Need Help with Holiday Spending? Grab a SaveAround Book!

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I was sent a SaveAround 2019 book to help me write this post, however, all opinions are my own and I only promote products I truly believe in.

Ok, money-saving, coupon-clipping, savvy shoppers! The holiday season is upon us, and that means we have to tighten the purse strings. Prepare your wallet for gift giving, adjust your bank account for feeding those visiting family members, and count your pennies for all of the fun holiday outings you’ll take! Here’s a great way to save – SaveAround!

SaveAround is a local coupon book with $5,000+ worth of money saving coupons inside.  You’ll find great deals for restaurants, bowling alleys, and even department stores in your local mall.  Each book is just $25, and comes with free access to the mobile site for 12 months.

Even better, flip the book over and discover a ton of national savings, as well!  That’s right – it’s not only limited to your city or town. In fact, I found so many awesome coupons in my book, I’ll be using them when I go out shopping for Christmas gifts this year. 15% off Barnes & Noble will score me some great savings on books for my nieces.  I’ll use the $5 off $25 Lids purchase coupon to score some hats for my boyfriend.  And my sister won’t know it, but I’ll save $25 off my $100 purchase from Aeropostale!

From McDonald’s to car rentals, and Chuck E. Cheese to haircuts, the savings in this book is well worth more than $25. I love that I can use the mobile app, because when I’m on the go, I don’t have to worry about forgetting my SaveAround book.

Want to start saving and prepare that bank account for holiday spending?  I’m actually really excited about the amount of money I’ll be saving! Do yourself a favor and grab a SaveAround book. At only $25, you’ll be really glad you did. Here’s an awesome deal for you:

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