One Jade Lane: Covid-19 Elbow Bump Holiday Cards for 2020!

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2020 has been a weird year. We anticipated the best year ever, and got… well… 2020. That’s why this holiday season is SO important!  We all need that extra bit of support, love, and holiday spirit this year.  If you’re an annual holiday card sender, you’re in luck!  If you’ve never sent holiday greetings out to friends and family, this is the perfect year to start that tradition.  And One Jade Lane has the most perfect card to embrace the season, give a nod to the past year, and get your loved ones in a holly jolly mood.

The Covid-19 Elbow Bump Holiday Cards from One Jade Lane are perfectly appropriate for the current holiday season. They are each 5″x7″ made with heavy card stock and a special glossy finish on the cover. The set includes 18 cards and 18 envelopes. Even better, they are made in the USA!

Inside the cards, you’ll find the special message, with space to write in your own personal feelings and greetings:

I’ve purchased One Jade Lane cards for multiple occasions, and can attest to their quality.  It’s pretty obvious when a company takes pride in their work, loves what they do, and is enthusiastic about the products they create. One Jade Lane is that type of card company.  Plus, to make a seasonal card that embraces the current situation affecting everyone, shows just how much thought and heart goes into their cards.

Grab your 18-pack of Covid-19 Elbow Bump Holiday Cards and Envelopes for just $14.99 from One Jade Lane!  That’s only 83¢ per card – what an awesome deal! They pride themselves on “adding a personal touch to every card” – and that’s pretty evident in this amazing new holiday card for 2020!


  1. These look great! I’m definitely sending Christmas cards this year! I have so many family members o miss due to the pandemic!

  2. Pam Wattenbarger Reply

    Ha! That’s such a cute idea and the perfect way to express how this year has been.

  3. Cute cards! I don’t usually send out holiday cards, but I think I will this year.

  4. Gervin Khan Reply

    Love the idea of this elbow bump, truly what we need on this pandemic. It’s show strong determination while following safety protocols.

  5. LOL I love the elbows. I think we are just going to post a card on social media and email one to relatives not on Facebook or Instagram. We have a baby due at the end of January, and I don’t feel like adding more to my plate LOL

  6. Nikki Wayne Reply

    I haven’t done stuffs like these since High School,sounds fun to do it again.

  7. Everyone wants to say Goodbye to this year! But we need to remember it!

  8. great cards for the season and perfect to simplify what we have been dealing with for 8 months now

  9. Christina Gould Reply

    How funny and creative is that! I love these cards. Thanks for posting!

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