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Morning Coffee with Jeni & Clo (5/11) Dream Vacations, Venus Fly Trap, Chinese Fried Noodles

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Morning Coffee with Jeni & Clo

Grab a cup of coffee (or tea), sit back, and chill out for a bit with us this morning!  We’re so happy you joined us for our morning coffee!  We’ll meet you every weekday morning, right here on the blog, around 7am CST (5am PST, 8am EST) to share a cup of joe with you, talk about what’s on our minds, sneak in some awesome deals we spot, talk about our meal plans for the day, and anything else that comes up!  Feel free to chat it up in the comment section, and tell us how you’re feeling, what’s going on with your life, current events, things you’re excited about or bummed out about, and anything else you want to chit-chat about. Not sure who we are?  Head over to Meet The Ladiesto meet Jeni, and Reviews by Clo to meet Chloe (you can call her “Clo”!)

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Now….refill that coffee and let’s get to chatting with Morning Coffee!

On our minds this morning

What's your dream vacation? Morning Coffee Reader Question

Yesterday, reader Lokelani, left a comment, asking us what our dream vacation would be, when money isn’t an issue, and what we would do on that vacation.  Thanks so much, Lokelani – you just scored a $10 Amazon gift card or Paypal deposit!  Leave us a question in the comments, and if we answer it during Morning Coffee, you’ll get a $10 gift card, too!

My dream vacation

Awesome question, Lokelani!  I (Jeni) have thought a lot about this, and this “dream vacation” of mine will require about a year’s worth of traveling.  Oh, yah.  It’s a dream, right!?!  So, in no particular order (because since money isn’t an issue, I can just fly all over, when the seasons are right for travel and what I want to do), I want to go to Alaska, Germany, Ireland and Mongolia.

As a fossil hunter, Geology geek and amateur Paleontologist (I <3 science), Alaska and Mongolia are two places I would absolutely love to go.  Both have some incredible geologic beauty that I feel like I NEED to see.  I would also love to hunt for fossils in both places, and just take it all in.  Mongolia’s bad lands are famous for their dinosaur graves, and I get chills just thinking about being part of an excavation team there.

Germany has always been a dream of mine – I speak fluent German, but have never even been to the country.  Sounds silly, doesn’t it?  It would be AWESOME to eat my favorite foods and experience the culture there!  I also really want to go to Ireland, where my roots are, to see that landscape.  In reality, I would love to see the history there, and go pub-hopping.  Let’s be honest.  If you were in Ireland, hitting the pubs would be on your list, too! 😉


places to travel

What a fun question! I, Clo, LOVE traveling, unfortunately I don’t get to do it all that much. And the 1 reason.. MONEY. So if money was out of the mix, here is the 3 places that I would pack by bags and be ready to board in minutes if the opportunity arose.

Alaska: Ever since I was a child I’ve love the Northern Lights. Been a bit obsessed with them if you ask me. I’ve always wanted to see them and always found it so fascinating how it comes to be. It’s definitely something that is top on my bucket list.  (Let’s just say that I love the Northern Lights so much that me and my soon-to-be husband have decided when we have our first child, a girl, we’re gonna name her Aurora – if you don’t know what an Aurora, aka polar light, looks like I’d highly recommend you to check it out. It’s amazing.)

Paris: Doesn’t everyone dream of going to Paris? I know I always have. One of the main reasons would be to check out the Eiffel Tower and get a picture taken in front of it. It gotta be one of the most romantic places on Earth. Ahh.. I can’t wait to go there one day. It isn’t cheap, but I bet it’ll be worth it.

Last but not least, Italy: Being part Italian I always have had a interest in Italy. The culture seems downright amazing and the food.. mm.. don’t even get me started there. Everything about Italy seems amazing. From the people, the food, the views, what could be any better? I recently had a old co-worker go to Italy and she stayed for well over a month. She didn’t want to leave. I know that when I do go I’ll need to plan a lengthy trip to make sure I get everything that I want to see in. And make sure I eat all the proper Italian food while I can 😉

Where would you go!?

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online deals roundups

A few of our favorite things

Buy a Venus Fly Trap!

WHAT!?  This is too awesome!  I (Jeni) was browsing stuff on Amazon (yah, I’m a hard-core Primer), and saw that you can buy Venus Fly Traps!!  These are such cool plants, and would be so much fun to have!  Plus, it will keep the flies away from your house! “Feed me, Seymour!”

What’s the coolest plant you’ve ever owned?

summer giveaway

Who wants to win $500?! I know I do!! That’s why I, Clo, am giving away $500 to 2 winners! Enter HERE!

Scalp and head massagers

These scalp and head massagers are ridiculously awesome.  I (Jeni) own a few, and have given them as gifts to several people – and they are always a hit!  As simple as they look  (and actually are), they are miracles on the head!  It’s INSANE how relaxing they are, AND how cheap!

What’s your favorite body part to be massaged?

