Light Up & Charge Your World with LumiCharge!

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Calling all techies!  All of you that love the latest gadgets, everyone who needs a gift for the electronics junkie in their life, and anyone that uses a smartphone… this is for you!  Introducing LumiCharge.  It’s what’s been missing from your growing smart tech-enabled life! These lamps and chargers feature multi-function capabilities to streamline your life, workspace, home, and mood – all at the same time.

What if one item could be an all-in-one?  Well, it would need to be a wireless phone charger, an adjustable lamp, have a date & temperature display, Bluetooth speaker, motion sensor nightlight, AND be Alexa or Google-enabled.  That’s a lot to ask of a smart gadget… but LumiCharge delivers, and then some!  I was honestly shocked at just how much this neat looking device can actually do.

LumiCharge – T2W  LED Lamp, Bluetooth Speaker & Wireless Phone Charger

  • Sleek & modern LED Desk Lamp with high gloss metallic finish
  • LED calendar display with date, time, and temperature settings (Daylight Savings pre-programmed!)
  • Dimmable display back light
  • 3 color modes (Soft White, Bright White & Soft Yellow) + brightness levels
  • Built-in wireless phone charger for iphone, Samsung, Google and phones with wireless charging capability
  • Bonus iWatch holder + cup holder for a cleaner desk
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • Alexa or Google pairing-enabled

Now, for those of you that think, “well, I do like that wireless charging capability, but might not need the other features.” Here’s a great LumiCharge product for you!  This is also a great gift idea for those families that share charging cables – because you can charge multiple phones fast with this device!

Lumicharge-UD- Fast Qi Wireless Charger Stand

  • Universally compatible with phones like iPhone, Samsung, Moto, LG, and more
  • Wireless charging for super clean spaces
  • Charge up to THREE phones at the same time!
  • QI certified 10W Max wireless fast charger – fancy words that just mean it charges super fast
  • Hassle-free – seriously… the instruction book is the size of a matchbook and only 1 page!
  • Super durable and infused with silver to reduce bacteria growth (so smart!)

LumiCharge has other great wireless charging designs, too – just head over to their site or socials to check them out and start shopping for the techies in your life this holiday season.  While you’re there, I will be that you will find a device you need, too. I know I did! 😉

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  1. Wow, I love these! I’m thinking these would make awesome Christmas gifts, and they are super unique!

  2. So great to have a charger for three phones at once. This seems like the wave of the future and a must for all who get the latest gadget

  3. Pam Wattenbarger Reply

    We have one of these in my office and they are super. And they make great gifts!

  4. OK now this is such a cool idea – I love that it is a fast charger and can be used in multiple ways what a great present idea.

  5. The lumichargers are awesome! I would love to have all of them. I really like the desk lamp style one the most and would use it a lot, the others would make great holiday gifts for my kids and other family members!

  6. This would be really handy to have in my home. Plus, it looks like the perfect Christmas gift as well.

  7. This looks like something my husband would love! It would make the perfect gift for the holidays.

  8. These lamps are incredible. There are quite a few to choose from on the site – one for each type of job. That is great because when it comes to lighting, there is no one size fits all.

  9. I have never heard of Lumi Charge but this looks like an amazing gift idea! Perfect for my teen!

  10. Nikki Wayne Reply

    Seems like a great gift idea and I will also love this for myself.

  11. OMG! This is awesome! I love it and I know someone that will go crazy over this!

  12. I’m sold. I always like something that does a variety of things so i don’t have so much ‘stuff’ to clutter up surfaces. i wasn’t too surprised about time/temp or even the speaker…but alexa? yeah i didn’t see that coming. fantastic idea

  13. I think I could use this cool device! This would make a nice Christmas gift ! The calendar feature sounds pretty useful!

  14. The desk lamp one would be perfect for my bed side table. But it doesn’t wash windows or make the bed….

  15. My problem is that my phone is old and only charges with a cord.

  16. I would like one of these when I get a new phone that can charge that way.

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