Get The Family Outside with Play Wild’s Double Hammock & Climbing Dome!

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Cabin fever. Restlessness. Trapped. Anxious. Climbing the walls.  However you want to describe it, that’s the mood of 2020.  This year, gift yourself and your loved ones some freedom!  Play Wild offers some amazing products perfect for families that need to relax AND play outdoors!  Time to expel some of that excess energy that you’ve been storing while you’ve been cooped up inside.

Play Wild is about the kids, connecting with their bodies and nature.  They focus on the outdoors and FUN!  We could certainly all use a little bit of that this year, right? Sounds like Play Wild is the cure to the curse of 2020!  Two of my favorite products they offer are the Play Wild Double Hammock, and the Play Wild Climbing Dome.  Sounds like the perfect combination of outdoor relaxation and energetic play!

The Play Wild Double Hammock is what your back yard has been missing. Love to camp? Take it with you!  It only takes 2 minutes to sling between a couple of trees! It even comes with high-quality carabiners and some 9 foot adjustable hammock hanging straps.  That makes it SUPER easy to quickly hang your hammock. And, when you’re ready to go, just pack it up in the attached sack!

It’s super comfy and big enough for 2 people (yep, it’s safe for kids, too) – with a 500 pound weight capacity!  It comes in several great color combinations, and get this – it only weights 1.8 pounds including straps, carabiners, hammock, and stuff sack!  Play Wild says it’s made of Triple Interlocking Stitched 70 Denier 210T Parachute Nylon Taffeta… but I  just say it’s made out of awesomeness.  It’s really soft, and I don’t feel unsafe or wobbly at all in it! Honestly, it’s perfect for napping in 🙂

While mom and dad are relaxing in the hammock, they can look on at the kiddos expelling some fun energy on the Play Wild Climbing Dome!  The 10 foot Climbing Dome is the perfect tool for kids to unleash that energy and get to some creative play.

In fact, climbing is not just fun, it’s great for children’s development!  It can be a great place to climb, swing, and explore… or to sit inside and quietly read a book. Kids can throw a sheet over the top to make a quick fort, and open up an entirely new world of creativity!

You’ve seen other climbing domes – so what sets Play Wild’s Climbing Dome apart?  Easy! They have gone to great lengths to make sure it will last. Their steel is not just powder coated, it is galvanized first and then powder coated giving an extra level of rust protection. At the hardware is not just zinc plated but it made of stainless steel! Plus, they offer a 3 year guarantee.

Setup is a snap, and since Play Wild knows what it’s like to be parents with impatient children, they included extra nuts and bolts for you!  That way, should you lose some in the grass, or a kid runs off with them, you can still build the Climbing Dome safely.  Smart thinking, right? Their setup instructions are super easy to follow, and there’s even a video to help:

You can stock up on board games, or gift the kiddos the electronics they’ve been wanting all year. But once you check out Play Wild and see just how amazing these hammocks and climbing domes are, you’ll shift gears on your holiday gift intentions! Go screen-free and hand-on outdoor fun with Play Wild this year.

Another incentive to shop Play Wild is their charitable nature!  They donate at least 5% of all profits to children’s charities around the US.  I can totally get on board with this company!  When you support Play Wild and get your kids moving outside for fun, you’re supporting other children, as well. Now THAT is holiday spirit, and that’s exactly what 2020 needs!

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  1. Oh my goodness…these look like so much fun! I need the hammock for myself and the climbing dome for my kiddos! These would make such great Christmas gifts too!

  2. OK now, this sounds like an absolutely amazing playset to have outside. I would have LOVED something like this when I was younger.

  3. Amber Myers Reply

    This looks like fun! I can see kids having a blast on this. I would probably have fun with it as well.

  4. I remember the climbing dome from my childhood. I really enjoyed playing on it. Thanks for the great memories.

  5. Anita Anderson Reply

    I wish I lived in a house that I could get this for my backyard. This is a great way for kids to work out.

  6. We had a climber like that at the playground growing up, so much fun! I really have been eyeing a hammock like the one y ou shared too, I need to get it.


    Now this looks like a lot of backyard fun! I would love to have this for our homeschool group!

  8. My kids would love this! I am for anything to get them outside playing.

  9. This looks like a lot of fun. It would be perfect for my family.

  10. Nikki Wayne Reply

    I think the hammock would be fun for me. But the dome,maybe for a gift to older kids .

  11. I love getting outside with my family. My kids are bigger now but I must get this for my cousins little girls.

  12. I haven’t heard of Play Wild before but am very impressed with both of the items you have featured. How fun for kids to be able to have a playground in their backyard and I like that it only takes one person to set it up!

  13. That is so awesome. I love this! My kids would have so much fun with it too. They have something like this at school and they love it.

  14. sara lafountain Reply

    This would be great to put in the backyard since we are not visiting playgrounds right now due to COVID.

  15. Kita Bryant Reply

    That looks like a ton of fun. My kids would never get off that thing.

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