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Piccoli Horses (& New Unicorns!) Give Kids Comfort & Joy

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It’s a tough life for kids.  They deal with a lot more than we realize-  or remember, on a daily basis.  They soak in a TON of information – some good and some bad. They deal with bullies and friends, learn about themselves and the world around them, and it’s a lot. All of this is just one of the reasons why I adore Piccoli Horses so much. These little horses are a sweet comfort, loving best friend, and playtime buddy for your kids. And bonus, their horse can join them on an educational journey, while they learn new languages with the Piccoli Pals app, too!

Piccoli has HUGE NEWS! They just introduced a brand new friend to the stable – unicorns! EEEK!!  These unicorns will be found on the Piccoli website very soon, and come in lavender and sky blue. Piccoli Horses are already incredibly soft (like, seriously – super soft!) and ridiculously cuddly… but now they added a bit of sass to them and made unicorns! If your kids are unicorn obsessed (there’s a good chance of that!), score them a Piccoli Unicorn this holiday season!  Imagine their little glittery horn sticking out of the stocking…. 🙂

Piccoli Horses CEO Kimberly Rogers had to learn to teach her son to talk after he experienced some severe medical problems. She used her experience to develop a system to help all children. During that time, she also realized the importance of transitional objects. These are things like blankets, dolls and toys that help children feel safe and loved as they grow.  She combined the the aspects of learning speech and transitional toys and created Piccoli Horses!

This magical and unique company is a tech-based toy company that meshes custom-made, plush horses and an educational mobile app.  Their goal as a company is to introduce children to technology, while letting them attach to their horse and not their mobile device. The super fun learning app is designed to introduce kids to foreign languages with physical play and talking aloud. They listen and repeat the words, use their entire body to help learn, and build a love for different languages!

They have a variety of apps for different speaking situations like school, going to a museum or visiting a zoo. Apps help children with language development and improving motor skills.  Plus, they just added the French language to their apps!  Even better – these learning apps are free! They make learning how to speak universal for all our children.

Every Piccoli Horse is made with super high quality PBA-free materials. These horses are unbelievable soft and cuddly, and I (yes, an adult) even take my Piccoli Horse on vacations with me!  This is probably the softest, most cuddle-worthy plush I’ve ever had…and I’ve owned numerous plush toys, so that’s saying a lot! As I type this, Their little faces are full of personality and each is super unique. In fact, under each of their saddles is a hidden code.  Type that code in on the website and you’ll discover your Piccoli Horse’s name!

The horses are custom made, non-electronic plushes, which means they can take them anywhere they go, because they will quickly become best friends. As your child learns from the apps, they can experience them with their horse right by their side.  They are lightweight and have slightly weighted hoofs, so you can stand them up on their own.  It’s no wonder these magical horses and their educational apps have won SO many awards!

I’m absolutely in love with my Piccoli Horse. These aren’t just made for children, by the way – adults can love them, too!  If you asked Santa for a pony every year of your childhood and never received one, now you can! 😉  And of course,  kids aren’t asking for ponies now – they want unicorns!  Be on the lookout  for new colors of the horses, and even a Pegasus!

These gorgeous plush toys are remarkable, and it’s so great to see a company get back to basics, while still incorporating technology and learning.  Last year, Piccoli Horses was my all-time favorite product of the year (and my first experience with them). It’s honestly that incredible of a product. Kim puts her heart into this company as a mom, and that definitely shows in her products!

Find Piccoli Horses in-store or online. Find a store near you HERE.

Check out Piccoli Horses and stay up to date! By the way, get ready to melt when you see all of the adorable pictures that customers send in to their social media pages. Kids + their little Piccoli Horses = BIG <3!!

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  1. Marisela Zuniga Reply

    These are adorable!! My son and niece would love these! They look so soft

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      They are SOOOOOOO soft, Marisela! Snuggly and adorable, too! 🙂

  2. My niece loves unicorns. I like that they can be snuggled and help her learn.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Ohhhhhh you should definitely grab her one! My niece loves them, too – and I’ll be getting her a Piccoli Unicorn for Christmas! She’ll LOVE IT!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Ridiculously snuggly! And their little faces are so cute and full of personality!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Absolutely! What child wouldn’t LOVE to see one of these cuties sticking out of a stocking or hiding under the Christmas tree?!

  3. These are soooo cute! I know I’m not their target demographic as I’m an adult, but I really want to learn a new language and I’m thinking I may need to buy one of these horses or unicorns for myself!

  4. One of my colleagues has a daughter who is totally obsessed with unicorns. I don’t know much about kids toys but you just saved me a trip to the mall. I love how cute this is!

  5. Danielle Fox Reply

    Oh this is great – I love that it has an educational aspect to it. Not just “another” stuffed animal

  6. Annemarie LeBlanc Reply

    This is a great gift idea for my little nieces and god-children. I like that these soft cuddly toys are make learning more fun!

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  9. Karen Propes Reply

    Their products are beautiful. I found something for both of my Grandchildren. I love they have something for girls and boys. I can’t wait till they open them up on Christmas Eve. They will have a new buddy to sleep with. Thanks for sharing this great product.

  10. Heather Ramos Reply

    I absolutely love these! My daughter is IN LOVE with horses and is three years old. This would be a perfect gift for her! Thanks for sharing <3

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