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What’s making you happy lately?  Are you still in self-quarantine or semi-quarantine? Are you exhausted by the Coronavirus and tired of negativity?  Every day, I try to find things to make me HAPPY… and today, I’ll share a few of those with you guys!

12 award-winning photos of animals from zoos and aquariums around the world!  These are so much fun!  Check them all out HERE!

Besides That’s Just Jeni, I run a fun snack food Instagram account called, Snack Gator. Finding new yummy goodies really makes me so happy.  I hope you’ll be happy scrolling through our feed, too!  Get ready for your tummy to growl 🙂


  1. Mya Murphy Reply

    I’ve had okay days and bad days.. My God daughter died on 4/30, so my spirit is a wee bit crushed.
    I would have to say bbqing. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. I love grilling. It brings some sense of normal.

  2. Jessica To Reply

    Having my sister and her family come visit brought me happiness in July.

  3. Recently I went on a fun camping trip with my sister and nephews. It was the first time seeing my nephews all year and brought me a lot of joy! Happy August 🙂

  4. Seeing old friends and talking and laughing together made me happy.

  5. beth shepherd Reply

    I was super happy when I received letters from my son in boot camp this week. Thank you

  6. Ann Fantom Reply

    Watching my daughter graduate from high school has brought me happiness

  7. Robin Abrams Reply

    Spending time lately with my grand kids brought me a lot of happiness.

  8. Sandy Klocinski Reply

    A toy that occupied fur baby for longer than five minutes.

  9. Today, having lunch with my husband on a rooftop patio made me happy.

  10. Christina Gould Reply

    Something recent that brought me happiness was spending time with my daughter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. An inbox full of birthday month coupons made me happy this morning

  12. Alisa Jenkins Reply

    Hearing my teen and adult children say “I love you, mom”

  13. Breanna Clewley Reply

    My wedding anniversary was on the 27th. It brought so much joy in my heart and soul.

  14. My dog cuddling up to me when I was feeling bad made me feel so grateful and happy to have her for a companion and friend!

  15. Elizabeth R Reply

    Our province opened up a lot more so now we can enjoy spending time with family and friends.

  16. Mary Cloud Reply

    My kids bring me happiness every day no matter what’s going on

  17. Melissa Storms Reply

    The wild berries in the woods around my home have been amazing this year. I have canned 20 jam jars of raspberry jelly and 7 pints of blueberry pie filling so far. It is just so peaceful to spend an hour or 2 in the quiet and filling my bucket.

  18. Seeing my family again after months separated due to Covid brought me joy! And the fact that everyone is healthy 🙂

  19. Celebrating my sister’s 40th birthday with a backyard pool party. Great time had by all!

  20. Some flavored coffee that I bought just brought me happiness. Love my coffee!

  21. Wendy Jensen Reply

    What brought me happiness lately is that my garden is starting to produce vegetables.

    • Hanging out with some friends for the first time since Covid began.

  22. Getting to see our two grandsons brings us the ultimate happiness.

  23. Robert Young Reply

    I moved away from my parents 30 years ago from California to back East and I finally got a chance to come back home and see both my Mom and Dad and I did not tell them that I was coming back in June 2020 and so I surprised them both when I showed up at their home and after not seeing each other for 30 years they did not know who I was and so they asked me who I was, and after I told them that I was their son a couple of times they finally believed me and let me into their home it was the best thing to happen in the past 30 years for all three of us by far.

  24. Amber Kolb Reply

    My neighbor Craig, who is like a brother to my husband and I, started dating a girl a few months ago named Mandi. She is the best! Not only do I get to see my friend so happy, I also have a new friend. I feel so blessed. We had a ladies night last night and had such a great time.

  25. Cathy Truman Reply

    I have baby squirrels and I have an beautiful Mom deer and her two babies in our backyard. We can sit on the deck and watch them. It always brings joy and happiness to our family.

  26. Susan Christy Reply

    I made new curtains for my kitchen and they look great. Considering I barely know how to sew, this made me very happy!

  27. My dog, Benny, brings me joy. He so looks forward to his walks. He gets me out in the sunshine and fresh air. Good for both of us.

