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Bramble Box: Kids’ Subscription Boxes Inspiring Creativity!

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Bramble Box - Kids' Subscription Boxes. Activitives and ideas to inspire pretend play

Kids’ subscription boxes that inspire creativity!

During the summer time, kids are away from school and constantly saying “I’m bored!”  After all, there are more days during summer break than there are things to do, according to kids. Bramble Box, kids’ subscription boxes, helps change all of that. This family run business is designed to encourage imaginative play, build skills that are essential for kids, encourage social and vocal skills and much more. At Bramble Box, each box is lovingly curated and packed in the basement of this fun family.

I, Jeni, was sent the Ice Cream Shop for review.

Bramble Box Ice Cream Shop Subscription Box

This box is all about ice cream, and who doesn’t love ice cream?! My favorite ice cream is a salted caramel swirled with some chocolate in a chocolate cookie cone. Now, let me get back to this review…. 😉 Inside of the Bramble Box, I received everything to make a pretend ice cream shop, complete with large pom poms for the ice cream. I have to admit, I was honestly surprised with just how much detail was put into this box.

Bramble Box Ice Cream Shop - Inspire imagination for kids!

Once I got the box opened, a card was on top letting me know what type of activities we will be doing and lessons we will be learning. I was happy to find out that even the box the package is shipped in is used with this activity. Also in the box was sprinkles, cones, menu complete with an area to name your price, flavor board to write down the yummy flavors that are being created, Bramble Box money (because you can’t buy ice cream without money), a really cute book with amazing illustrations, paper hats to decorate and wear to serve ice cream, stickers and more!

Bramble Box - inpsire creativity and imagination with these brilliant subscription boxes for kids!

Even as an adult, I thought this box was really cool. I enjoyed helping to make the ice cream, build the stand and even draw my own paper hat with my nephews. This box is full of fun for kids that are sure to keep them entertained several days after making their stand. It also teaches them several skills that will help them once it is time for them to head back to school.  My nephews are going to LOVE THIS!  They will go crazy over playing the shop owner and customer!

The kids walked away from the box after a few hours of play time.  They were even excited to “open their ice cream stand” the next morning!  They traded off being the customer and cashier. They were ordering, paying for their “ice cream”, creating fun combinations, making change and having a blast.  I loved that math was involved in this kit, as well as creative inspiration.

Bramble Box - Kids' Subscription Boxes

Every month, you will receive a fun curated box that is designed for children between 3 and 7 years of age. Monthly subscriptions start at only $25 and go down in price if you pay for a longer service (as in a 3 month subscription, a 6 month subscription, etc). If you wish, you can also buy single boxes without committing to a monthly subscription. These boxes are around $28.95. Either way you look at it, this is an awesome price for a subscription box that is packed full of fun.

Bramble Box - Kids' Subscription Boxes

Are you ready to get the party started? Bramble Box kids’ subscription boxes is offering 30% off your first kit by using the code SUMMER30. This code ends August 1st, 2016. Also, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for the latest deals and news.

I highly recommend Bramble Box kids’ subscription boxes!!

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