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Mermaid Gifts – Unique Ideas for The Mermaid Fan!

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Mythical creatures are all the rage – and their popularity doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.  In fact, unicorns and mermaids top the charts when it comes to adoring magical animals. Be sure to check out the Unicorn Gift Guide, too!  Mermaids have the beauty of a princess and the mystery of the ocean… making them a truly unique creature.  Check out these mermaid gifts, and spoil yourself or someone you know with something new and fun!

Mermaid shower curtains are a dime a dozen.  There are a TON of amazing patterns from the glittery fishtails to cartoon characters. But this artsy fartsy mermaid curtain really spoke to me – and I normally don’t like artsy stuff.  Plus, it’s affordable and the really bright colors will dress up your bathroom!  And don’t forget the cool mermaid shower curtain hooks!

These Mermaid Makeup Brushes all boast some seriously awesome ratings on Amazon.  There are several different styles, and each is cooler than the next.  Good luck picking one… there are just too many awesome choices!  Using these won’t guarantee you’ll look like a mermaid after putting on your makeup, but you’ll sure feel like one! 😉

There are plenty of mugs with mermaids on them, featuring mermaid sayings and mermaid-like in general out there.  But have you ever seen a mug with a mermaid IN it!?  This is a bit pricey, but so unique and fun, it’s totally worth it and would make a great gift!

Bath & Body Works rocks the candle holders, for sure.  Even when they aren’t in stock on the B&BW website, they are usually available on Amazon! SCORE! These are so pretty and really do jazz up your candle.

Bath bombs are all the rage right now.  But when you hunt for mermaid gifts, how often do Mermaid Bath Bombs pop into your mind? Probably pretty rarely – making these very unique gift ideas!  There are tons and tons of different shapes, scents and colors. Plus, some have jewelry (for kids AND adults) inside, too!

Mermaid gifts like cell phone cases will always be a hit.  Everyone has a phone, right?  These come in a TON of amazing different patterns and designs. Some are shimmery, some are matte, but all are mermaid awesome.  Be sure to check that they are compatible with your phone before buying!

How unique are these Mermaid Sugar Spoons?  Use them for stirring coffee or tea… or use them to eat if you feel like being extra dainty with your meal! These are hanging spoons, so it appears that the mermaid is sitting on the edge of your mug.  Too cute.  They also come in sets of different colors.

Be the mermaid you always knew you were with this amazing Mermaid Pool Floatie!  It mimics a mermaid tail, and comes in pink, as well.  Plus, it’s only around $20 – surprisingly inexpensive (with great reviews!) for something like this.

These amazing wearable fins are the ultimate in mermaid gifts!  Fin Fun makes them for adults AND kids with a ton of different color and pattern options. They are also super safe  – just a quick kick releases you from the fin.  You have to see the videos to really get the feel. Check them out!

If you’re a wine drinker AND love mermaids – you’re in luck!  These Mermaid Wine Bottle Holders are absolutely amazing!  It’s so crazy cool to have a mermaid toting your bottle. Plus, there are some great options.

Mermaid Food Book?  Now this is something anyone would love to receive! It’s taking mermaid gifts up a notch, for sure. What an awesome book for the baking/mermaid fan in your life (like ME!). It has 50 recipes inspired by the ocean and mermaids inside.

There are loads of fun Mermaid Tank Tops out there – some of which I own! But this one really captures the essence of a mermaid:  “Beach Please… I’m a Mermaid.”  😉

There are WAY too many amazing mermaid gifts out there. Why is that bad? Because then you have to decide what to buy, and with thousands of amazing choices, that’s difficult!  Socks are always a great go-to, because they are fun, inexpensive and there are lots of great choices.  These Mermaid Socks totally prove that!

Check out this Mermaid 3D Desk Lamp!  There are two versions (one with Ariel!) and each is so cute! It has 7 color modes and a mode that flashes, as well.  It’s a pretty unique lamp, that’s for sure. Plus, it would make a fun nightlight for little ones.

A Mermaid Towel is definitely a necessity at the beach!  You’ll be showing off your love of the beach in true mermaid style with this microfiber beach towel!

I love this simple, subtle and super pretty Mermaid Keychain!  It’s stainless steel and hand-stamped with the words, “make waves” on the mermaid’s tail.  Very conservative, but sassy enough to represent mermaids proudly!

Need to spruce up your patio or kids’ rooms?  How about your guest bathroom with a mermaid theme?  These Mermaid String Lights are so cute!

You can’t go wrong by gifting a coloring book.  Mermaid Coloring Books definitely fit the bill for offering a hobby that helps with relaxation.  With so many amazing options, you’ll probably want to pick up a few books for yourself, too 🙂

Mermaid gifts are everywhere, as you can see… but when you want something truly unique, go for a Mermaid Wind Chime!  They come in different styles and materials (so they make different noises when they jingle in the wind!) so there’s something fun and beautiful for everyone’s taste.

How fun is this!? Wine drinkers will love these Mermaid Magnetic Wine Charms!  They don’t sit on the lip of the glass, or hang around the stem.  They actually go where ever you want on the glass, because each is two pieces to a magnet!

It seems like a lot of people have trouble drinking the proper amount of water per day. 64 ounces is suggested, but that can be difficult to swallow. This amazing Mermaid Motivational Water Bottle is the perfect solution!

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  1. Karen Propes Reply

    Beautiful gifts for my Granddaughter, it’s going to be hard to choose. I really like bath bombs and fin tails.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      The tails are absolutely AMAZING! I have one and honestly endorse FinFun, for SURE!

  2. These awesome unique mermaid gifts are pinned on my 2019 Gift Ideas! I don’t know any girls who doesn’t like mermaids ????????‍♀️ I really like the Mermaid desk lamp. Gorgeous wind chimes and a Mermaid beach towel that has beautiful colored scales like a Mermaids tail ????. Very nice gifts ???? indeed!!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      HAHA! There you go, Sue! I love that you found some fun gift ideas!!!

  3. How adorable! Wish I saw some of these things when my oldest daughter was little! She loved The Little Mermaid.

  4. My daughter loved mermaids when she was little! I think this roundup is terrific. The mermaid makeup brushes are my favorite.

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