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Morning Coffee (11/5) NEW Hocus Pocus Movie, Retro Happy Meals, Baileys Red Velvet, Sweater Mittens, Calvin & Hobbs, Chili Grilled Cheese + More!

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Grab a cup of coffee (or tea), sit back, and chill out for a bit with us this morning!  We’re so happy you joined us for our morning coffee!  We’ll meet you every weekday morning, right here on the blog, around 9am CST (7am PST, 10am EST) to share a cup of joe with you, talk about what’s on our minds, sneak in some awesome deals we spot, talk about our meal plans for the day, and anything else that comes up!  Feel free to chat it up in the comment section, and tell us how you’re feeling, what’s going on with your life, current events, things you’re excited about or bummed out about, and anything else you want to chit-chat about.

Now….refill that coffee and let’s get to chatting with our Morning Coffee!


I (Sarah) am not a huge Halloween fan… but I DO look forward to one very specific thing during this season: Hocus Pocus!  I LOVE that movie! Can you believe it came out in 1993??  Wow.  Anyway, Disney is now going to develop a new Hocus Pocus movie! They are doing it for their Disney+ platform. 

It’s in super early development stages, but they do already have a writer.  It hasn’t been specified if it will be a sequel, remake, or something completely different… which is a bummer.  I would love to be more excited about it if I knew it was a sequel!  A couple of years ago, they tried to create a new Hocus Pocus TV movie, but it never got off the ground.  I hope Disney does it this time!

Read more HERE.

What’s your favorite Halloween movie?

So…. I (Jeni) am in Heaven!  I’m SO EXCITED, you guys!!  McDonald’s is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Happy Meals (can you believe that!?) by bringing back some popular Happy Meal retro toys!!!  EEEK!!!  Now, to clarify – they are calling ALL of the toys “retro” even though the oldest is from 1988 (totally retro) and their are some from 2014 (totally NOT retro). 

Honestly, I just want the McNuggets characters from 1988, and the McDonald’s characters like Grimace and Hamburglar!

Between Nov. 7-11 while supplies last, the following toys will be in McDonald’s Happy Meals:

  • Cowboy McNugget (McDonald’s): 1988
  • Fireman McNugget (McDonald’s): 1988
  • Mail Carrier McNugget (McDonald’s): 1988
  • Hamburger Changeable (McDonald’s): 1989
  • Grimace (McDonald’s): 1990
  • Dino Happy Meal Box Changeable (McDonald’s): 1991
  • McDonald’s Hot Wheels Thunderbird (Mattel): 1993
  • Hamburglar (McDonald’s): 1995
  • Power Rangers (Hasbro): 1995
  • Space Jam Bugs Bunny (Warner Bros.): 1996
  • Patti the Platypus (Ty Beanie Baby): 1997
  • 101 Dalmatians – U.S. Exclusive (Disney): 1997
  • Tamagotchi (Bandai): 1998
  • My Little Pony (Hasbro): 1998
  • Furby (Hasbro): 1999
  • Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey – U.S. Exclusive (Disney): 2002
  • Hello Kitty (Sanrio): 2013

Which Happy Meal toys do you remember fondly?


I (Sarah) think this is the cutest unicorn mug on the planet and it’s just $7.45 and comes in a “be a unicorn” gift box.

OMG these would be amazing gifts to keep for the holidays! These Pillowfort Hooded Blankets are only $15 + free shipping TODAY ONLY!  I know several kiddos that would freak out over this (and one adult… it’s me, I’m the adult).  They have quite a few options, including Star Wars and Frozen characters, too!

Here’s a sweet deal on some delicate jewelry!  This 5-Piece Gold-Plated Bracelet Set is just $5.99 + free shipping when you use the code PINK60 at checkout! Each is plated in 14K gold.


YESSSSS!!!  Score this awesome A Christmas Story Gingerbread House & Scene Kit and say “goodbye” to those silly non-themed gingerbread houses 🙂  I (Sarah) grew up with this cult classic, so I’m really excited to get this and build it. It comes with extras, too – Ralphie in a bunny suit, Randy in his snow outfit, dad in his sweater, the leg lamp, the flagpole scene and a lot more! Get it at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Do you ever make or decorate gingerbread houses?

Uhhhhhhh… my (Sarah) holidays just got a little more holly jolly! Baileys just released a new product-  Baileys Red Velvet!  It’s a limited-edition goodie, but I would guess it’ll be around throughout the holidays – although they did note they have limited supplies. A Baileys that tastes like red velvet. Holy moly…..

What’s your favorite holiday-themed adult beverage or cocktail?

This awesome retro Eat Here sign is something everyone needs in their kitchen!  It’s metal and distressed, so it looks like it came from a real 1950s diner, doesn’t it!?  I (Jeni) seriously love it and think it could give any kitchen a super cute vibe!

Do you have a theme for your kitchen?

Now, this is heart-warming.  I (Jeni) love personalized, custom-made gifts. They just mean more to me.  And these sweater mittens are amazingly personal. They are handmade to order from the sentimental sweater of your choice. My Gramma passed 2 years ago in January, and I’m thinking of gifting my great aunt (her sister) a pair made from a sweater I was able to get from her closet. So sweet!!!

What’s the most personal gift you’ve ever received?

OMG!  When I (Sarah) stumbled upon this, I think I shrieked out loud! Calvin and Hobbs Complete Collection!!  It is four volumes, and has every single comic strip from the 11 years that it was running (1985 – 1996).  

What comics do you remember most from your childhood?


This Green Chili Grilled Cheese Melt is right up my (Sarah) alley! I love spicy things, and especially love grilled cheese.  This is a fun take on it, using three types of cheese and green chilis.  My boyfriend decided to add jalapeño, and it really made this recipe POP!

How do you like your grilled cheese?


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  1. I loved reading this post, it’s packed with so much fun and inspiration. Those sweater mitts are adorable, definitely going to look for a pair for my daughter, she would LOVE them!

  2. I am totally excited by all of the above! The retro Happy Meal toys are gonna be a hit. My sister collects the old Nugget ones.

  3. My favorite Halloween movie is not really a Halloween movie, per se. I love watching Beetlejuice! The McDonald’s Happy Meal toys brings back a lot of nostalgia!

  4. Those Bailey’s Red Velvet Cocktails look so amazing, both pretty and delicious. I’m going to have to make some of those the next time I entertain.

  5. Thanks for the Morning Coffee posts. I always find some new interesting thing in it and it make my day better!

  6. Um those hooded blankets are possibly the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. And, I too, am a little bit too excited about Hocus Pocus.

  7. I love those gold bracelets, I would definitely wear them on a regular basis. Love this gift guide, thank you for the inspiration.

  8. The Hocus Pocus Disney movie sounds very interesting. I hope they are able to get it off the ground this time. Can’t wait to watch it in the movie theater.

  9. Oh wow.. Those stuffs are so cute..! I love the hooded blanket, kids will definitely love this too.

  10. It will be interesting to see if Disney can get the Hocus Pocus movie up and running. I know my daughter loves the original one and she would be excited to see a new one.

  11. I enjoyed this post! It has got something for everything! Also, I have to try Bailey’s red velvet! :”D

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