. The Shifu Plugo STEM Wiz Pack (Plugo Count + Plugo Link) is designed for 4-10-year-olds, each gaming kit offers exciting educational games and
helps to build STEM skills through story-based challenges and puzzles.

There are currently two kits – Count, Link, and there’s also Tunes, but more kits are coming soon to the collection! Each kit has 5 games with 250+ levels in the app. Plus, the app offers age-appropriate games for your kid, and follows a specific curriculum based on difficulty levels. That’s impressive! 

Plugo Link: Building Blocks Kit

Build & balance the magnetic links to solve STEAM puzzles
● 15 magnetic building blocks that are used to build structures on the magnetic play area
on Gamepad
● 5 games, 250+ levels with varying increasing difficulty and grade customization

How it works:
1. Solve puzzles by connecting start to end
2. Build stable structures with support columns
3. Plugo app gives instant feedback for every link placed

Sparks STEM curiosity by building foundational skills
● Spatial reasoning
● Critical thinking
● Creativity & design thinking
● Problem-solving skills

Plugo Count: Hands-on Math Kit

Unravel mysteries with numbers & arithmetic
● 1 magnetic Count Spike that sits on the magnetic play area on Gamepad
● 2 sets of 0-9 Numerals, 4 arithmetic operators
● 5 games, 250+ levels with varying difficulty for different grades
● Customize curriculum based on numbers ranges,
question formats and more

How it works:
1. Solve puzzles by connecting start to end
2. Build stable structures with support columns
3. Plugo app gives instant feedback for every link placed

Sparks STEM curiosity by building foundational skills
● Math Skills
● Logical Reasoning
● Comprehension
● Problem-solving skills

Excited yet? If you’re new to the Shifu world – prepare to become hooked on it!  Both you and your kids will fall in love with their amazing products! When your children are laughing and learning at the same time, you know you have a  winner. And that’s exactly what they’ll do with Shifu products!  Be sure to check out ALL of the awesome Shifu toys, too!

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  1. Teresa D Kunberger Reply

    My daughter’s love Stem learning. These are some really cool ones too.

    • twinspirational Reply

      Sounds like a great learning tool. Thanks for sharing, I’m sure my mommy friends would love to hear learning tools or options like this.

  2. There are so many great interactive toys available. It’s fabulous to help children learn while they’re having fun.

  3. These are cool and very educational toys. I wish they are in our local toy stores so that the kids have more choices.

  4. This is a very nice way to start learning for our kids. They can learn and have fun at the same time in this program. This is Great!

  5. This would be a great gift! I love that it is educational and that it is STEM focused. I wish they’d had this when I was a child because I would have loved this.

  6. Wow these toys look so interactive. I love that it’s both entertaining and educational.

  7. Dana Rodriguez Reply

    These look like so much fun. The globe is really awesome!

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