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Original Grain: Sustainable, Timeless Watches with Heart

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This is where style meets sustainability, where wood and steel collide, and where every story begins with the original grain. What if you could wear history?  What if time meant more than just minutes ticking by? Welcome to Original Grain – an incredible company founded by two brothers with a passion for creating handcrafted timepieces from reclaimed wood and stainless steel, the old fashioned way. The result is not just stunning watches, it’s a cycle of sustainability and a respect for time.

One of the coolest things about these watches is the sources of their reclaimed wood. The collect it from authentic Kentucky Bourbon Barrels, Mexican Tequila Barrels, beer barrels, Yankee Stadium seats, and exotic hardwoods from around the world. They even use military ammo crates and recycled ocean plastic to create their watches and accessories!  If it’s capable of being manipulated into a watch – Original Grain is on it!  This company truly goes the extra mile for the environment.

For every watch that is sold, Trees for the Future in Senegal plants a new tree. But that’s not all – every single timepiece has a very specific, strategic design to maximize the use of the wood. They use the least amount possible to create each watch so that not one grain is wasted. That’s why they take their time to handcraft the pieces using age-old woodworking techniques.  A LOT of heart goes into every single product they make, and that’s pretty obvious.


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All of this very intentional attention to detail is evident in their watches.  These are MAGNIFICENT! I also love that because of the reclaimed wood they use, no two watches are the same! Every single piece is completely unique because of the materials used to create them. And they have some seriously  amazing styles for men and women.

I scored this stunning Whiskey Espresso – made from reclaimed oak whiskey barrels! It’s built to actually  resemble a whiskey barrel, which is absolutely brilliant to me. The barrels are soaked in world-class whiskey, which makes for a pretty inventive choice in wood. It’s such a distinguished looking watch, and becomes more than just a timepiece… it’s a conversation starter, for sure!

Not only do you get a gorgeous watch that carries serious history in it, they come with perks! They are all made in the USA, have a one year warranty, can be engraved, AND shipping and returns are free. Original Grain makes it so simple! Watches range from just $80 – $549, which means there’s something for every budget.

If you’re looking for something spectacular, one-of-a-kind, and a gift that holds a little bit of history, check out Original Grain. They have rings and necklaces, too 🙂 I’m pretty sure that gifting one of these environmentally loving watches puts you on Santa’s nice list, too!

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  1. I absolutely love these watches! I’m so excited to pick one out for my husband for Christmas!

  2. Dorothy Boucher Reply

    WOW!! talk about a gorgeous looking watch here, so beautiful!! Would love a chance to win one of these.

  3. Those are beautiful watches. I like all the care that goes into them.

  4. This is awesome! I love reclaimed wood….and they include wood from seats at the old Yankee Stadium? SO impressive! And of course the watches are gorgeous!

  5. This watch screams unique and classy!! I love this: For every watch that is sold, Trees for the Future in Senegal plants a new tree. I love companies who give back! I had to pin this! Any of these watches will make an excellent gift ????
    Thank you for sharing!

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