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I See Me: Personalized Lunch Boxes For Kids

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I See Me Personalized Lunch Boxes

The kids are going back to school, so wouldn’t it be great to give them something extra special?  I See Me is most popular for their beautiful children’s books with bright illustrations and fun, easy-to-read stories.  But, did you know you could get other products personalized from I See Me?  How about a lunch box with a theme your child would love, and their name printed on it!?

I, Jeni, was sent an I See Me Personalized Lunch Box to review.

There are so many adorable choices for these lunch boxes, I had a hard time picking which one was my favorite!  They are all age appropriate, and feature themes that children love.  There are lunch boxes covered in super cute graphics like outer space, farm animals, ballerinas, dinosaurs, and butterflies, to name a few.  I picked the butterfly lunch box, because I love the vibrant colors and fun design.

I See Me Personalized Lunch Boxes w Chalkboard

One of the coolest features of these lunch boxes, is the name that is printed on multiple sides of the box.  There will be no mistaking whose lunch box this is, that’s for sure!  It’s so much fun for kids to have their names on their items – they get to show off their amazing little lunch box, AND be sure they don’t lose it.

Another special thing about these lunch boxes is the built-in chalkboard inside the top cover!  Although chalk is not included with your purchase, you’ll be able to write  your child a sweet note every day.  This is especially cool, because you can also write little reminders or draw pictures for them to see at lunch time.  I’ve, personally, never seen a lunch box like this!

I See Me Personalized Lunch Boxes w Chalkboard!

These lunch boxes are 6″x8″x4″, so a great size to pack a hearty lunch inside, but not too large for a small child to carry.  They are SUPER lightweight (made of tin), which helps for the littler kiddos.  The clasp is really easy to open and stays shut once latched.

If you don’t need a lunch box for the kids, consider these as great trinket and toy storage boxes!  What a fun way to pack up items they need and want when going to a slumber party, grandma’s house or on a road trip.  Throw some snacks and their favorite little toys inside, and they can proudly carry around their box everywhere they go!

I See Me Personalized Lunch Boxes w Chalkboard!!


Find I See Me on their website, and on social media: FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest.


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