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Pickle Lovers’ Gift Guide

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Pickles are an acquired taste, that’s for sure.  But once you acquire that sweet, sour, salty taste – you can’t let go.  The pickle obsession doesn’t just stop with the actual  sassy cucumbers.  We want pickle-related EVERYTHING to really show off our fascination for this fun and funky food! Here are some fun pickle gifts (or necessities – depending on your obsession level!) for anyone that love PICKLES!

Deluxe Pickle Lover’s Kit: Yep.  A 7-piece set that includes Pickle Bandages, Lip Balm, Mints, Stress Toy, Can Cooler Insulator, Wristband & Dill Pickle Salt.

Pickle Cotton Candy:  Can you REALLY call yourself a pickle lover if you don’t treat yourself to pickle cotton candy every so often?

Pickle Socks:  Why not?  Especially when you can wear them with shorts so you can really show them off!  See even more pickle-themed socks.

Pickle Peanuts:  As fun as “pickle peanuts” is to say, “Dee’s Nuts” might be even more giggle-inducing.  And yes, they really do taste like pickles!

Pickle Stuffed Animal:  Not so much as an “animal” as just a stuffed pickle!  His name is Mr. Pickle – unique, right?  

Pickle Pop Sockets: Because it’s essential.  Duh.  Every pickle-loving girl needs this as their Pop Socket – especially because it’s pink and states the message VERY clearly!

Pickle Freeze Pops:  You drink the pickle juice… so isn’t this the next logical step?  Freeze it and eat it as a slushy or freeze pop!  This would be GREAT for helping hangovers, too!

Chef’n FridgeFork Condiment Fork: Ohhhhhhh!  Fridgefork – where have you BEEN all our lives!?  This is a genius little tool perfect for the pickliest pickle lover!

Inflatable pickle:  Well this is just too much fun!  It’s a 36″ inflatable pickle.  Because, why not, right?

Pickle Candy:  YESSSSSSS!  Between pickle-flavored candy, and pickle-flavored mints, your sweet tooth (and breath) will be covered!

Big Dill Pickle Lovers Gift Pack:  Yes, it’s twice as big as the previous set!  This one has 14 items: Bandages, Mints, Lip Balm, Stress Toy, Can Cooler, Lollipops, Salt, Candy, Air Freshener, Soap, Pincher, Wristband, Sticker & Magnet.  This is for that hardcore pickle fan, because it’s just so much AWESOME!

Pickle T-shirt:  “I love pickles and Jesus”…. well, do you?  Check out a ton more awesome pickle-themed shirts!

Pickle Mug:  You’re the pickle queen… so everyone should know it while you sip that tea or coffee!  Plus, it’ll get you in the pickle mood!  See more pickle mugs!

Pickle Game: Score yourself a pickle game, so that you can take that love for pickles to a competitive place!

Pickle Wine Stopper + Pickle Wine Glass:  Wine lovers can also be pickle fans…. so these products just make sense, right?  Plus, you’ll become even a bigger “dill” the more you drink (even if it’s just in your head).

Pickle Joke Book:  Yep – this exists!  It’s up to you to decide if the jokes are funny, though… 

Pickle Makeup Bag: Pack your pickle with pretty!  This cute pickle makeup bag is so much fun, and could be used for a ton of different things!

Yodel Pickle: This pickle actually yodels.  It’s magical. There’s not much more to say about it.

Pickle Lip Balm:  Because if you can’t eat pickles, at least you can lick your lips and TASTE the pickles….. right?

Pickle Costume:  If this isn’t the ultimate way to show the world that you have a serious pickle addiction and obsession, I don’t know what would be!


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  1. Dana Rodriguez Reply

    LOL a yodeling pickle? I really like those socks. They are cute. You have some great ideas for pickle fanatics.

    • Rachel Debise Reply

      All these ideas are so cute, but the condiment pickle grabber is an amazing idea

  2. How fun. I love pickles and the pickle peanuts sound so tasty

  3. I think I have about 6 different jars of pickles in my fridge. I like pickles.

  4. Funny. I see this post and then I have to go to the fridge and get a pickle (or two)

  5. gloria patterson Reply

    I didn’t know never dreamed there was so many pickle loving stuff. My sister in law owns a bar and she was telling me she had to order on amazon pickle by the gallon. People love pickle drinks

  6. shelly peterson Reply

    I know several pickle lovers, including myself. These are some pretty cool stuff.

  7. Brenda Haines Reply

    We love pickles! Did you happen to see the Mt. Olive pickle salsa?! I can’t wait to try it!

  8. Melinda Barlow Reply

    I love the pickle fork, such a great idea and I will be ordering some pickle items. Gotta get the cotton candy for my daughter in law.

  9. These Pickle gifts are so much fun. My daughter would get a kick out of any of them!

  10. This is the perfect gift guide for my sister. She would anything from it.

  11. I had no idea that there were so many pickle-themed gifts out there. The fridgefork is an excellent idea! My sister makes pickles every year and they are a family favorite.

  12. Dorothy Boucher Reply

    I am amazed on all the products for people like me and I love that shirt, I love Jesus and pickles..

  13. OMG!!!!!!! These are TOO funny! Pickle cotton candy? Pickle mints? I love Jesus and pickles? (In that order, hopefully). This is a total riot.

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