Lugz Women’s Changeover II Ice Oxford Sneakers – My New Go To!

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LADIES! Prepare yourselves for your new favorite spring, summer, and year-round sneakers!  I’ll be honest. I’m a huge Lugz boots & shoes fan, and never have anything to complain about with them. But these might just be my absolute favorite pair to date. Not only are they ridiculously comfortable, they are show-stopping adorable, and extremely versatile. Lugz never fails, and it certainly didn’t let me down with these Changeover II Ice Oxford Sneakers!

As always, Lugz are crazy comfy. I’ve never had a pair of Lugz fit awkwardly, because they are 100% true to size. They hug your feet where it’s needed, and let them have space to breath in other areas. That’s what makes these sneakers so incredibly comfortable. I could walk for hours in these… and might just have to hit the mall to show them off while I get my steps for the day in! Lugz are also notoriously quick at breaking in – so you don’t have to stress about new shoe blisters or pains.

The first thing I noticed on these was the unique soles. They are a really fun!  The sawtooth design and the translucent ice blue together make for an eye-catching shoe, for sure. There’s even a pop of silver on the back, which gives it some extra pizzazz. I’m not sure how the double laces are supposed to be worn, but I threaded them both through and absolutely love the way it looks! These shoes are clean and flirty and so much fun, PLUS they come in fuchsia ice color, too.

Normally, sneakers are either sporty or fashionable. It either looks like you’re going to the gym, or have multiple pairs of bland & boring sneakers to go with different casual outfits. With these, you get the best of both worlds! Plus, I could easily pair these with sundresses in the spring, shorts in the summer, corduroys in the fall, and jeans in the winter.

That rounded-square toe feature is another thing I fell in love with on these Changeover II Ice Oxford Sneakers. These are great for wider feet, because there’s plenty of room, and it gives them a cute bowling shoe vibe that I adore.

I’m definitely all about these new Changeover II Ice Oxford Sneakers – that’s for sure. They are super comfortable and breathable (awesome for Texas summers!). They offer a really fun & unique look, unlike any other sneakers on the market. You can wear them year-round in tons of different ways. PLUS, you’re only paying $59.99 for them. That’s an incredible deal, especially since every pair of Lugz I’ve ever owned is still in my closet, looking as new as ever!  What more could you ask for in a quality sneaker!?

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  1. I love Lugz. I had to buy myself some since I never win the contests 🙂

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