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Pickle Lovers’ Gift Guide

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Pickles are an acquired taste, that’s for sure.  But once you acquire that sweet, sour, salty taste – you can’t let go.  The pickle obsession doesn’t just stop with the actual  sassy cucumbers.  We want pickle-related EVERYTHING to really show off our fascination for this fun and funky food! Here are some fun pickle gifts (or necessities – depending on your obsession level!) for anyone that love PICKLES!

Deluxe Pickle Lover’s Kit: Yep.  A 7-piece set that includes Pickle Bandages, Lip Balm, Mints, Stress Toy, Can Cooler Insulator, Wristband & Dill Pickle Salt.

Pickle Cotton Candy:  Can you REALLY call yourself a pickle lover if you don’t treat yourself to pickle cotton candy every so often?

Pickle Socks:  Why not?  Especially when you can wear them with shorts so you can really show them off!  See even more pickle-themed socks.

Pickle Peanuts:  As fun as “pickle peanuts” is to say, “Dee’s Nuts” might be even more giggle-inducing.  And yes, they really do taste like pickles!

Pickle Stuffed Animal:  Not so much as an “animal” as just a stuffed pickle!  His name is Mr. Pickle – unique, right?  

Pickle Pop Sockets: Because it’s essential.  Duh.  Every pickle-loving girl needs this as their Pop Socket – especially because it’s pink and states the message VERY clearly!

Pickle Freeze Pops:  You drink the pickle juice… so isn’t this the next logical step?  Freeze it and eat it as a slushy or freeze pop!  This would be GREAT for helping hangovers, too!

Chef’n FridgeFork Condiment Fork: Ohhhhhhh!  Fridgefork – where have you BEEN all our lives!?  This is a genius little tool perfect for the pickliest pickle lover!

Inflatable pickle:  Well this is just too much fun!  It’s a 36″ inflatable pickle.  Because, why not, right?

Pickle Candy:  YESSSSSSS!  Between pickle-flavored candy, and pickle-flavored mints, your sweet tooth (and breath) will be covered!

Big Dill Pickle Lovers Gift Pack:  Yes, it’s twice as big as the previous set!  This one has 14 items: Bandages, Mints, Lip Balm, Stress Toy, Can Cooler, Lollipops, Salt, Candy, Air Freshener, Soap, Pincher, Wristband, Sticker & Magnet.  This is for that hardcore pickle fan, because it’s just so much AWESOME!

Pickle T-shirt:  “I love pickles and Jesus”…. well, do you?  Check out a ton more awesome pickle-themed shirts!

Pickle Mug:  You’re the pickle queen… so everyone should know it while you sip that tea or coffee!  Plus, it’ll get you in the pickle mood!  See more pickle mugs!

Pickle Game: Score yourself a pickle game, so that you can take that love for pickles to a competitive place!

Pickle Wine Stopper + Pickle Wine Glass:  Wine lovers can also be pickle fans…. so these products just make sense, right?  Plus, you’ll become even a bigger “dill” the more you drink (even if it’s just in your head).

Pickle Joke Book:  Yep – this exists!  It’s up to you to decide if the jokes are funny, though… 

Pickle Makeup Bag: Pack your pickle with pretty!  This cute pickle makeup bag is so much fun, and could be used for a ton of different things!

Yodel Pickle: This pickle actually yodels.  It’s magical. There’s not much more to say about it.

Pickle Lip Balm:  Because if you can’t eat pickles, at least you can lick your lips and TASTE the pickles….. right?

Pickle Costume:  If this isn’t the ultimate way to show the world that you have a serious pickle addiction and obsession, I don’t know what would be!


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  1. Dana Rodriguez Reply

    LOL a yodeling pickle? I really like those socks. They are cute. You have some great ideas for pickle fanatics.

    • Rachel Debise Reply

      All these ideas are so cute, but the condiment pickle grabber is an amazing idea

  2. How fun. I love pickles and the pickle peanuts sound so tasty

  3. I think I have about 6 different jars of pickles in my fridge. I like pickles.

  4. Funny. I see this post and then I have to go to the fridge and get a pickle (or two)

  5. gloria patterson Reply

    I didn’t know never dreamed there was so many pickle loving stuff. My sister in law owns a bar and she was telling me she had to order on amazon pickle by the gallon. People love pickle drinks

  6. shelly peterson Reply

    I know several pickle lovers, including myself. These are some pretty cool stuff.

  7. Brenda Haines Reply

    We love pickles! Did you happen to see the Mt. Olive pickle salsa?! I can’t wait to try it!

  8. Melinda Barlow Reply

    I love the pickle fork, such a great idea and I will be ordering some pickle items. Gotta get the cotton candy for my daughter in law.

  9. Maryann D. Reply

    These Pickle gifts are so much fun. My daughter would get a kick out of any of them!

  10. This is the perfect gift guide for my sister. She would anything from it.

  11. I had no idea that there were so many pickle-themed gifts out there. The fridgefork is an excellent idea! My sister makes pickles every year and they are a family favorite.

  12. Dorothy Boucher Reply

    I am amazed on all the products for people like me and I love that shirt, I love Jesus and pickles..

  13. OMG!!!!!!! These are TOO funny! Pickle cotton candy? Pickle mints? I love Jesus and pickles? (In that order, hopefully). This is a total riot.

  14. This literally is so good it made me laugh out loud. I know so many pickle lovers, including myself, definitely checking a few of these out!

  15. Maryann D. Reply

    I would like to try any of these. But the Pickle Cotton Candy would be really interesting to try!

  16. I LOVE this gift guide there are several items on here that I so need to get.

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