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Review: KNOWHEN Advanced Ovulation Test

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.


KNOWHEN is bring ovulation testing to a whole new level. Planning a pregnancy is now simpler than ever with this system, which uses saliva to measure estrogen levels. Gone are the days of using messy urine strips! The KNOWHEN Advanced Ovulation Test Kit is safe, natural and easy-to-use. This innovative at-home test contains everything needed to determine a woman’s 5 most fertile days of her cycle. It comes with a mini-ovulation microscope, cleaning cloth and a discreet carrying case that looks like a lipstick holder. When used once a day, in the morning, this kit can help a woman determine when she is ovulating. It has been proven to be 98.9% accurate, when the saliva is collected before eating, drinking, smoking or brushing your teeth.


“We want to offer our user a better understanding of – and ultimately greater control over her reproductive health,” says Helen Denise, CEO of HiLin Life Products. “In addition, the app creates a storehouse of invaluable, long-term information she can share with her healthcare provider as needed.” To assist in tracking your cycle, KNOWHEN gives you access to their personalized fertility monitor app with the purchase of the Advanced Ovulation Test Kit. It give a great visual of when your estrogen is at its peak. You can also enter your basal temperature (thermometer not included,) which could improve the accuracy of your results. A serious amount of guesswork about your cycle is eliminated, when this system is used correctly. Detailed instructions come in English and Spanish.


I, Sarina, was grateful to be given the chance to review a KNOWHEN Advanced Ovulation Test Kit. I have been looking for something to help with pregnancy planning, and didn’t know much about ovulation testing. KNOWHEN not only provided a great product, but also gave in-depth instructions, and online support via a personalized app for my smartphone. After reading the information about this product, I knew it was right for me. The Advanced Ovulation Test Kit is completely safe and natural, and relies on only a drop of saliva each morning. Place the saliva directly onto the lens and allow it to dry (5-20 minutes.) Record the pattern you see, and the app will do the rest!


If you’ve ever tried tracking your cycle, you’ve probably felt unsure about some of your results. Sometimes, they simply aren’t clear! The KNOWHEN test kit really does remove all the guesswork from your life. The ovulation microscope has a 60x magnification lens, and gives very easy-to-read results. During ovulation, a very obvious fern shaped pattern appears through the lens. Immediately before and after ovulation, a few faint fern shapes will appear. When the body is not ovulating, no fern shapes will appear at all. It’s that easy!


This ovulation test kit has all the elements to reassure me that this product is a great buy. It is FDA registered and Ob/Gyn approved; it is effective for all women, including those with irregular menstrual cycles; and it comes with a smartphone app that helps the user to better understand their reproductive health. The accuracy of this test kit is not altered by medications or fertility treatments, unlike traditional urine test strips. It is also reusable indefinitely, making it an incredible value. I’ll never again find myself wondering which days I should be checking for ovulation, or worrying about running out of test strips.


When it comes to fertility, leave as little as possible to chance. KNOWHEN Advanced Ovulation Test Kit gives you the power to knowing what’s going on in your body, making planning your pregnancy a whole lot easier, and way less stressful. It retails at $49.99, and you’ll never spend another penny on replacement test strips. You can buy online or find a retailer near you here.


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