Review: Gender Reveal Bears by My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear

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The sound of a baby’s first heartbeat is one of the most special things to new parents. It brings about feelings of joy, astonishment and excitement. Now, expectant parents can share that beautiful sound with the world! With My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear, a baby’s heartbeat can be recorded and preserved forever. This adorable kit comes with a plush stuffed animal and a small recorder – shaped as a heart! There are currently over 16 different animals to choose from, and each is as sweet as the last. It makes a great gift for anyone expecting a baby into their family.


My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear was designed by sonographer Purusha Rivera, who specializes in Ob/Gyn. With three children of her own, she knows first hand the beauty of hearing a baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Her patients fell in love with the idea of recording their baby’s heartbeat, and have been raving about My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear!


To take this concept one step further, My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear created a Gender Reveal Bear! Surprising your friends and family about your baby’s gender has never been more fun. You can choose a pink or blue bear, and it will arrive in a gender-neutral box. Pop open the box to reveal if baby is a boy or a girl! Along with a heartbeat recorder, the bears also have a 3×5 picture frame to show off your latest sonogram photo. In addition to recording your baby’s heartbeat with the heart-shaped recorder, My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear also allows you to store the audio file on their specially designed app. You can rest assured that you’ll never lose the sound of your precious baby’s heartbeat.


My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear sent me (Sarina) a Gender Reveal Bear to review. I was excited to gift this to a couple I knew wanted to do a gender reveal party, but weren’t sure how they wanted to surprise everyone. I suggested the Gender Reveal Bear, and they thought it was a great idea! The baby’s gender remained a secret until they pulled a handsome blue bear of the box. It’s a boy! After the big reveal, we passed the bear around to show off the baby’s sonogram picture. Grandma and grandpa absolutely loved hearing the baby’s heartbeat! I cannot picture the night getting any better, and the Gender Reveal Bear was the life of the party.



I would definitely recommend My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear as a gift for anyone expecting a child. The Gender Reveal Bear was wonderful for the gender reveal party, and any of the other Heartbeat Bears would make an excellent baby shower present. There are so many different animals to choose from, but my favorites are the Vintage Fox, Vintage Bunny and the Giraffe. You can click here and decide which one you like the best! The Heartbeat Bears retail between$35.00 – $39.99.


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