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Morning Coffee (2/4) Wool Animations, Nintendo Theme Park, UK Candy, Ultimate Massager, Disney Boots, Chili Coney Dogs + More!

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It’s Tuesday! Today, we have a little for relaxing, a little for surprising, a little for giggling, and a little of just about everything! 

Grab a cup of coffee (or tea), sit back, and chill out for a bit with us this morning!  We’re so happy you joined us for our morning coffee!  We’ll meet you every weekday morning, right here on the blog, around 9am CST (7am PST, 10am EST) to share a cup of joe with you, talk about what’s on our minds, sneak in some awesome deals we spot, talk about our meal plans for the day, and anything else that comes up!  Feel free to chat it up in the comment section, and tell us how you’re feeling, what’s going on with your life, current events, things you’re excited about or bummed out about, and anything else you want to chit-chat about.

Now….refill that coffee and let’s get to chatting with our Morning Coffee!


Happy Tuesday, everyone! I (Jeni) came across this amazingness… and only have a few things to say about it. Because you just have to watch….like watch the whole thing.  It’s from an artist @andreaanimates on Instagram. Watch.

Are you artsy?  Tell us about your talents!

I (Sarah) am freaking out. As a kid of the 80s, I’m well-versed and very loyal to anything Nintendo.  So, imagine my excitement when I saw that there will be a Nintendo theme park coming to the United States! Universal Orlando, to be exact!!!  It will open in 2023 and is supposed to be a 750-acre park a few miles from the original Universal Orlando. 

One of the coolest parts of this (like it’s not ALL the coolest) is the wristbands.  They will be called, “power up bands” that go along with an app, so guests can collect digital coins (like Mario!) and use them to play games against other park goers.

Plus, there will be locations within the park, like Mushroom Kingdom, Peach’s Castle, and more! Get more details and read more HERE and HERE!

What’s your favorite Nintendo game?


Need some help adulting? This Adulting To-Do List should help!  Check out the little sections…. too funny! Plus, it’s just $5.95!

OMG…. these Stainless Steel Pineapple Stud Earrings are freaking adorable!!!  And the are only $12.99!


YUUUUM!!! I (Sarah) love candy. Who doesn’t?  So it’s exciting to see and try candy from other countries.  I especially love candy from Japan and Australia! So I just found this awesome way to try different Cadbury candies from Great Britain, and I can’t wait to get my box now!

What’s your favorite candy?

I (Sarah) carry stress on my neck, and my doctor told me the best things for it are ice and stretching when it knots up.  This Mini Massage Roller Ball is the PERFECT solution, because you can freeze it!  Plus, you can use it with essential oils for even more curing power!

How do you relieve stress?

Dunkin’ has two new drinks available for the month of February! The Pink Velvet Signature Latte (hot or iced) is espresso with red velvet cake flavor, and on top: whipped cream, mocha drizzle and hot chocolate powder. There’s also a Pink Velvet Macchiato – espresso with red velvet cake flavor and “hints” of cream cheese icing. 

What’s your favorite type of coffee when you treat yourself?

Love dogs?  Grab this We Rate Dogs game, where you rate dogs based on these categories: Floof, Sass, Boopability, Zoom, Ears, and Wag. FUN!  

Got an extra $400 just laying around?  Of course you do!  Who doesn’t?  😉  These Disney Ariel Boots are freaking awesome!!!!  Would I (Jeni) spend $400 on them?  No. Would I ever wear them? No. Do I still want them?  Yes.  Um… you guys.  There are literal water globes in each heel!  Plus, there are Beauty &  The Beast boots, too!

What’s the most expensive pair of shows that you own?


Who wants to spend their Tuesday night cooking? Make something simple and easy that everyone in the family will love. This Chili Coney Dogs recipe is simple delicious and everyone in the family can add their own twist to their dog!

What’s for dinner tonight?


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  1. Ooo we’ll have to go to that Nintendo Park when it opens! And those Disney boots are crazy! My daughter would so wear them.

    Those coney dogs look incredible!

  2. That Nintendo park sounds like a great one for the whole family. I would love to see how my dogs rate in that game. I love those boots but they are a little pricey.

  3. Mary Gardner Reply

    The Cadbury box with candy from Great Britain sounds like lots of fun!

  4. I can imagine my other half would love the Nintendo styled theme park – it amazes me all the different theme parks people manage to come up with and how they make them so unique and fun,

  5. The Nintendo park does sound like a fun idea. I definitely played some of the earlier Mario games but nothing very recent.

  6. Omg! I could totally use the Adulting To-Do List. I actually know a few people that it would be perfect for.

  7. I do like a good Chili Coney dog! This sounds like an amazing recipe! I don’t have an extra $400 lying around, and, even if I did, I wouldn’t buy those Ariel boots, even though they’re cool.

  8. LMAO at the school pictures body pillow thing. LOL. True. Honestly I want the basic package and that is it, man. Those boots are super cute!

  9. Amy Desrosiers Reply

    You have basically made me incredibly hungry today! The new, pink signature latte from Dunkin looks so heavenly. The chocolate bars also sound really good!

  10. Those earrings are adorable! My daughter would love those. I have a Dunkin Donuts gift card; I’ll have to check out those drinks!

  11. First the Atari hotel and now a Nintendo theme park?! It’s like my childhood dreams are coming true!

  12. A Nintendo theme park sounds amazing! That is one theme park I would really want to go too. I love Nintendo! That sounds like so much fun.

  13. So I guess Universal Studios is calling me. Sigh. I didn’t want to travel again, but I can’t not see a Nintendo theme park. seriously!

  14. I may have to get the We Rate Dogs game! A Nintendo Park sounds like a lot of fun. I also carry stress in my neck, I’ll have to try icing it.

  15. Kita Bryant Reply

    On the 80’s and Nintendo thing; have you seen the Atari hotels? They look like a ton of fun.

  16. I love that adulting to do list!!! And those Disney boots are too hilarious. How do people have money to spent on stuff like that???

  17. My cousin can’t wait to take her boys to the Nintendo theme park. She just mentioned it earlier this week. The Cadbury Dairy Milk is my favorite. We actually have a shop here that sells products from the UK.

  18. Wow! I will be needing that Mini Massage Roller Ball! I will definitely check this out. And those Disney Ariel Boots are awesome! Many will love them.

  19. These pineapples earrings are so cute! They are perfect for my friend’s daughter!

  20. I’d love that roller ball!! I need to get one! The adulting to-do list is a must, too!

  21. Cathy Mini Reply

    Seems like Nintendo Park is a perfect spot for a family. I will surely add this on my must-visit list

  22. That pineapple stud earring looks nice. My daughter will love that shoe. I am not that fan of gluten free low carb bacon salad.

  23. The Nintendo Park sounds awesome. I know my kids would really enjoy that type of place!

  24. Dana Rodriguez Reply

    Those Disney boots are a bit much for me. But I am sure they are popular.

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