Kindroot – Plants + Aromatherapy Lozenges for a Better YOU!

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Mother Nature is a badass.  That lady knows how to supply us with the right stuff to keep us healthy and thriving. When I found Kindroot, I thought of it as Mother’s Nature’s apprentice…kind of like a mini badass. They combine herbology with aromatherapy to create a truly unique way to help you sleep, aid you in daily focus, and feel better from the inside out.  Introducing Kindroot™ Adaptogems,™ the delicious little lozenges that can change your life!

They started with adaptogens. This is a special class of plants and mushrooms that help your body balance while adapting to and resisting negative effects of stress.  Cool! They took the best of the adaptogen properties and combined them with aromatic flavors to  make their adaptogems™! 

So, what ARE these adaptogens, that Kindroot actually uses in their adaptogems™? There’s a good chance you’ve heard of some!  Don’t worry – these aren’t synthetically engineered powders and liquids with crazy chemical names.  These are crazy names, but from nature!  Every single one of these amazing adaptogens offer amazing qualities to naturally help you feel the best you that you can be.

  • ashwagandha KSM-66®

a popular ayurvedic herb and one of our favorite adaptogens (we use it in two of our blends!), ashwagandha has been shown to relax and promote calmness while encouraging rejuvenation.

  • reishi

revered for over 2000 years, the so-called “immortality mushroom” in traditional chinese medicine, reishi is a powerful adaptogen that can help reduce stress and elevate mood.

  • maca

this mighty adaptogenic root helps maintain positive levels of energy and mental well-being by reducing feelings of unease.

  • schisandra

pretty and bright adaptogenic antioxidant berries traditionally used to boost concentration and mental alertness.

  • lemon balm

a member of the mint family, this herb helps support brain health and cognition.

  • marine collagen

essential to hair, skin and nails and naturally abundant in our bodies, marine collagen peptides (from fish) promote youthfulness.

  • melatonin

a naturally occurring hormone regulates the body’s internal clock and promotes sleep.

Kindroot took these magical herbs and combined them with incredible aromatic flavors to create their Kindroot™ Adaptogems™ … and to be honest, it’s not only a genius concept, they are absolutely incredible!  They are tasty without being sugary-sweet, the flavor lasts the entire time you’re holding it in your mouth, and they actually WORK.  There are four varieties: GLOW, SNOOZE, MOOD, and FOCUS:


hi-radiance + hydrate blend
flavor: peach blossom 

  • collagen helps to quench thirsty skin
  • ashwagandha encourages rejuvenation
  • peach blossom flavor refreshes



drift off + destress blend
flavor: lavender’nilla  

  • naturally occurring melatonin promotes sleep
  • ashwagandha encourages calmness
  • lavender vanilla flavor soothes


lifted + balanced blend
flavor: lychee rosewater  (this one tastes AH-MAZ-ING!)

  • reishi mushroom helps reduce stress
  • maca root promotes improved mood
  • tropical lychee and rosewater flavors uplift


clarity + calmness blend
flavor: mang’orange white tea

  • schisandra promotes mental alertness
  • lemon balm extract helps boost cognition
  • mango orange and white tea flavors energize

GLOW, MOOD and FOCUS can be taken one at a time as needed throughout the day. SNOOZE can be taken as one or two lozenges 30 minutes before bedtime.  MOOD, FOCUS and SNOOZE are vegan, and all of the blends are gluten-free! Plus, they have just 2 grams of sugar in each lozenge.  Sign me UP!

I’ll be blunt – I was excited to try them, but very skeptical, too.  I mean… a lozenge to help me sleep?  Come on.  And then I tried… and felt pretty silly the next morning after I had an amazing night sleep, and woke up feeling totally refreshed.  But one night wasn’t going to prove anything to me.

So, for an entire week, I tried the MOOD and SNOOZE together. And every single night, I slept soundly.  And every single morning, I woke refreshed.  And every single day, I felt AMAZING all day. Skeptics – the only way to prove your theory is to try them!  Plus, the flavors are seriously amazing, and really clever!


The Holiday Survival Kit from Kindroot is so ridiculously perfect for the holidays –  you’ll be giving them as gifts, along with grabbing kits for yourself! It features one bag of SNOOZE and one bag of MOOD, plus a “root for yourself” sticker kit for just $35! Think about it – there are 20 sleep and stress-reducing lozenges in each bag.  That’s an incredible deal!

Curious?  Grab some bags! Skeptical? Prove yourself right (or wrong)! Isn’t the ability to eat a delicious, aromatic, organic lozenges that will positively alter your state of mind, mood, ability to focus and feel great worth a chance?  I’m SO happy I let Kindroot into my life, because it’s 100%, definitely, absolutely better with them in it! Who couldn’t use a little more badass in their life?

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  1. This Kindroot Plants + Aromatherapy Lozenges are the coolest! I tend to cough a lot so these would make my cough a bit less disturbing. The Mang’Orange tea sounds delish.

  2. These I have got to try. They sound so much better than taking medication for a good night’s sleep.

  3. I love taking a more natural approach to things, and these sound like they would be perfect of us! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ryan Escat Reply

    These products sounds so cool,before I was only using lozenges for my sore throat,but if I would purchase some of this, I might use it everyday.. ! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Kita Bryant Reply

    I really need to get some of these. I always have something like this on hand.

  6. Kindroot sounds really awesome! I am always looking at natural ways to help me through my day.

  7. athena graeme Reply

    I used to grow lemon balm, that stuff is amazing! These look great.

  8. I have never heard of these before but I would love to try them! And in recent years I more and more prefer natural remedies if possible.

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