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MyPetPrints: Personalized Everyday Products Featuring Your Fury Friends!

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My Pet Prints

Score 15% off your order with the code GUIDE15 at checkout through the end of the year!

If you have fur babies at home, then you know just how unique the bond between pet & owner truly is. That love they give you is unconditional and unwavering. Reciprocating that love is the inspiration behind My Pet Prints. This company runs off the adage that the true measure of society is how it treats the vulnerable and weak. They don’t just create custom, personalized, handmade pet products.  This company sincerely believes that every pet deserves to be adored and appreciated. And each purchase helps them achieve that mission!

Every purchase from MyPetPrints feeds shelter animals that are waiting for a forever home and a family to love them.  In fact, each purchase feeds 8 shelter animals!  That’s 8 amazing animals that are shown compassion and love because of your order.  This is part of their partnership with GreaterGood, and one of the biggest reasons I absolutely  love this company.

The other reason I love MyPetPrints so much is the products!  Ya’ll.  You can feature your fur babies on just about anything! I’m talking pillow covers to coffee mugs, and leggings to hoodies – they cover just about everything. Just send in the photo of your pet, and they will create the artwork based on it. Plus, you’ll get free revisions and a 100% guarantee. In fact, you’ll get to approve each design before it’s printed!

Here are some of my favorite items they offer!

  • Custom Car Decals – These simple, black and white designs can feature your pets’ name, too. Plus, you can apply and reapply them, and they are weather-resistant! Also, checkout the Custom Color Stickers, too!

  • Custom Pet Fleece Blankets – Talk about an amazing gift idea! These come in multiple sizes and you can feature up to 3 pets. Once you approve the design, you’ll get to select a background from TONS of fun themes!  There’s even a Fleece Memorial Blanket.

  • Custom Pet Phone Case – The latest iPhone and Galaxy users can create a custom phone case featuring up to three pet images! Even when you aren’t home, you’ll get to see their cute little faces!

  • Custom Pet Coffee Mug – How sweet are these?!  Feature up to three pets and pick your background, then create more for friends and family as gifts!

  • Custom Dog Mom Shirt – We ALL know people that would proudly wear this shirt daily! Customize and personalize as usual, and even pick the color you like best!  There are also tanks, hoodies, and more tees you can customize, and don’t forget about the Dog Dads!

  • Custom Pet Leggings – Yep, they really have it ALL at MyPetPrints! These cute leggings feature the color of your choice, plus,  their in-house artist combines an exclusive design of your pet, hearts, and paws.

  • Custom Pet  My Pet Prints Bandana – Your pet can sport their own sweet little face on one of these sassy bandanas! Pick between triangle and square, then pick your color! So CUTE!

  • Custom Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mat – These come in three sizes, multiple colors, can feature up to 3 pets, AND have custom text.  Your guests will be greeted with your pets face, every time they come inside!


This is one of those companies that LIVES by their mission statement. And to produce such incredible quality, fun products… who wouldn’t fall in love with My Pet Prints? It’s really encouraging to see companies that genuinely care about shelter animals, and come up with creative, fun ways to help them out every day.

Score 15% off your order with the code GUIDE15 at checkout through the end of the year!

It makes my heart warm, and makes me smile just browsing MyPetPrints… and I’m pretty sure you’ll be all smiles, too.  This company really does embody the true spirit of giving. Browse the site, read more about the company, and then get your holiday gifting on, knowing that you’re giving back while you shop!

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  1. My buddy just got a dog, going to share this with him, thank you for posting about this!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love this! My pets are a huge part of our family! I could totally see myself with some of these products! 🙂

  3. Amber Myers Reply

    Oh my gosh, what cute gift ideas. We have kitties, and I’d totally put them on my phone case.

  4. Oh my goodness I absolutely LOVE this – hands up I have so much with my old dog on, it brings back lovely memories.

  5. Chloe Brown Reply

    Oh my goodness!!! I must get this for my little sister. She’s gonna be in love. Thank you for the tip

  6. That mat is everything. We always joke that it’s Tiger’s world and we just live it.

  7. These are the cutest gifts for dog lovers, thanks for sharing this site.

  8. Richelle Escat Reply

    One of my cousins loves her dog so much. She’ll definitely appreciate to receive any of these.

  9. These are all so adorable. I’d love to have the cell phone cover with my cats on it. I love it!


    These are so cute. They are perfect to create gifts for those with pets.

  11. Such a cute idea for pet parents. Might get something for my sister.

  12. Those are so cute. I’ll get 3 different ones with both of my dogs on them and give it as a present for my daughters. They’ll love it. Thanks for sharing!

  13. These are so cute for dog lovers. You’ve definitively given me a few gift ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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  18. I had to pin this!! Having your furry friends with/on you all day is awesome ???? This is too cute not to give this as gifts ???? You can pick your own animals. After all this is your wardrobe. ???? Enjoy! Thank you for sharing!!

  19. They offer a lot of cool items with your furry friend. I’m going to their site next. Thanks.

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