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Does anyone else find themselves cleaning MORE than normal this year? Maybe it’s the virus… maybe it’s working from home…maybe it’s a spring cleaning vibe set off by both of those things! Either way, I’ve been all about scrubbing, dusting, and cleaning a lot more.  I found this awesome new tool for doing dishes (my LEAST favorite cleaning chore), and you guys – it’s AMAZING!


  1. After having 3 sons and 4 grandsons I finally was blessed with a grand daughter!

    • Deanna Mancini Reply

      I smell glasses before I pour any drink into them … Even though I know they are clean lol

  2. I love houseplants but can’t keep a spider plant alive for nothing!

  3. Stacey McCrary Reply

    That I have almost 19 years age difference between my two girls. There is 3 months age difference between my sister and I , different mom’s, 3 months age differencebetween our oldest daughters and 6 months age difference between first born grandchildren.

  4. Theresa Norris Reply

    I loved putting books in order when I worked at the public library.

  5. My favorite way to unstress is to work on a jigsaw puzzle. Love doing them!

  6. I love the outdoors and I have to get outside and enjoy nature every day.

  7. Laurie Nykaza Reply

    I have a wonderful butterfly garden where i grow milk weed and raise them.

  8. I was in Hurricane Hugo when it his South Carolina. My family was not hurt, thank goodness!

  9. i have 50 thousand bears and then i collect autographs of stars and have over 10 thousand post cards

  10. Summer has always been my favorite season, but I turned 41 in March and I think I’m leaning towards fall with the nice, but cooler temps and everything that comes with fall.

  11. A fun fact, is that I have 3 older sisters and one younger brother. I always loved having a lot of siblings! We are all very close also.

    • Judy Rittenhouse Reply

      I love hiking and forge for miles hunting wild morel mushrooms!

  12. A lot of people dont know that I play the drums have since I was 15

  13. Every now and then I write what they call fan-fiction. Stories based on characters from TV shows and other forms of entertainment.

  14. I love making mashed sweet potatoes with apple pie spice and lots of cinnamon.

  15. I do not have a sweet tooth at all and some people think that’s weird.

  16. Ingrid Jackson Reply

    I am a scrapbooker and gives away lots of my scrapbooks to family and friends who LOVE my work.

  17. Stephanie Liske Reply

    I just got a new tattoo. Me and my daughter got the same one. 🙂

  18. When I was very young I always wanted puppies and now as an adult I found that I love cats just as well!

  19. I spend most of my time in my basement… working from home with no windows to look out.

  20. gloria patterson Reply

    I have a book that is over 40 years old but I read it again ever 3 or 4 yars

  21. paige chandler Reply

    I can’t stand the heater on in the car 0 even in frigid weather.

  22. beth shepherd Reply

    I have naturally curly hair and have a miniature horse that I adore.

  23. Christina Gould Reply

    A random fact about myself. I live in California and I love it here. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. I know alot about cars: I’ve worked at the family business my entire life. Being a girl I’ve gotten many guys who refuse to even let me do their estimate and they are promptly told by a male worker that their business isn’t welcome. One of the best perks is having built my own muscle car although if I had a penny for evertytime someone thought it was a boyfriend or dad’s car I’d be rich lol.

  25. Priscilla P. Reply

    I had twin daughters when I was 16 years old. They weighed a total weight of 16 pounds.

  26. gloria patterson Reply

    My family hates me………… I can lean back close my eyes and how like a light. They take sleeping pills and still have problems

  27. I have an Algae Eater named Squidward and his tank is Spongebob themed

  28. I have 3 great nieces and nephews who were all born in the month of August!

  29. I love watching True Crime shows to try and guess who the murderer is but I hate watching horror shows because I don’t like the sight of blood.

  30. gloria patterson Reply

    I am a crafter and and I taught my my two nieces to love to craft. Today I am teaching my great niece to love crafts. The first things she ask wen she spends the day what are we going to make.

  31. Melissa Storms Reply

    I love to bake, especially bread. I love to eat bread even more and make homemade jelly and jams from the wild blueberries, raspberries and blackberries that grow in the woods around here.

  32. I was fired from my first job before I ever worked a day.. . A few years later the same place wanted to hire me and I’ve worked there 10 years now.

  33. gloria patterson Reply

    I am one of those people that wake up and are a wake. No coffee or anything needed. And I always wake up between 5:30 – 6:00 am every morning.

  34. Kristen Joiner Reply

    I’m learning to speak Korean due to some friends I have that I’d like to be able to communicate with better. 🙂

  35. Karen DeVaney Reply

    I collect bottlecaps, dating back to a day at the beach in 1978 when I came home with a pocketful.

  36. Laurie Nykaza Reply

    I have 2 cats and 2 dogs that we just love so much and they love hanging out with us all day.

  37. Terra L Heck Reply

    I was married at Six Flags St. Louis during Fright Fest. Thanks.

  38. gloria patterson Reply

    For some reason I am on a apple kick…………….. cannot get enough of them. Cooked or raw I just want them

  39. I love to read- any and all kinds of books. Give me a nice cozy blanket and some snacks, and I could read all day.

  40. I have been an office assistant/secretary for a very very long time now.

  41. I eat the exact same thing for lunch every day so that I don’t have to think about it.

  42. Leah Shumack Reply

    I’m a huge Snoopy fan! Been collecting since I was a little girl!


    I’m going to have two grandchildren born in the next two weeks!

  44. I have a fascination with blue drinks and blue foods. I will always choose the blue M&Ms.

  45. gloria patterson Reply

    I have a full sister – 2 half brothers – 2 half sisters and 1 stepbrother

  46. Daniel Scott Reply

    I like watching DIY shows on HGTV and then doing some of the projects.

  47. gloria patterson Reply

    I lie about my age ! It started when I was 18 and looked 20+ and I just continue

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  49. gloria patterson Reply

    I am the only one in my family that DOES NOT HAVE A TATTOO…. I think you have to be nuts to let someone stick you like that

  50. I have six trips by entering contests. I won a trip to Florida two weeks ago, but obviously won’t be travelling until next year.

  51. athena graeme Reply

    Random fact? I used to swallow swords as a hobby. I quit 3 years ago when we adopted a little girl because, well, it’s dangerous and sets a bad example. I used to love the shock value it added to our parties, but honestly, I don’t miss it.

  52. I am not talented at all, but I do have a daughter who is an extremely talented artist.

  53. Cindy Merrill Reply

    I’m a Quiet Prepper on a tight budget, if you need any tips on being prepared with little to spend, ask me.

  54. True. My family will not travel with me because of odd and weird things that always happen. Lol
    I have lots of unique experiences.

  55. Daniel Scott Reply

    I started a new job and the difference in companies is unbelieveable.

  56. Philip Lawrence Reply

    I was a Vietnamese interpreter in Vietnam for the US Army during the Vietnam War.

  57. Cheryl Repeta Reply

    That fun fact about me is that I do sweepstakes as a hobby and love it.

  58. I have to have a cup of tea each morning when I get up and check my emails!

  59. Jeanette Jackson Reply

    I named my dog after the rat in Charlotte’s Web….Templeton

  60. I disliked watermelon all my life (especially the smell)–yet this year, I love it, and can’t get enough!

  61. Seyma Bennett Shabbir Reply

    I love all fruits except for papaya, all vegetables except for celery. I am an Army Brat, born in Germany, LOVE to cook and eat!

  62. gloria patterson Reply

    I worked at the same company for over 30 years till they moved out of state

  63. Vikki Billings Reply

    I love Christmas and still have my tree up from last year! It makes me smile!

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