Holiday Magic Comes Alive with Piccoli Horses & Friends!

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At Piccoli Horses, they believe that everything great starts little. In fact, “piccoli” is Italian for “little ones.” They make little plush toys for your little loves, to befriend, aid, and give them comfort in their little journeys to become great! What started out as one super soft stuffed horse, has grown into an incredible, highly respected company. Not only do they make tons of horses, but now there are lots of other adorable friends in the Piccoli family!

Piccoli unicorns, Carnation and Ivy, are back again! And they brought new friends with them! The unicorns come with a unique name. And then you can give the nickname! Meet Lilybud. She’s the newest addition and so ridiculously cute, my face hurts from smiling so much 🙂  She’s a mini, which means she’s perfect for little ones. Two other unicorns will be joining the family, as well – a blue & grey and a pink & grey.

Piccoli’s western horses are built for everyday life. Washable, brushable, and with no show ribbon to get in the way. You can choose between stars and stripes for the saddles, which are handmade in Texas. I can’t even begin to describe how soft, cozy, cuddly, huggable and lovable these little guys really are. You’ll have to see it for yourself!

They are so unique, in fact, that under each saddle is a hidden code.  Take that code to the Piccoli Horse website, and you’ll learn the show name (Piccoli Herd name) of your new bestie! Each name is different, and you get to pick the sex, too!

Athena, the new Pegasus, comes with a rainbow of pastel colors on her mane, tail, and wings. EEEEEK! She is SO pretty! I’m loving the whimsical, fairytale-like features of Athena. The pastel colors on her white body make her seem peaceful, calm, and comforting. I love that.

Falabellas are the smallest breed of horses. They hail from Argentina, and Piccoli’s come sized between the mini horse and the classic. They are the perfect big mini pony. Be on the lookout for Falabellas, Athena, and all of the new friends on the website and in Piccoli partner stores by October 31, 2022! And, to get a sneak peek of all of the new friends and accessories coming, just head to the Piccoli Instagram!

The horses are custom made, non-electronic plushes, which means they can take them anywhere they go, because they will quickly become best friends.  They are lightweight and have slightly weighted hoofs, so you can stand them up on their own.  It’s no wonder these magical horses and their educational apps have won SO many awards! And now with so many new friends like Foxes, Owls, Seahorses, Unicorns & more… no doubt they will be even more popular than ever.

These gorgeous plush toys are truly remarkable. It’s so great to see a company get back to basics with some sincerely amazing plush products that don’t light up, speak, or require WiFi. Their goal isn’t to get your kid hooked on technology – just to love, learn, and be kind.  And I’m all about that.

’tis the season to spread kindness, cheer, and love… and gifting Piccoli Horses is definitely a great way to do that! Kids of all ages will fall in love with their new bestie. And parents – just a fair warning… you might fall in love with Piccoli Horses, too. Might as well add one to your list to send to Santa this year! 😉

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  1. Maryann D. Reply

    Piccoli Horses & Friends are absolutely adorable! My daughter would have loved them when she was young.

  2. Shelly Peterson Reply

    These are too cute. My granddaughter would love one of these.

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