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Our Favorite Holiday Recipes! Peppermint Meringues, Chex Mix, Tiger Butter + More!

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Holiday Recipes Roundup

When it comes to the holidays, baking is something I look forward to the most.  I love creating and baking up treats, candies, cookies and more every year for my friends and family.  Here are 8 of my absolute favorite recipes, and staples during Christmas celebrations and New Year’s Eve parties each year!

Molasses Taffy Recipe

* Holiday Molasses Taffy – These homemade taffies will make great gift toppers, stocking stuffers, gift basket fillers and yummy treats for your guests, because they are individuals wrapped!

Microwave Meringues

* Microwave Meringues – 2 ingredients and 3 minutes, and you’ll have a unique treat that’s our inexpensive and quick version of divinity!

Tiger Butter Recipe

* Tiger ButterRocky Mountain Chocolate Factory copycat of this favorite holiday candy is our absolute favorite, here at TBL!

Best Ever Spinach Dip

* Best Ever Spinach Dip – This spinach dip is the first thing gone at my holiday parties.  I usually have to make multiple batches, because it has such a unique and creamy flavor!

Homemade Chex Mix Recipe

* Homemade Chex Mix – You’ll want to make lots of batches of this Homemade Chex Mix!  Baked in the oven, it’s flavorful, crunchy and super easy!  You may also want to check out 10 Puppy Chow Mix Recipes.

peppermint meringues recipe

* Peppermint Meringues – Light and minty, these candy/cookie treats are a holiday classic and super easy to make!
5-minute donuts & coffee icing

* 5-Minute Donuts & Coffee Icing – A great way to start Christmas morning!

Individual Cheesecake Trifles

* Individual Cheesecake Trifles – No need to bake cheesecakes for hours, when you can make these fun, adorable and delicious individual cups in just a few minutes!


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  1. I am going to have to try the donuts. They look like they would be heaven 🙂

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