Cards Against Humanity

This game…ohhhhh, this game!  It’s a little racy, and definitely rated “R” – but it’s so much fun!  I (Jeni) don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard or for so long in my entire life, except for playing this game with friends.  And, throw in a couple of bottles of wine into the mix, and the game gets even funnier!  Cards Against Humanity – if you haven’t yet, check it out!

Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity!?

What's cooking in our kitchens

chinese fried noodles

This Memorial Day bring this dish to your family get together and be ready to impress! These Chinese Fried Noodles are good enough to satisfy everyone’s tummy. Recipe HERE.

in the news

scooter the cat

Congrats Scooter! You’re now the worlds oldest living cat. So if you haven’t heard Scooter, a Siamese cat from Mansfield, Texas recently got a pretty meow-worthy award. Guinness World Records has just announced Scooter as the title holder in the “World’s Oldest Cat” category. To win the honor, Scooter beat out Corduroy, a domestic long hair living in Sisters, Oregon. Scooter, now 30-years-old enjoys life, wakes up early and stays active. Read the story HERE.

Jeni’s thoughts:  Hmmmm.  I’m really not much of a cat person.  Yes, I said it.  I have to REALLY know the cat, in order to really care about it.  I don’t know Scooter, but my family’s cat when I was little was named Scooter, so he has that going for him.  30 years old – that’s pretty old for a cat, right?  I don’t even know what the average lifespan of a  cat is!  He deserves to ride around in a wagon all day, sipping catnip margaritas, if you ask me!
Morning Giggles

instructions meme

like a boss meme

What’s on your mind today?  Leave us a comment, and let’s keep the discussion going!

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  1. HAHA thanks for including us tea drinkers! 🙂 All great choices, but I will tell you…been to Paris three times. Go to Belgium instead. 😉 And yes, Ireland for sure. I LOVE it there. Wonderful people. I have four states left – Alaska is one of them. I have got to get there, soon!! Lastly, LOVE my scalp head massager. Ahhh feels so good.

  2. This is a hard one. I have so many places I want to visit – Italy, France, Ireland and Scotland top the list of places I’d love to visit. I always have good intentions but usually end up visiting the Caribbean because I love the beach so much.

  3. Loving this post, I am not sure what to share from my world or what is my favorite you have shared. Thinking the worlds oldest living cat, what a cute little kitty!

  4. Love your dream vacation ideas! If money were no object, I would spend a long time traveling the Caribbean. I want to visit so many places.

  5. Your vacation ideas are right in line with my own! All of them are on my list with addition of several others. My dream is to one day travel the world and see all of the beauty and amazingness one person can experience!

  6. Alaska is one of the many places I really want to visit when I am given an opportuity. The chinese fried noodles remind me of the restaurant I used to go to in my former country.

  7. Those scalp massagers are really one of my favorite things. I have them and when I use them on my scalp, I’m always amazed at how relaxing the whole thing is. Even my kids love using them.

  8. Love the question about the unlimited budget dream vacation…as a busy mom of two little boys I would absolutely LOVE to spend time on a remote island at a luxury hotel above the water simply enjoying the sunshine and doing absolutely nothing. My version of heaven.

  9. If I could go anywhere in the world, I think it would be Australia and New Zealand, followed by Iceland and Italy. I would probably create my own Eat, Pray, Love.

  10. Elizabeth O. Reply

    Those are wonderful places to go to for a vacation! You have so much deals, it’s awesome, huge savings too! Cards Against Humanity is a game you can’t play with everyone, it’s one of the most fun games I’ve played with friends!

  11. I love this post – so much great information. I love playing Cards Against Humanity!! I also love my head scratcher that I received for Christmas last year. At first I looked at my husband like, “what the heck is this?” and next thing you know I am loving the silly scratcher. It’s awesome!

  12. Having a non budget vacation would be amazing! I think my dream destination would be travelling across Asia as I have never been there.

  13. Rebecca Swenor Reply

    This is an awesome post and I would love to see Italy some day as well because of being part Italian I love the photo of the kid eating watermelon like a boss. lol Thanks for sharing everything..

  14. All I want to do is visit Peru! I’ve wanted to go since I was a little girl so it has to happen one day!

  15. How cool! Ireland has always been the big dream trip for me, but I would also love to go on a tropical beach vacation! White sands, clear waters and drinks with umbrellas, LOL!

  16. My top unlimited vacation destination would be South Africa. I would love to travel there and make my way to several other countries in Africa.

  17. What a fun post! There are so many places I still want to visit. What a beautiful world we live in, so much to see!

  18. I love to travel and I want to travel more. We have to save our money to go on trips. Everything is paid and not our credit card.

  19. Oh I’m so dreaming of going somewhere right now, have the travel bug… would love to visit Ireland or England this spring/summer.

  20. I had so much laugh with EATING WATERMELON LIKE A BOSS! I love watermelon and this kid is nailing it! hahahah! And a weird one, Venus Flytrap for sale? seriously but I so interested to have one. They are pretty awesome to look at when eating those insects

  21. Melissa Bernardo Reply

    I want to order that dehydrator for my husband. Great price! My dream vacation would be somewhere with an awesome beach!

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