  28. Sandy Klocinski Reply

    Making someone laugh is made me happy. It’s one of the best feelings

  29. Playing with my foster kitties made me happy today. I am hoping to find homes for them soon.

  30. We just celebrated our wedding anniversary. We stayed home with the teenage kids, made a nice steak dinner, and spent some time as a family. It made me happy.

  31. Something that recently brought me happiness is planning an upcoming trip

  32. Thomas Gibson Reply

    My chihuahua always brings me happiness everyday. I have felt rejected throughout my life but my dog loves me unconditionally and never judges me.

  33. Getting back to the swimming pool has made me very happy.
    Thanks for the contest.

  34. Rebecca Moore Reply

    I was able to go to my school and see my room (first time since March) and it looked AMAZING…now to see if we go back or to e-learning.

  35. Marc-Andre Taillefer Reply

    Having a zoom movie night with friends made me happy

  36. My brother just had a baby boy a week ago! His name is James Henry!

  37. Sarah Cool Reply

    Swimming has brought me happiness, it’s very relaxing and is one of the few things outdoors that I can do while socially distancing

  38. I enjoyed relaxing and watching tv while my cat laid on my lap.

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  40. Donna Clifford Reply

    Laughing so hard with my teenage daughter that we are in tears together. 🙂

  41. wendy hutton Reply

    hearing my sister is doing better in the hospital makes me very happy

  42. Sandy Klocinski Reply

    Being on my computer for hours on end. It brings me happiness and comfort.

  43. Libraries make me happy. Order a book online, drive to the library and they bring the books out to my car.

  44. Jill Miller Reply

    Finally getting my unemployment claim straightened out made me happy

  45. Karen DeVaney Reply

    I made a pizza and ate my dinner on the back patio while reading a book.

  46. Sandy Klocinski Reply

    What enhances my happiness are the people in my life. I don’t know what I would do without them. It’s about the little things…

  47. I reconnected with two old friends that I haven’t seen years, And I have plans to meet up with each when things are safer or this plague is gone for good. This made me very happy.

  48. Terra L Heck Reply

    I was happy to find out yesterday I can come out of quarantine and tested negative for COVID. Thanks.

  49. Rhonda Tenderholt Reply

    My sons bring me happiness. For my birthday, my youngest bought me some plants for my planter box.

  50. Charity Cram Reply

    I got some really good deals on clothes I wanted. While I’m quarantined from being high risk, I won’t be able to wear them out any time soon. I look forward to in the future.

  51. Jeanna Massman Reply

    My grandson is spending some time with us before he starts back to school online.

  52. A family member just gave birth to a baby boy. This definitely brought me smiles and happiness.

  53. Being able to bring my mother some homemade cookies and breads as she is in her upper 80’s.

  54. Susan Smith Reply

    Celebrating my nieces graduation with family I hadn’t seen since Feb brought me happiness.

  55. Anne Higgins Reply

    Got to “watch online” our grandsons graduation from kindergarten

  56. Happy that I have good air conditioning when it’s 97 degrees outside.

  57. we took a day trip to the mountains for the kiddos to play in a creek. It was wonderful!

  58. Small thing, but I was glad to see everyone at the bank wearing masks.

  59. My husband’s class did super well on their national tests so he will be getting a bonus!

  60. Kyona Sirico Reply

    My kids of course always bring me happiness. I love watching them and listening to them.

  61. Julie Waldron Reply

    We bought a new vehicle and gave our daughter our old one. We feel better that she has a reliable vehicle.

  62. Amber Kolb Reply

    I went through a medical incident recently and I had so many supportive people around me. It made me realized how blessed I am. I’m thankful for the people in my life!

  63. finding beautiful whole sea shells, glass and driftwood after the hurricane

  64. Erin Madigan Reply

    Being able to go out with my mom for her birthday to celebrate her made me really happy!

  65. Antoinette M Reply

    It’s a beautiful sunny day here and that’s making me happy!

  66. Organizing my home (now that it’s done) has brought me happiness

  67. Sandy Klocinski Reply

    Horses! They’re like giant dogs. They’re super sweet.

  68. Lauren Hecker Reply

    My two cats are cuddling right now and that makes me very happy!

  69. I bright warm day with lots of sunshine brought me happiness today.

  70. Getting takeout recently after months and months of cooking every meal brought me much happiness.

  71. The Oreo blizzard that I ate tonight brought me a lot of happiness.

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