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Llama Gifts! Great Gift Ideas For The Llama Lover in Your Life!

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Finding great llama gifts is no prob-llama!

People are obsessed with the mythical creatures like mermaids and unicorns.  But what about the real creatures out there… that might look like mythical animals? Llamas!  They are those weird looking things that resemble a cross between a camel and a poodle.  But they are so stinking cute and weird – you can’t help but want one of your own!

So, what do you gift the people in your life that are llama crazy?  LLAMA GIFTS, of course!  Here are some fun options that any llama lover will appreciate:


Kick off game night, date night, or ANY night with a little bit of drama!  The Llama Drama Card Game, that is.  
You tote the makeup around with you, so why not pack it away in something befitting of a true llama lover?  This Llama Love Makeup Bag should do the trick! 
This cute little Llama Stuffed Animal doesn’t just sport the popular saying, “no prob-llama” on it… it comes with a birth certificate, a la Cabbage Patch Kids style!
Personally, I’m more partial to this amazing little Llama Star Night Light Projector (that also comes with a birth certificate) because kids can cuddle it, then it can help them sleep!
Score a Llama Stainless Steel Water Bottle so you can carry around your love of llamas everywhere you go!  You could also put a little pep in your step, by sporting these trendy TOMS Women’s Redondo Loafer Flats, too.  
It’s Llama Parking Only, and of COURSE that’s no prob-llama!
This adorable Llama Coloring Book features everything from Sweet Baby Llama to the Majestically Awkward “Pegallama” and “Llamacorn.”
And a Llama Calendar will give you great dose of llama every single day, every month, all year!
What better way is there to display jewelry?  This Llama Ring Holder will hold, organize and display your rings with style!
But when you take that jewelry off and get ready to sweat, turn to your adorable Llamaste Workout Tank! Start your day off the right way – with a 3D color-changing Llama Mug
Check out the face on this Llama Chala Crossbody Purse!  It’s just too cute!
Does it get any cuter than a Llama Chia Pet?  Nope.  No, it does not!
When you are a hardcore llama fan, no llama is big enough – including this Giant Llama Peel & Stick Wall Decal!
If you’re scared of the dark – never fear! Super llama is here to brighten your night… your desk…your living room, or anywhere else in your house! Grab a Llama Night Light and get ready to SHINE!
A fuzzy flannel blanket is super comfy during the winter.  But when it has adorable llamas on it – it’s a necessity ANY time of the year! Get this Llama Blanket and cover yourself in lllllaaaamaaaa!
This classy Llama Necklace says, “I love llamas, and I do it in STYLE!”
Another stylish llama gift idea is a Llama Pop Socket for their phone!  Grab one for them, and one for yourself, because there are lots of super cute styles!
A Llama Keychain is a necessity – right?  Of course it is!  At least, that’s what llama lovers tell themselves!
And finally, this 6-in-1 Llama Backpack Set – which has everything and a ton more that you’ll ever need to tote around your stuff, and your love of llamas!

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  1. Dana Rodriguez Reply

    So many cute llama items! I absolutely LOVE the Llama Chala Crossbody Purse!!

  2. Mary Gardner Reply

    I am not sure how much of a llama fan I am but that Llama Love Makeup Bag is the cutest thing I have seen lately.

  3. I need the “no prob-llama” llama. Keeps things in perspective.

  4. Cute llama themed stuff, I know lots of people who would love these. HA! Neat

  5. These are all so darn cute, I can’t pick a fav! I never thought I’d fall in love with llamas, but wow! These have captured my heart!

  6. Maryann D. Reply

    My daughter absolutely loves Llama. She would be so happy to have the Llama Stainless Steel Water Bottle.

  7. gloria patterson Reply

    a lot of cute items that I would like. But truth is I would never go out of my way for llama stuff.

  8. I think the Llama Star Night Light Projector would be fun to fall asleep with.

  9. megan allen Reply

    Oh my gosh!! These gift ideas are so cute!! I want this for myself! I have a stuffed Llama on my bed! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Melinda Barlow Reply

    Oh, I want several of these items, who knew there are so many. I think I need the parking sign.

  11. Maryann D. Reply

    These gifts are so unique and fun! I would be happy if anyone gifted me any of these!

  12. I have a friend that LOVES llamas. She has several llama Christmas sweaters that are always fun to see each holiday season. This is a great collection of llama gifts!

  13. Dorothy Boucher Reply

    I am loving all these llama gift ideas, I wouldn’t mind getting one of those Chia Pet Llama for Christmas.

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